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Ophelius; Beloved One; Unk; Samuel; One Without Name; Nebadonia; Prolotheos - Sep 18, 2011 - Eleven Transcripts Illawarra, Progress Group, AU

Index of Transcripts in This Document:

  • Transcript 1 - Michigan, US of A, September 18, 2011. Teacher Ophelius. Subject: “Time Is Now.”
  • Transcript 2 - Michigan, US of A, September 25, 2011. Teacher Ophelius.Subject: “Perfection.”
  • Transcript 3 - Urantia, September 20, 2011. Teacher: The Beloved One. Subject: “A Lesson on Guidance.”
  • Transcript 4 - Urantia, September 21, 2011. Teacher: The Beloved One. Subject: “A Lesson on Dedication.”
  • Transcript 5 - Urantia, July 31, 2011. A Teacher named The Beloved One. Subject: “Uncertainty.”
  • Transcript 6 - Alabama, USA, October 6, 2010. Unknown Teacher.Subject: “Lasting Relationships.”
  • Transcript 7 - Alabama, US of A, October 14, 2010. Unknown Teacher. Subject: “An Exceptional Life.”
  • Transcript 8 -  Illawarra District, Australia, September 22, 2011.Subject: “Fusion Kept on Hold.”
  •  “Angels and Default.” with Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22). Teacher Samuel of Panoptia. And Teacher Aaron of Urantia.
  • Transcript 9 -  Illawarra District, Australia, September 11, 2011. One Without Name, Without Number. Subject: “The Thought of One.” (part one).
  • Transcript 10 - Illawarra District, Australia, September 25, 2011. Nebadonia (Mother Spirit). Subject: “Paradise Must Wait.”
  • Transcript 11 - Transcript 10 Chicago US of A, July 11, 2011. Teacher Prolotheos of the Mentori. Subject: “Common Grounds.”

Transcript 1
Michigan, US of A, September 18, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Time Is Now.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “The time is ‘now’ my friends -- there is no past or future.  This is a very difficult concept for many to understand.  You have all heard about this before, this ‘living in the now,’ or ‘living in the moment.’  What exactly do I mean by this?  Let me explain.  All that you are, all that you think and feel is happening now -- not in the past, not in the future, but now.  Yes, we all have our memory of past ‘now events,’ and we have our hopes and conjectures about the future ‘now,’ but everything there is exists in the present moment.  You can have life and have it more abundantly right now if you can keep living consciously in this ‘now’ present moment.

“Many of you who are starting out on this path of spiritual awakening are dealing with many emotional and past traumatic events that have shaped who you are in this now moment.  These personality-shaping events, most often in early development, lead one into limitations of personality expression.  Your ‘now moments’ are constantly being shaped by what happened in the past and you are constantly checking and comparing your present now moments with your past now moments and keeping your personality expressions in this ‘template’ of how to think and feel based on the expectations of the ego-self.  This ‘emotional template’ even prepares your thinking for the future now events that are yet to occur by telling the ego-self what is expected of you -- that you must think, act, and react according to this framework.  You are caught in a loop of now moments that are really just a succession of past trauma checking and future expectations that prevent you from living freely and consciously in the present now.

“How do we live in the present?  Can we just forget our past and all our traumas?  The key to living in the now is to ‘forgive and forget’ -- a wonderful phrase you have all heard.  Forgiving yourself and others for past wrongs is one way of letting go of those past now moments that keep you in this ‘checking the template’ mode of thinking.  Accepting these moments as ‘teaching moments’ and accepting the limitations of awareness of those who have wronged you will help you to live in the present now by freeing up all that wasted mind energy that is constantly working and checking the template.

“Use your newly found awareness to focus thought on achieving and manifesting your desires to perfect yourself, pursue truth, create beauty, and exude goodness by lighting up the world around you.  This is true happiness my friends, to live in the moment -- free to live, love, and laugh without regret, without fear, without feelings of unworthiness.  All reality is now and your experiences of the now.  You will never again have the unique opportunity to experience now moments on your native planet, so let us ‘seize the moment’ and make these moments the most exciting, loving, joy-filled moments you can – it’s happening now!

