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Charles Mighty Messenger; Michael; Machiventa; Light - Energy Attract Energy - Oct 30, 2011 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team 
Teachers: Charles, LIght, Machiventa, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue
October 30, 2011

Charles: [Mark] Greetings friends, I am Charles here to jump into your conversation as it were because I know that I am invited to do so. I would make the observation and the contribution that the lines between promotion and attraction is a factor of how much energy the equation contains, that is the energy of motion. Forward momentum of anything has about it an energy field of its own. This energy in motion is what both attracts and demonstrates or promotes if you will, the very essence of this energy in motion.

When any energy is put into motion the surrounding field of energy generated not only draws more of the same to itself thus attracting to itself more of the same, but by virtue of this gathering of energy and this observable field of energy that's been formed, there is also the expression of such energy and therefore the ability to observe it and be potentially attracted to it because it has been promoted or demonstrated in a form in which people can identify with and relate to.

So it is very true that both these aspects happen simultaneously when choices are made and energy is put into play and there is motion detected, then all these factors come into existence at the same time. What you are trying, I believe to distinguish in the conversation, is perhaps which aspect comes first and it is clear that one must first put this energy in motion before any of these factors come into play. So what really comes first in the entire equation of attraction and promotion is that something be in play to be considered attractive or promoting of itself.

When an individual engages, for example, in artwork of some sort be it tangible artwork or music or writing, there is an initial thrust of energy put forward. This energy in motion then solidifies and expresses itself in some form or another and this expression of energy is considered the promotion of an ideal, the promotion of a direction of energy that has been made manifest. Simultaneously this promotion of energy, which is simply the manifestation of such, becomes able to be attractive to those who observe it and subsequently chosen and supported or not.

So therefore all of this happens rather simultaneously. Perhaps you are attempting to distinguish those who are in active promotion of an ideal, a thought pattern, a way to view reality, even a book or a song; the song or the book or the artwork could not be promoted as you see it without the initial investment of energy or energy having been put into motion. Likewise could it not be an attractant if this energy in motion had not been offered. So the real seed is what is the initial 'seed' of energy that is put into motion that then can be promoted by its very existence and by those who would support it and offer it about to others and as well be made so attractive that others who come in contact with it would choose it and support it.

It is indeed one of those triads that has been considered before, a relationship, the one dependent upon the other and each corner [a] representation of a different aspect of the whole. So as you consider these different aspects of the whole in your discussion, realize that they are all co-dependent, the one on the others in their relationship of existence and that they rely on the other corners of the triad in order to exist and have relationship to the whole.

Thank you for this opportunity to throw an alternate perspective in. I'm sure that this may present more opportunities for you to consider and discuss these various aspects of the whole. I now allow this platform for use by others. Thank you my friends.

LIght: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, this is Light taking this opportunity to come into this circle and to offer a little more light to the situation and the discussions this morning. Understand that in life's motion, the movement of life and the movement of ideas from mind to mind takes time. Ideas are not like wildfires that burn out of control. Ideas are more like moisture in the atmosphere that collects and reaches a certain density that forms clouds and clouds begin to respond to the movement of the wind and at some point the humidity reaches a density that sends electrical charges through the clouds and it begins to rain.

So ideas are similar, ideas begin to show themselves as awarenesses between one person and another until a point where the density, the amount of people entertaining the same ideas, begin to take a different form where the idea becomes something solid, something that can be evident like humidity and moisture is to rain. Ideas generate thought. It is the will that generates motion. Ideas give us choices but it is the will which chooses. All of you know that the most difficult part of any decision is the will to decide. Once the decision is made there are myriads of factors which come into play to support the decision which is made, any decision, a right decision or a wrong decision, makes no difference. A wrong decision just means that you have to turn around and go back or you have to abandon that and go another direction. "Oh, I've just made a bad choice." "I've just learned that." A lot of times bad decisions are made so that you will learn the correct direction or the correct method or right choice.

So putting ones life in motion, activating ones thoughts or ideas in a productive direction certainly will bring about results. The results you will not be able to control. They have a life of their own. How other people are affected by what they see or what they hear or what they think, you have no control of, but by submitting the idea, no matter how the idea is submitted in an art form, in a visual, a sound, a tactile form, these ideas begin to manifest in people. Already on your world there is a tremendous notion of peace. The idea of peace is a tremendous idea. Many see it as an unattainable ideal at this time. Things change, things change and shift. It is like thoughts in the night. Many thoughts in the night are affected by the darkness of the night yet in the dawning hours of the day, the thoughts of the night shift into thoughts of the day. "Oh, you can see things that you could not see in the middle of the night."

Concepts such as peace are like that. Some people may see peace as an end to a conflict and certainly the end of a conflict does result in some form of peace, but an ideal peace is a peace where everyone prospers and there is tremendous bounty and there is fulfillment. It takes time for these concepts to mature and ground themselves into the notions of mens minds. Some people say well, "peace is not profitable as war is." Well, that is because the emphasis of war has been promoted more than the emphasis of peace and truly, if men can find a way to war with each other they can just as easily find a way to make peace with each other. One of the ways is for them to come in contact with each other, face to face, to sit across the negotiating table and openly have discussions towards such ends.

So the evolution of concepts, the promotion of concepts, the sustainability of concepts and the initial manifestation of these concepts in a social collective atmosphere are what we are talking about today. It is said on your world, "you do not plant the seed today and eat the fruit tomorrow." There is a process. The process, depending on the seed, can be a lengthy one. The seed of peace and brotherhood is a tremendous process. It will take decades, possibly centuries for the roots of peace to establish themselves in the soil of mens souls and in mens minds before the fruits of peace are ever tasted. But once the roots have taken hold of mens minds and mens souls there is no stopping the growth of peace. As we speak, the roots of peace are now at this moment gathering momentum within the minds of men.

