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Sal-hara, Emissary of; Armesh - The Minds Caverns - Jan 22, 2006 - Progress Group, AU
North Yorkshire, UK, January 22, 2006.
Unknown Teacher (Emissary of Sal-hara).
Teacher Armesh.
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Teacher: “When you find yourself in a dark place it is easy to forget yourself and to become fearful. Always though, there is a switch nearby that you can click to give light, and the name of that switch is Love.

“It may illuminate the smallest section of a huge dark cavern, but it is always near you, and can be used to explore that cave, that dark and scary place, little by little.

“And as you uncover each section, one by one, your knowledge of what you have seen, felt, tasted and smelled there removes the fear and makes it a safer place, till soon the whole cavern is illuminated to you, even if it remains in the deepest darkness.

“This cavern is the recess of your own mind. You ask to know yourself and expect this comes easy. It will only become clearer to you when you truly delve into the tunnels, twists, turns and labyrinthine caverns of your own mind. But with love for yourself, and the desire for freedom, held as a candle in your hand, then you are always walking in the right direction.

“I do not lie, and to say that this is always comfortable; it is not. However, only by searching in truth for your flaws, as well as for your strengths, and with willingness to forgive yourself for the ugly things that you find, and then will you also find peace and a certainty of purpose.

“Yes, there’s big beasties hidden in the shadows. But each adventurer must fight the mighty Dragon of their Own Making, must they not?”

Helen: “Who are you?”

Teacher: “I am an emissary of Sal-hara’s. My name is unimportant. I am kin of Katrina also, who sends with me her blessings and a reminder of her love for you.

“Your love of fire may prove a gift for you. Stare deeply into it, in stillness, and allow the guidance to spring forth. You may find ability to use this as a portal through the veil, as others use water or crystal. And do not forget to dance. You do not dance enough anymore.”

Armesh: “She is beautiful, is she not?”

Helen: “Yes she is, my friend. “

Armesh: “You understand, I trust that there will come a time when all teachings must become harder, when you must prove you have learnt hard and well, when you must use your knowledge gained over years of pupil-ry to face a final assessment for your general education, before continuing in your specialty, a transition you may say, from school to college.

“You will be fine. You have had a great number of masterful teachers, and have learnt your lessons well. Stay true to what you know to be true and your transition will shortly be complete.”

Helen: “Is this ‘shortly’ in spirit time?” (often much longer than we’d consider ‘shortly’ in human terms)

Armesh: “A month or two should suffice. Though this will be greatly helped if you agree to continue your learning through your sleep time, since as you are already aware, your physical waking life actions, thoughts and emotions are but a fragment of your true learning as an eternal spirit. I leave you now.”

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