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group

Transcript 2
 Michigan, US of A, September 25, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Perfection.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today’s lesson is about ‘perfection’ and what it means to you as humans living on an evolutionary world.  Perfection is a goal my friends, and it is something to strive for and something to attain incrementally in small amounts as you progress from age to age and from one world to another in your ascension career.  It is the divine answer to the call of the Creator, ‘Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.’  All those who choose the paradise path to perfection and seek membership in the Corps of the Finality shall achieve it through the transformation of self (unique personality -- identity) from a state of imperfection to a God-like state of perfection.

“Certainly, as evolutionary animal origin creatures, you can not achieve perfection in its final state in just one lifetime on an evolutionary world.  You may only achieve a ‘comparative perfection’ relative to the limitations of mind capacity designed into all evolutionary will creatures on the worlds of time and space.  The mind adjutants are designed to bring the creature to a state of relative perfection that readies him or her for the next phase of ascension, the morontia life -- the intermediary stage between the physical and the purely spirit form of life in the universes.

“The immediate goal for all humans and morontians is to fuse with their Indwelling God fragments, the Thought Adjusters.  I include humans in this statement because it is possible to achieve fusion on an evolutionary world, as is the case on the more advanced civilizations having achieved Light and Life where physical death is no longer the mode of translation from flesh to morontia life.  Your TA and guardian seraphim chart your progress by what is called, ‘The Seven Psychic Circles’ of human potentiality, starting with the seventh and working toward the first.  More on this can be found in your text.

“In those very rare instances, some humans can and do achieve fusion with their TAs, and avert death by direct translation via a flash of incredible heat and light.  Most however, will fuse with their TA sometime on their sojourn on the training worlds -- the mansion world system of your local universe.

Relative perfection can be attained by living a life of love and service -- overcoming the animal nature by the development of the mind and the development of the soul.  The soul-mind may be developed to the point where the TA can more easily interface directly with you and accelerate the ‘spiritization’ of it and thus can greatly help bring you through the progressive stages of your circles.  Self-mastery (control over the emotional self) and meditation (communication with Source), are tools for subsequent circle attainment when they are combined with loving service for one’s fellows.

“When the student feels a genuine unity with his fellows -- a sense of ‘oneness,’ that they are all a part of the whole, this may be understood as a circle marker, that they are near, at, or have surpassed the third circle and have received a personal destiny guardian that classifies them as having advanced standing, for which they may proceed directly to the mansion worlds upon dissolution of the physical body, to continue their perfection education on the training worlds of human ascension.  This is the first step, my friends, of many that lead to God-like perfection, for which every step forward is more astonishing than the last.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 3
 Urantia, September 20, 2011.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Guidance.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “There are many people alive today who consider themselves to be without guidance.  Instead, they are rudderless, ‘living to and fro,’ and unable find a toehold in life, so they hang precariously from a precipice of self destruction.  These are the ones with disastrous and destructive habits, like alcohol, drugs, and gambling, held in a grip from which they seem unable to extricate themselves.  It is mainly fear which holds these unfortunate ones in such a position, and yet the solution can be so simple if only they would wake up and take a good look at themselves and their destructive habits so as to gain insight into their unproductive ways of living, and to make a 180 degree turn, facing the direction opposite to the way they traveled to that point in time.

“Each and every thinking mortal has this Guidance within them, but their still small voice is being silenced through fear, which is still running rampant on this planet.  This needs to change.  The time has come for humanity to wake up and take a good look at the self and their brothers and sisters, and see the reality of how they all treat the self and each other.  There is much evidence of self-abuse and all the other self-destructive behaviors mentioned here.  This is not the way the Creator intended for the planet.  It has come about through the free will of her inhabitants, and is not the way to progress.  Much can and will be done to uplift all of humanity in tandem, but it needs a more concerted effort.  One remedial measure would be for each human to free up some time during their busy days for some meditation.  It would be expedient, indeed, to teach the younger ones to sit in peace for a while to get them get used to this health-building and sanity-restoring habit.

