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Beloved One; Spirit Within; Ophelius; Rael; Matthew - Dec 06, 2011 - Progress Group, AU

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  • Transcript 1 - Urantia, November 27, 2011, Teacher: The Beloved One. Subject: “Consecration/Dedication.”
  • Transcript 2 - Chicago, US of A, October 2, 2011. Teacher: The Spirit Within. Subject: “Tasks.”
  • Transcript 3 - Michigan, US of A, November 27, 2011. Teacher Ophelius. Subject: “Let Today Be.”
  • Transcript 4 - Michigan, US of A, December 4, 2011.  Teacher Ophelius. Subject: “The Great ‘AH-HA.’”
  • Transcript 5 - Urantia, July 13, 2011. Teacher Rael - Subject: “Open you Hearts.”
  • Transcript 6 -  Akashic Construct List - An Unexpected Command – Take Care of Richard. From the Desk of George Barnard- 05Dec 2011.
  • Transcript 7 - Illawarra District, Australia, December 6, 2011. Midwayer Mathew (33:3:33). Subject: “Universe Reciprocation.”

Transcript 1
Urantia, November 27, 2011.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Consecration/Dedication.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, it is first and foremost your willingness to listen and to answer my prompts.  It is a lesson of sorts for you to take dictation of.  For me it is a token of your dedication, since you promised to be my mouth-piece whenever I desire to have a word with you, and these little nuggets of wisdom you may then pass on to others.

“Allow me to remind you that these words can only come when you are consecrated to give me your wholesome attention, without your thoughts intruding, so you will not lose the thread of what is my desire to convey to you.

“It is important that when you are in these precious moments of Stillness, and you are as it were ‘catapulted into the presence of God’, that you begin to realize what a special Gift it is to be touchingly enveloped by God's grace and mercy.  Yes, so unconditionally loved and accepted that the old sorrows and grief of the past slide away into nothingness, and a feeling of utter blessedness arrives.

“These moments are so very healing and nurturing.  These precious moments are growth for the eternal soul, which, already in this mortal life, can reap a rich harvest of peace and joy.  You have shown yourself willing, and you have dedicated yourself to these early morning moments, whilst the world still sleeps around you.  At first it was considered a necessity, your having to do this to enrich yourself.  So, self-interest was your motivation.  Over time, your habit of early rising has resulted in so many blessings you cannot begin to think of starting your day without the habit of meditation you have cultivated over the years.

“A rich harvest of inner peace and inner joy is awaiting all who would likewise dedicate regular time to coming into the Stillness of their hearts to reap untold benefits in communion with their Creator God always waiting for his children to come to Him and be loved beyond measure.

“Please continue to dedicate your time to personal soul-growth and reap such untold riches in benefits as you cannot begin to imagine.  Stillness stabilizes the human system and facilitates ongoing healing, as all healing starts from within when all systems cooperate in harmony and balance.

“Please remind yourselves of this.  All healing comes from within.  Just open the door thereto with love, praise and thanksgiving to the Eternal One.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 2
Chicago, US of A, October 2, 2011.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “Tasks.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

The Spirit Within: “Throughout your life, my child, besides my being the compass for your daily living by advising you about what kind of decision some circumstances require, I might also have certain tasks for you to accomplish.  In this way you can occupy yourself with the plan I prepared for you before coming to indwell you.  Often these tasks are not perceived by you as part of the plan.  Sometimes, they simply appear to you as fortuitous events that simply chance to come your way.  That is not the case when I choose them to represent my tasks for you.  At that time they become opportunities that embody part of my plans for your spiritual development during your ascendant career.

“Some apparently-casual encounters truly become special events, because I have carefully selected them to offer you opportunities to accomplish specific goals that I have for your life.  These events are not designed, or directly caused by me, since I never manipulate your will to produce certain results.  However, they are decided on by me because I deem them to be suited to my purpose of leading you towards practicing certain actions that will produce spiritual growth for your soul, ministry of goodness to others, and even sovereign repercussions to the Supreme, the Deity of Evolution.

“When I choose events with this objective in mind, they become my tasks for you.  I will make sure that my longings are sufficiently heightened in your mind, so they will become adequately compelling to motivate you to act according to the will of the Father regarding these opportunities.  However, the decision to act is still yours, my child, as I will only make sure that the option represents the will of the Father, and is the best option for you.  Therefore, sometimes I will let you know that you are ‘on a mission’, that you have an assignment specially designed by me, for you to advance on your spiritual path.

