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Light; Inner Voice - The Search for More Spiritual Truth - Oct 13, 2011 - Mark Rogers & Henry Zeringue, Lightline
Subject: Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: Light, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue
October 13, 2011

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, come and join us in our circle of friends today, come and be with us as close as we can imagine you being among our circle as one of us. Please send your emmisaries of truth, emmisaries of light, so that we may commune with them in this manner that we have created in this fashion that we choose at this time. Please bring your grace and blessing to this circle as you invariably do and help us to expand our awareness of your presence. Let us focus as one heart with one intention on this purpose and let it be so in this hour. Let all that we do be pleasing to you, our Divine Parents, and represent our highest and best aspects of ourselves. Thank you for the opportunity to engage with you in this way. May we approach you now and may we accept your approach to us. May we embrace at this time, thank you.

Light: [Mark] Hello truth seekers, I am Light. It is my pleasure and my privilege to answer this call, if you will, to respond to this petition of dedicated and devoted seekers of truth, ones who would engage in such a process, such an extension of faith in order to find what is invariably meant to be found by those who have made it all possible. I understand that from the perspective of the mortal, it must seem to you as though there is a constant search, a constant looking for glimpses and pieces of truth as it relates to your spiritual understanding and awareness. Certainly this is so because of design, because of the great plan that exists for you to begin as mortals very far removed from spiritual presence and spiritual reality and move slowly and steadily and certainly towards realization of these truths and greater awareness of these spiritual principles.

Coming to spirit from this way you are uniquely endowed with the opportunity to have a search to be about this job of finding, to not have it all laid out before you and be spoon fed with these truths and realities but rather have it part of your experience, part of your mission, part of your purpose, to explore, to seek and most certainly to find even as you do here in this hour and even as you do routinely and regularly throughout your day when you experience glimpses and flashes of spiritual presence and truth. These little 'aha' moments that you have are well cherished from your perspective because they are relatively rare and they are so different, exciting and full of potential, in fact these glimpses are little flashes of the greater reality that surrounds you, even the greater reality that is within you. And so when you experience these flashes of spiritual presence and spiritual truths, it is very invigorating, energizing, and enlightening.

In no small part it is because you are recognizing the direction in which you are moving, the path that you are growing down, the movement that you are making in this life towards growing into a spiritual being, the movement you are experiencing from the confines of a purely material existence into the well nigh unlimited potential of your spiritual aspect, that part of you which most certainly is unlimited, which has access to all that is. This first experience that you have, this mortal life, brings such great appreciation for having found these greater aspects of yourself because you are virtually surrounded by your material experience, encompassed entirely by the material life and world around you. It is up to you to seek out these aspects of spirit that may be found among all this material life and that may be found even within as you are surrounded by your material body; nevertheless, there are great things to be found even within these material parameters.

Those of you who have tasted this spiritual presence in your lives, have grown a desire, a longing, to seek and search and to find more of this. This spiritual presence excites and tickles the part of you that is spirit and would like to find where home is. There is a universal feeling among mortals of belonging to something greater, even greater than the family of man that you belong to. You belong to the family of God, you belong to the family of your Creator and this greater belonging calls and beckons you and thus you pursue and you seek, you are here. To those who seek, you will find. To those who pursue, you will acquire.

These are universal principles because they are the whole responding to the request of the parts and in the strictest analysis, they are the same; you are the same as your Divine Parents, you only have yet to realize this. The part is the aspect of the whole and therefore you are never far away from the greater spiritual family that you belong to, except that in this life you are surrounded by mortal circumstances which do not portray this reality to you. You must find it within, you must find it in your seeking and searching. And so it is that when you come to this place of seeking, you are finding, you are rewarded as a result of your efforts and I am able to portray this to you at this time because of your efforts and your seeking. Spirit is not a dominant force that reaches down and grabs you and impresses you to the point of gaining your respect; rather, spirit must be sought out, must be sought after, must be pursued, and must be chosen to be real otherwise it is merely perhaps a thought or an idea, it's not a real experience. By choosing it, by pursuing it and finding it, it becomes part of your individual personal experience and is made real.

So I thank you all for coming to this place that you have chosen, that you have sought out, that you have taken the steps necessary to be here, all so that you could find something that was out there that is also within you so that these two forces can meet again and co-mingle. That is the value of what you do when you seek for spirit. When you search for spirit you are presenting yourself to be embraced by the whole as you are the part. It is always a great pleasure to be afforded this opportunity to commune with you in this way, even to have access to words and symbols and phrases that may help to convey to you what are wordless and phrase-less spiritual truths and realities. I welcome this bridge. I make my attempt to bridge the gap between spirit and mortal understanding and you make your attempt as well to bridge the gap between mortal understanding and spiritual truths. Surely we meet in the middle. Thank you for the opportunity to join you there. I now step aside to allow this valuable forum for use by others. Go in peace, thank you.

Henry: Thank you Mark, thank you Light.

Voice Within: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, this is the Voice from Within, speaking to the Voice Within you. This evening I would like to start with the analogy of the bridge which connects two separate pieces of land, two trusts which bridges and connects two distinct people. In the bridge part which connects both sides which are separated by a body of water, the suspension bridge is a mechanical and engineering feat of ingenuity requiring that the engineers test the integrity of the materials used in the construction of the bridge, that many people are able to use this bridge for a long time. So the integrity of the materials determines the total integrity of the bridge, therefore qualifying the structural integrity of the bridge to be used by commuters.