There is a greater understanding and awareness of the potential of solidarity on your planet, solidarity between all peoples and all nations and these concepts are also taking root. So my friends, continue to shed light and send forth these concepts as concepts of light, concepts of peace, fulfillment, bounty, happiness, sustainability, friendship, fellowship, and brotherhood for truly you are entering the last stages before the pre-dawn ages of Light and Life.

Thank you this morning my friends for [allowing] these words. Go in peace, thank you.

Machiventa: [Mark] Greetings to this group, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. It has been some time since I have addressed this group and felt it would be a good thing this morning to introduce once again my energy signature as being a part of this group and the general movement, the general motion of the Teaching Mission and these Correcting Times as they are referred to. We could look back and observe that from the earliest stages of the Teaching Mission there were certain lessons and lesson plans that were put forward in the process and these were as the seeds of energy referred to here earlier. Then there was the process of assimilating these seeds and there was the attractive nature of these messages which drew many to choose these seeds and to foster them in their own lives and spiritual awareness.

Such a notion was a normal and natural part of the process and many who were involved have been driven to promote these messages because they found them to be useful and beneficial in their own lives and desired to, as an act of service, provide such lessons to others for their edification. And so we observe that in the process we have been engaged in through this lengthy time period, that [there] have been these aspects discussed today in play throughout and you have all witnessed the playing out of all these different components.

But I call you to witness that though these universe principles are in play and remain true to their characteristics, there is one grand part of this equation over which these universe principles do not command, and that is this personal aspect of choosing or as has been expressed, the manifestation of will. This is the one sacred component which is the wild card in the great mix that we discuss for we can do our part to put these seed thoughts into motion, we can observe that they attract to them similar energies which serve to support and combine with these original thoughts, and we can also observe those who would desire to act in service to offer what they have benefitted from to others but in the final analysis, these factors are only effective to the degree that they are chosen and supported by this act of free will choice.

Oftentimes as mortals of the realm, I observe you define your success or failure at any given task by how many others align with you and choose this seed that is offered and promoted and attracts to itself like minded individuals. But I assure you that there is much more going on behind the scenes, really underneath the scenes, that is beyond your ability to perceive because each one of these seed thoughts that offers and gathers to itself more energy and thus creates a life of its own and an energy field unto itself, is literally creating life where there was none and that is surely a success.

Every offer that is made in service to others regardless what it is you are offering is most certainly a success as well; these things may or may not be tallied on the mortal plane where they are physical for you to witness. The exercise of the free will choice of others is certainly beyond any of your domain as you go about offering, promoting, and demonstrating those principles that you have learned and have command over. You must trust and have faith that every act that you execute in these series of universe principles meets with certain success because you have been in motion, you have made a choice, you have followed through with your intentions, and you have supplied the energy necessary to create the equation.

Then you must release all expectation and desire to see tangible results and rely in faith that you have done your part, you have executed your tasks, and that from that point forward these are donations to the Supreme and their impact will not be discernible to you on many occasions and you may feel as though your efforts may even have gone in vain but I assure you this is not the case. Every time someone acts in faith and exercises their intention for goodness, to promote truth, to exemplify beauty, then the Supreme has grown and gained from your efforts. That is the true value and worth in what you do, not in how many at any time you may observe are attracted to your message or your focus but rather what contributions have you made to the overall, to the Supreme.

I assure you, every act by virtue of your having donated your energy into the equation, is an act that is accepted and embraced by the Supreme as a faith creature being in motion, being led and directed by their faith to act. This act is a supreme contribution. It is the greatest thing a mortal may do. So rest assured that all efforts, all acts of faith, every act of kindness, all acts of love, all demonstrations of peace, of faith, and of love are indeed an end unto themselves. It does not rely on what others think or do or choose but they are a contribution, a gift directly to the Supreme. So in this way, all such acts are sacred, all such contributions have real and lasting value. This is yet another aspect of that which you discussed today that I would bring forward that you may entertain in your consideration.

It is wonderful to be among you here again and share energy signatures. Thank you for this opportunity, this moment of grace between us. I now take my leave, farewell.

Michael: [Henry] Greeting to you my friends, it is I your brother Michael coming into the midst of this circle this morning to acknowledge you as a group, to acknowledge the support in presenting me, my gospel, and my words in the way which you present them. I thank you for representing me in all that you do. I represent the Father in everything that I do. I will continue to represent the Father in everything I do to the point that all under my command represent the Father in everything that they do. At that point we will reach a different place in our relationship. Until that time, we continue our work. I continue the work of building a great universe and you continue the work to build a great peace on your world, an abode of spirit within the souls of mens minds.

Though I may have initially initiated this work on the planet, it is left for the likes of you to finish it. You are now my spokesmen, you are now my apostles. You are the messengers to go forth in all that you do and represent that which is me and my Father in heaven, the Spirit of the Universe. In time we will succeed. You have heard this morning many aspects of the same thing and all these notions will work towards the accumulation towards Light and Life on this planet. I have no doubt that this will be so. You too, also should have no doubts that it will be so, not because I say it is so but because you will help make it so. This I know and this I trust and this morning I extend my embrace to you. Your Mother and I hold you in our love and peace.

Go forth today renewed and invigorated in your will to succeed and do what you must to further our cause to bring the brotherhood of peace and light into the hearts and souls of all men on this world. I thank you, I am always with you. Together one day we will stand triumphantly and in glory to honor that which we seek to promote. Thank you.