“This habit would then become a lifelong exercise and slowly on, less and less rudderless, lost and lonely people would be found on the planet, because early on in life, the inner connection with their God-Spark within would have become established.  Good habits are formed early in life, before the child reaches 5 years of age.  These are the most important years of child rearing and culture building, as this is the formative time period during which the foundation is laid down for the successive ages.  Much dysfunctional behavior can be avoided including many feelings of sadness, abandonment, feelings of not being loved, a low grade depression or worse.  The list of psychological aberrations is well nigh endless.  To raise healthy well-adjusted children, appropriate care must be taken.

“You have a wonderful saying: ‘A family that prays together, stays together.’  You can take this one step further, it is this togetherness of spirit, mind and body which is the most important, as herein lies the true harmony and balance.  If there is illness in either spirit, mind, or body, the individual cannot operate optimally as everything is reciprocal.  The human is meant to operate from these three systems in unison, and much ill can be prevented if the preventative measure of Stillness is used, during which great healing can take place as the soul is being nurtured and nourished and the mind is opened to higher impulses and directives.  The electro-chemical system undergoes a beneficial recharging while the nerves come to rest.

“I desire for humankind to start practicing this simple method of self-healing, for then the proper guidance can be in place.  Terrestrial life represents your initial years of acquiring good habits needed for the next stage of your eternal existence.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 4
Urantia, September 21, 2011.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Dedication.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Allow for this lesson to unfold, just like you need to learn this lesson during your lifetime.  To totally dedicate yourself to a task takes a lot of stamina in carrying through with whatever you have set your sights on.  Soon you will learn the truth about the saying: ‘The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.’  This you will realize more clearly with an aging body while the mind still remains sharp.  It therefore behoves you to, ever more conscientiously, look after your material temple to the best of your ability.  With care it will serve you well into a ripe old age.  Everything works best when all systems are in harmony and balance.

“I know that these words harmony and balance are a recurring theme in these short lessons, for this is not always easy to achieve.  The theme serves as a reminder for when you feel out of sorts to stop and take a breather.  Then the best thing to do is to take the time and go into the Stillness to re-enforce your connection with Me within.  You can do this also by going for a long walk to commune with Me, preferably in nature.  Perhaps visit a park and notice the stately trees who in their silence welcome you.  They are the symbols of dedication having stood tall for a long time to fulfill their divine blueprint for which they were created.  It is this dedication to patiently grow each day as the life-force within knows exactly what you are capable of and what you can become if you allow the life-force within free expression, just like the acorn possesses the blueprint to become a mighty oak tree.

“All this growing is made a lot easier when you willingly give yourself over to the divine urgings within.  This is only possible if you take the time for daily Stillness and ‘retreat into your inner chamber’.  This is a habit which can at first be cultivated through dedication.  Soon you will feel the need to take the time, for if you neglect this important daily routine, you will feel that you are losing that precious connection to the Life-sap energy, growing weary in mind, body and spirit.  These daily times of dedication for your nurturing and spiritual sustenance help you to cope better with the vicissitudes in life.  It is the grandest gift you can give yourself, truly dedicating yourself to this growth in spirit.  This is often the most neglected part in human life when preferably it ought to dominate the life of thinking humans.  In all earnestness, a great flourishing progress could be made on the planet if more individuals would dedicate themselves to this discipline.  They would early notice that they are so much more capable, and discover the liberty and inner freedom, which comes from this dedication as they find themselves being propelled by spirit, rather than the dictates of the material body.

“There would be a deeper sense of the purpose of life, for you would question sooner, ‘what is it that I am to do here?’  It then becomes your dedication to develop your inner life, rather then your outer life.  Education alone is not going to get you there.  It is in the personal faith, trust and wholehearted decision making process, with the dedication to find out what God’s will is for you and inevitably, you will find out that God’s will is nothing less than the way with the most love in it -- not just for yourself but also for each living thing and creature on the planet.  Then you will be dedicated to the practice and expression of this love.  This seems so simple, and yet it takes single-minded dedication to carry this out, until it becomes second nature to you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 5
Urantia, July 31, 2011.
A Teacher named The Beloved One.
Subject: “Uncertainty.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Well child, here I am trying to get your attention, while you’re not sure of what you are hearing, and thinking if there might be something else that you must do first.  Perhaps I ought to point out that, yes, it is I who would like to get a thought in edgewise into your busy mind.