In relationships between and among humans, integrity between people is determined by trust between these people. Trust is determined by many things. In a human sense, trust is determined by how much you know and have experienced another so that there is an amount of understanding. Usually between people who have become friends there is a bond of trust as well as a bond of love. One of the most important things that a parent teaches a child is trust, and in children, trust is taught with love. The same in a spiritual sense as Divine Parents of human spirit offspring, we hold forth a tremendous trust and love for you all. Your ability to begin to recognize spirit, what you are receiving from spirit, there begins to develop a trust within the human for the Divine Parent. As individuals begin to trust collectively, groups of individuals begin to trust. Trust is a builder, it is a builder of relationships. Fear is not a builder of relationships. You learn to exercise caution with trust rather than not trusting because of fear of trusting. Again, these are choices within the realms of possibility for humans.

As parents, while developing a bond with your siblings, your children, you are careful never to break the bond of trust. You treat your children with respect knowing that if they must be corrected, they can be corrected intelligently and with love and compassion, with mercy, with understanding. This is the same stance in the spiritual sense. The Divine Parents completely trust the human counterpart, trust that they are human, that they will grow, they will grow in awareness and understanding of what is available to them in a spiritual sense, that all abundance, happiness, love, and joy abound from the spiritual sense.

So this trust between people, how do you begin to trust humans, other humans? How do you begin to trust things that you do not totally understand and comprehend? How can you trust someone when they exhibit a behavior you do not like and you may not choose to tolerate? How can a parent love children, all the while children may choose to do something that is out of line or not correct with the parental program? How are you able to love another and separate loving them from their behavior? How can you grow in understanding when what you are trying to understand makes no sense from where you are at that moment?

So like the child begins to trust the mother, the intimacy of the mother, being fed, being nourished, being faithfully held in a loving, safe and neutral embrace. The child learns through a bond to trust that which nourishes and makes safe and fulfills. When you begin to experience fruit of your labor through working with spirit, you also will begin to feel the nourishment, the safety, the security net which spirit offers which is there for your awareness as a son and daughter of God, a son and daughter of pure love and pure light. Even the Gods in Paradise deem you be perfect as they are, that you have access to everything that the Gods have access to, your Divine Parents, that you start having access to the spiritual realities, the spiritual realities of love and trust, the exercise of faith, belief, intention, possibility, trust.

Like that bridge built to connect two land masses separated by a large body of water, spirit in Paradise, through the unmeasurable distance of space has bridged to you with a divine aspect of itself, to secure the trust that as a son and daughter you have access to the Paradise express for which you are bound and the integrity of the material used is of the purest unconditional quality. Thought Adjusters are designed to last the time and distance, whatever it takes to bring the mortal subject home to Paradise. This amount of trust was designed into the universe scheme of things. The better to come from a world where you have to learn trust, where it needs to be exercised in order for it to exist. This is what I am talking about, your ability to bring it into being.

I thank you my friends, I thank you for this opportunity to [hear] the Voice, the Voice from Within. Go in peace. Continue to meet as a circle of friends, thank you.

Voice Within: [Mark] Hello again. I say hello again because I am as well a Voice Within although a slightly different expression, nevertheless, one and the same in that I am a part of the great whole as well. I would weave together these principles expressed thus far in another attempt to fashion these words symbols into meanings and values that are perceivable.

If it is true, and it is as you have just been presented, you children of Divine Parents, this makes you a part of that whole in which you are growing comfortable with this truth and you are growing to trust in this reality, and if it is so and it is, that you also harbor within you a fragment of the First Source and Center and you are growing to trust that this is so as well, then you, having developed these trusts in who you are, can then begin to exercise great amounts of faith that this is so, to begin to live your lives and act as though you truly believe, as though you inwardly know the truth of this principle, that as a part you are comprised of aspects of the whole, that you belong to this greater aspect, this greater presence, the greater

As a member of this family you are entitled to the principles and the premises on which this family exists, thrives, and survives for you are not in any way separate and outside of this but rather merely part of this greater whole. If you begin to see yourselves, if you begin to see the truth of yourself as being thus positioned you begin to realize that you are not only growing in the direction of the whole as the part desires to do, but you are more and more reflecting the characteristics of the whole, you are becoming more and more like the parents. And so, I bid you all relax. You will be comforted by this truth. You all embrace this reality firmly into your experience so that you may manifest those attributes and those characteristics of the greater whole because you are associated, you are tied, you are even one.

This is the joy of the experience you are having when you have found this truth, when you have embraced this reality, then you may relax into what is transpiring with [what] the grand plan is all about, the children growing up to resemble the parents, the part coming home to the whole. It is normal and natural and joyful and the more you can relax into this truth, the more you can portray and manifest those aspects of divinity, of truth, of beauty, and of goodness. Let it be so in your experience because you exercise your faith and your belief that it is so, because it is so. Let this be at the core of your understanding and the basis of your awareness and let this provide you with the solid foundation that you need to gain your footing as you navigate your way through the circumstances of even a material and mortal life.

Here you are, a piece of divinity, navigating your way through a mortal and material existence, a piece of infinity temporarily confined in the finite. Here is the grandeur of your experience of discovery that this is also and that your position is such in this grand scheme. I pray that you are granted with the increased capacity to accept this awareness and to wear it well. As you proceed forward in your experience I pray that you may be the conduit for divinity into the material plane and I invite you all to join me in this prayer and to give some recognition to that aspect of yourself that is immortal, to that part of yourself that is spirit, to those gifts that are gifts of grace from your Divine Parents who would have you grow up to be just like them. Let it be so in your lives in this day and always. Be in peace, farewell.