“Even now, my child, we are partners in this great adventure.  I have flawlessly guided you through life, and although there were deviations here and there, due your actual choices, we have managed to arrive at the point at which you can now realize more of my direct leadings, and so, more consciously discharge your ‘missions’.  Keep your mind open, so you can hear my voice clearly and often.  Do not be afraid, my child, about my choices for you.  I know you, and I know what is best for you.  These events of my choice may occasionally be hard for you to follow through on.  However, remember that the tasks I set aside for you are to advance your spiritual progress.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group

Transcript 3
Michigan, US of A, November 27, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Let Today Be.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “This is a short message of encouragement for all you students on the path who are dedicated to serving the greater good.  Not every day will you have triumphs and victories.  Some days you will suffer defeat and circumstances will be out of your control.  Do not beat yourself up over these things, for tomorrow you will fight another day and you will have other opportunities to succeed in your endeavors.  Let today be what it is, and use this down time for contemplation, recuperation, and rejuvenation.

“Many of you work so very hard at life and sometimes you need to breathe, step back, take inventory and see things from a greater viewpoint and a wider perspective.  Sometimes reversion is needed to refresh the mind and relieve the tension of working too many days without rest.  Many times the greatest inspirations come when you are out of your routine and your mind is not operating along the same pathways.  Change things around and try something new.  Perhaps you just need to take the day off and rest your mind and body.

It is OK my friends, for you are living on a world of many challenges and difficulties.  The great thing about it is, this is where you will grow the most if you don't let the adversities overtake you.  Make time today to rest and plan for tomorrow -- be the captain of your ship and the master of your life.  Walk in the garden today and smell the roses!

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group

Transcript 4
Michigan, US of A, December 4, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Great ‘AH-HA.’”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today I will speak about the great ‘AH-HA.’  What do I mean by this?  The great ‘AH-HA’ are those moments in your life when you suddenly understand some great meaning that you may have heard before, yet these previous encounters with truth only bounced off the surface of your mind, or had a shallow landing because it was knowledge that was not needed at that particular time in your life.  The ‘AH-HA’ moment is an experience and not just a piece of information presented to the mind.  Once experienced, the ‘AH-HA’ moment becomes a ‘pre-wisdom’ of sorts, because you have had an experience of understanding, and from that time forward it is at your disposal to use in any life situation that calls for it.

“Learning certain truths and acquiring information that unlocks the Inner Spirit and allows life and creativity to flow would be counter-parted by the Indwelling Spirit for eternal keeping.  The ‘AH-HA’ moments and other valuable life lessons are retained and become a part of the growing soul which can never be forgotten and will be used to cultivate other survival value experiences in this life and hereafter.  Each survival value moment and experience builds upon another and soul growth becomes exponential -- the accumulation of what some would call, ‘the things in life that matter most.’

“Oftentimes when the human makes a choice to embrace his or her spiritual nature, a process of self-mastery and self-discovery ensues.  You begin to recognize the imperfection in yourself and develop a desire to improve and have control over some unattractive personality trait.  In the course of this motivation to improve the self, opportunities and information are put in your path to help and teach you how to overcome the imperfection.  This is when the ‘AH-HA’ moment comes -- an illumination of truth and a realization of self that removes a barrier to peace, harmony, and flow.  Once the threshold of this discovery has been crossed, it is there to feed you as you battle the behaviors born out of fear, selfishness, judgment, and ego pride.

“It is the supreme guidance of the Indwelling Spirit that illuminates the mind when you are prepared to receive knowledge that will foster soul growth and perpetuate progress.  You may think of it as a transaction between the mind and the soul and the Indwelling Spirit as the clerk that shows you the merchandise that will benefit you most.  Sometimes the cost is high, but the return on investment is exponential and will continue to earn interest far into the future.  Be mindful of these precious ‘AH-HA’ moments and acknowledge the actions of Spirit that led you to understand the information that grows into perfection and those tools that become a part of your arsenal that you may use to teach and lead others.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 5
Urantia, July 13, 2011.
Teacher Rael.
Subject: “Open you Hearts.”

Received by Yoela.

Yoela: “I am grateful for the joy of learning the truth, for being born and for living, for my siblings in the cosmos and my siblings in this world.  Thank you Father.”

Rael: “When a heart begins to be still and be filled with gratefulness, this creates an opening and an invisible bridge receptive to thoughts from on high for all who want to communicate with us -- your (celestial) brothers and sisters.  This is what I want to talk with you about today; how important it is to keep a clean and quiet space so we can communicate, which is good for all involved.  This communication is not for the few.  All can have access to this, and only faith and sincerity are required.

“Open your hearts.  Do not think of us as far away.  We have been waiting for this opportunity since the very beginning, and today this is a possibility.  Your minds are ready to listen.  You are prepared to understand that we are not gods, that we will not provide a magic formula to solve all your problems, which not only would be detrimental to your progress but also against what we are trying to achieve.  Know that our purpose is to encourage you to build within yourselves the infinite potential our Father has placed in every one of you.  This is part of the divine plan, and today the veil of heaven has been lifted so you could see beyond.

“There is a world waiting for all of you at your respective times.  It is important to live one day at a time, with your sight aimed at eternity, not letting yourselves be caught up in temporal trivialities.  Each of you reading this must know without a doubt that our Father has prepared everything for you, and your soul is safe forever just by accepting the fact that you are God’s children, that it is important to comprehend the unity of spirit, and by giving of yourselves as our Creator Son did in your world of the cross.

