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Inner Voice; Michael - Revealing Yourself To You - Sep 29, 2011 - LightLine Henry Zeringue Subject: LIghtline Teleconference
Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael
T/R: Henry Zeringue
September 29, 2011

Prayer: As we connect here in this circle on lightline this evening, we open to the spirit of wisdom and to the spirit personality presences here this evening.

Inner Voice: Greetings to you this evening, this is the voice of the Spirit Within to continue revealing more of yourself to you. This evening [I begin] by asking a question and the question is, where is the seat of wisdom? Your first thought is, well the seat of wisdom lies with the Spirit Within. That is also true. But what I am referring to as the seat of wisdom, I am referring to the voice of the mouth as the seat of wisdom and you say, why would the mouth be the seat of wisdom? Well, the mouth can give voice to what you are thinking inside. Sometimes it is not wise to give voice to what you are thinking and sometimes it is wise to think before giving voice.

So we find that the seat of wisdom lies within the realm of decision, human control, it is a choice you can exercise like wisdom itself. Wisdom is not some pervasive force which forces you to do things correctly. Wisdom is a perspective usually based on experiences, the way those experiences are held, and what they reveal to you. What about the choice part, the control? Was it not the Master who said: He who would control armies should first have command over his own mouth. How many times have saying things out loud cost us?

The wisdom of the inside of the inner guidance and the experience of the person creates the perspective, the understanding of how to see things. It is like an animal, a lot of times they see things by movement and are alerted to movement. The spirit within is constantly alerted to the movement, the actions of the human, occasionally getting in a few thoughts, echoing. The spirit of wisdom operates as a spiritual circuit within. It works within your own realm of consciousness and thinking.

So not all thoughts need to go out in raw form, so that the mind in essence becomes an editor, editing when to say, what not to say, what to say, and how it is said. The how it is said is extremely important. This is why a tremendous amount of the cranial nerves in the brain are given to facial expressions for the expression of the words are its power or its destruction. Balancing the neural and chemical energies in the body to maintain much more balance and equilibrium in the nervous system, and bringing the emotional life under control becomes much easier to grow into an awareness, a practice like the breath, like refining movements, activity, actions, refining thought, living in clarity, living in equanimity, living in respect for all things and all life, all people, and standing in this balanced way as you go about your daily chores, the routines of life. You approach them with regality and majesty, thankful for the life to work this all out within yourself to become a greater receptacle of light and love and carry forth in your life so that what you are doing is not so special but how you are doing it becomes a much more conscious effort.

Consciousness is an effort, to relax and bring your mind to bear clearly upon ideas, things that you read. So wisdom depends tremendously upon the experience of the human and the ability of the human to put this into a greater perspective which reflect how he or she feels and thinks and live their lives and raise their families and do their work, how they are as humans. Truly what you are becoming day by day is of greater importance, to be in the moment of consciousness and at first, that moment of consciousness may come appropriately right after you have done something which brings it into your consciousness, that oh, I could have done that better, I should not have said that, I was insensitive.

True enough, if someone does not ask you, there is no reason to tell them, yet when asked, you are given the chance to express yourself and they are listening. It is important to listen. I listen to everything. I listen to thoughts, I listen to what you give voice. So the practice of consciousness and responsibility being responsible for who you are and for what you do and for how you do all of this, this is what you are thankful for, this is what is given you through life, to grow into this ability to know who you are and to begin to control yourself and to begin to resemble what you believe about yourself, about what you want to be, what you want to grow. All of these things do come in time.

I thank you this evening for allowing me these few words. I leave you in peace and I leave the stage open for another.

Michael: Greetings to you my brothers and sisters, it is I, Michael, here to acknowledge you in this circle of light and love, to acknowledge the presence here, the correctness of the truth and wisdom of the mouth. Yet we understand you are human and growing and we do respect your humanness, we respect that which we helped to create and bring into life. We have tremendous respect for you, tremendous love as well. This is why there is tremendous help, spiritual help available to you. Sometimes it's easy to doubt or forget or get too close to something that its energy totally absorbs you and you can't think of anything else or see anything else or remember that you are loved, you are sons and daughters of God. You are indwelt with the passports to Paradise.

We do respect your humanness. As you grow to manifest more in a spiritual sense, your humanness becomes transformed, you begin to bring the spiritual within your humanness as a practice, as a practice of control, as a practice of understanding and seeing the greater picture, of understanding why it is important to help build a greater brotherhood of men and women on the planet in all activities in all types of interactions and relationships. Remember that spirit does not judge your humanness. What spirit does is spirit waits till you grow in a greater expression of spiritual humanness. This is what spirit endeavors, to help you to grow, to change your ways and your habits, your thoughts, to move you into a more refined way of being even though you are still human.

It matters not what people believe in terms of judgement or the spiritual exercise of such for eventually you learn the less you judge yourself, the less you are able to and concerned to judge others. To begin living fearlessly outside of judgement is a greater human spiritual stance. When I lived my life on Urantia, what was important was how I lived my life. When I became a mature adult I was never in a hurry. I thought things out, I talked it over with Father. I moved through life attempting to share greatness with my fellows and helping them to see greatness with what they had, to see that greatness was how they did things, not how much food or how much gold they had but to teach them that they could have it all if they began to trust on a greater level and exercise that trust in how they went about as humans. Light and Life is more about going in a spiritual human sense of letting go of some of your humanness, to have a greater capacity and reception to spiritualness.

Continue to live in peace my children. Know that the love of your Divine Parents lives within your hearts and the seat of your soul. Go in peace, thank you.