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Carer - Revelation of Carer on Mansion World One - Nov 18, 2011 - Progress Group, AU

Illawarra District, Australia, November 18, 2011.
Mansion World Carer.
Subject: “Universe Efficiency.”

Received by George Barnard.

Carer: “On your world much is misunderstood about the seven worlds of Mansionia, and especially about Manson World One.  I am a heretofore un-revealed being called a Carer.  You will not be able to find much reference to my kind of being, and so one might say that in some small way this contact is revelation of a kind.  In our function, although we are citizens of the headquarters of the Universe of Nebadon (Salvington), we generally reside on Mansonia One.  We are created in the likeness of men and woman of the various inhabited planets, and so we are greatly different in physical appearance within our species.

“We function somewhat like the Morontia Companions.  However, they are the translators and must be seen as unemotionally ‘sign-posting’ (making available) information on all Manson Worlds, whereas we get involved in more of the emotional aspects of new arrivals on Mansonia One, and especially those who are having difficulties settling into the routine on this world, and who were probably always having difficulties in surviving and progressing on the world of their origin.

“We are especially Melchizedek trained, certified, and appointed to approach the loners from the specific worlds.  I have, as a number of my kind have, the given duty of welcoming those from Urantia and we have the task of bringing the ‘outliers’ to a behaviour of greater normalcy so they can progress, function in groups, and move on.  There is no limit to our life span, so you will be able to imagine that in my time I have been able to work with literally thousands from your world, in befriending them, in understanding them, in bringing them to a level of reality, and this goes for those who suffer minor aberrations to those who are seriously psychologically disadvantaged.

“I add to this that this inadequacy can be through accident, circumstances of upbringing, and not in the least be of a genetic nature.  The reason for my contacting you is that relevant questions have been asked of you.  And it is also considered to be time for you to do away with the fear-instilling control-exerting teachings of your fundamentalist religions that claim to have so few of you attain eternity.

“Wholesale failure to attain life eternal as you were taught is hardly the case.  In some small part through our work -- the work of the Carers -- shortcomings are remedied, and a very efficient Universe is being run.  I thank you for your attention now, and in future opportunities.  Let us count on this.  Let us trust we will connect up again for further clarification at some time.  You will need no name or number, for you will know my (distinctive) voice.  I send you my love.  I am a Carer.”

George: “Yes, I will sure know your voice.  Thank you.”

Note: He sounded rather like a ‘hard-nosed’ psych lecturer.

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