“My beloveds, if only for an instant you could see how many (celestial) students want to know about life on Urantia, you would be overcome with joy for being participants in this great endeavor!  So many wait anxiously for the day when someone from Urantia reaches the sea of crystal and desires to tell the story of their lives.  On the other side, we see the struggles of an antagonistic and almost animal mind, always asking for signs.  It puzzles us how you cannot believe in what you are accomplishing, day by day, with the help of your Thought Adjusters who continuously whisper new ways of getting closer to their beloved charges.  Each day extremism is losing ground.  Each day lives are transformed from a status of lamentations and complaints to a position of continuous opportunities for growth.

“We will talk again about this subject to help you understand how your transition through this world can build your immortal souls simply by your decision of being love, truth and beauty.

“I love all of you and I am grateful for being invited to be a part of you.  I answer every call.  Do not doubt it because I have chosen to do so.  What I know will be yours (your knowledge) because you have allowed it and you have accepted that this is right.  We still have much to share.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 6
 Akashic Construct List
An Unexpected Command – Take Care of Richard.
From the Desk of George Barnard – 5 December 2011.

Considering I had answered a long-time friend and 11:11 Progress List subscriber’s question more than two weeks ago, I was surprised to get another email from him asking the very same question.  After all, he had earlier acknowledged my post, and indicated that he understood my answer.

It bothered me, more so since his new writing was hardly clear.  As well, Richard was now complaining about dizziness and slurred speech.  Sitting at my computer, scarcely an hour ago as I begin writing this, I merely blinked, found that my eyes stayed closed, and there I was looking down at Richard, fast asleep in his bed.  Sure, nothing unusual about that, but… this had not happened for many years.  Not like this.  It was usual for me to take my time and drift into my Akashic Workshop.  This was unexpected to say the least.

“Take care of Richard,” said the Midwayer.  He looked like one of Mathew’s tribe – less than three foot tall, and clad in an electric blue body suit.  As he said it, the father of three, grandfather of two, rolled over onto his right side.  I was shocked to see how much blood had leaked into his skull just forward from his left ear.  There was no question in my mind about wherefrom his slurred speech originated.

There was also no question in my mind about what I had to do.  There was a sponge right there to be taken from its sealed plastic sleeve, and I proceeded to mop up the blood – no question in my mind about my reaching right through his skull.  Years of practice taught me you can reach in with ease, and to anywhere inside the human body.  Kidd stuff.  However, I wondered how well his speech centers would be able to recover.

It did not take long for me to find out.  With his brain now cleaned of the blood, his gray matter back to the right tonal values, I witnessed plenty of activity at the microscopic level.  Myriad dendrites shot out to interconnect millions and millions of healthy remaining cells, and slowly Richard’s brain was swelling somewhat to once again begin to occupy the appropriate space inside his skull.

I said to no one in particular, “Thank you for the fast forward of these positive results.”  The Midwayer of the 3:33 (Mathew’s) tribe simply nodded.  Another day, another healing.  There is no limit to what we can do – with a lot of help, never forget.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 7 Final
Illawarra District, Australia, December 6, 2011.
Midwayer Mathew (33:3:33).
Subject: “Universe Reciprocation.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “Only three of us decided to adopt names for the purpose of interacting with you, when on our (evolutionary) world all of us had only numbers.  You have met with Dorothy, you earlier met with Clair, and you know me well.  This is Mathew.  It was one of our number, one of the remaining seven of my platoon, who assisted you yesterday, and he is perfectly at ease with just having a number.  On this world people object to being ‘just a number’.  On our home world it is seen as efficient to use numbers for many things, including names. describes the meeting (healing) with one of Mathew’s tribe.

“In connection with what was eventuated, I wish to speak briefly with you about Karma good and bad.  The universe reciprocates.  To you it may seem like it gives as well as well as takes, but in reality it teaches the lessons to be learned for use in all eternity.  It prefers for you to give so it can give back.  Your time spent for the benefit of others allowed you to be there, and gave you the foresight, shall we call it, the vision of the future as to how, slowly over time, the patient would heal.

“Karma is a good word.  Universe reciprocation is what we use, and it can involve any number or any kind of celestial personality.  Universe and university are almost identical in meaning and function.  You will find that if you allow your time to be used for the benefit of others, others will chip in for your benefit of your acquiring wisdom, and appreciation for eternal plans that are in store for you.

“Indeed, your celestial friends will chip in, too, but for you to be able to see how something will heal very slowly in the future, and for you to appreciate seeing the results in the immediate.  Thus you were given the assistance of your Thought Adjuster.  They all, among few other personalities, can see into the future for you to be given the images of a seemingly instant healing.

“This is Mathew.  I am through for now.  I suggest you take a short break and I shall be back to you both and facilitate a discussion with one of your Teachers.”

George: “OK thanks.  We’ll be here.”

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