“Your mercurial mind still needs a lot of practice in the Stillness, so you can truly gain some mastery over your mind, for that is what it is all about.  Self-discipline is good and well, but the most important discipline is that of stilling the mind.

“You just never know what feelings of unconditional love and contentment you will experience when you give yourself these periods of grace.  Yes, that is what being in the Stillness means, pure Grace.  It is this feeling of total, all encompassing love and acceptance for just the way you are.  You have experienced this feeling already many times, so come back to center.

“You know that you are a very important, albeit a tiny piece in the great mosaic of life itself, as there is simply no other piece like you.  Each and every one is a thought in the mind of God, who holds the perfect plan and outworking for you to make this a reality, so you can offer that great gift of being alive back to Him with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for having been given this chance to choose by your personal decisions as to how you are going to fulfil that most wonderful plan that God holds in His mind for you.

“This truly becomes possible when you are uncertain about turning within and seeking my advice as to how to proceed.  I am that most wonderful Gift, that living Spark from God, the eternal Guide to show you how, but this can only be done, when you come to me in the Silence to companion me.

“What I give you is peace in your soul and serenity in your mind.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 6
Alabama, USA, October 6, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Lasting Relationships.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “The powerful influence the Master had over those whose path he crossed was derived from his magnetic personality and his great interest in human beings.  Those who for a time lived with him could experience his great love and his dedication towards each one of them.  For this reason, they considered him to be their best friend, almost a loving and caring father.

“Such love naturally awakens in human beings whilst in contact with someone who only brings them happiness, and makes them feel important, worthy and appreciated.  If somebody treats you as you would like to be treated, you will feel very comfortable with that person.  However, not everyone will always have the same expectations of another, and what may be considered polite by some could be interpreted differently by others.  This is the source of friction, misunderstandings and anger among mortals.

“Jesus had a higher standard.  Instead of attempting to treat others as they would like to be treated, he tried to treat every human being as God himself would do in His place. In this way, the Master became a revelation of the Celestial Father for all those he met during his life on earth.

“Remember that in your relationships with your siblings, even when you strive to treat others as God would, this does not guarantee the friendship or loyalty of those who are so lovingly cared for by you. The Master experienced this with his family and with one of his beloved apostles, who betrayed him.  However, he always knew that he did everything his Father would have expected in this matter and this certitude is the only thing to which you can aspire.

“This is the secret to establish lasting and fulfilling relationships in your life.  As a human father loves his children and does for them everything that is humanly possible to contribute to their happiness and well being, you should consider your brothers and sisters in this world.  By expressing the love of the Father through you, this love will fill you more and more, transforming you from the inside into the person the Creator intended for you to be.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 7
 Alabama, US of A, October 14, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “An Exceptional Life.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “What is ‘exceptional’ in the eyes of men is not considered as such in the eyes of the Father.  When you talk about an exceptional life make sure you are not referring to prestige among people, material riches and fame.  An exceptional life for the Father Creator is a life dedicated to His will, which makes the creature reach the highest expressions of his or her being and come closer to perfection.  This is truly exceptional.

“When you talk about a normal life, make sure you are not talking about a mediocre life -- a life in which you decide not to make any effort to be better, because this clearly is not what your Maker expects from you.

“You should focus on knowing the will of your Creator and strive to be like Him.  Let truth, beauty and goodness be your guide.  When you feel the desire to do something, examine your motivations, and what you are hoping to achieve.  The things of the world are clearly different from the things of spirit.  Do you wish to start a new endeavor in order to get closer to the Creator, be better, and help your siblings, or are you just chasing material rewards?

“Know that material success is not an indicator of the validity of your endeavor.  You can perform thousands of things that are damaging to yourself or your siblings, and still achieve great material rewards.  Many attain these things daily with a lot of material success.  You could also start with the best of intentions and obtain wrong results.  This would indicate a lack of harmony with the will of the Father.

“From your point of view, it is indeed complicated to know if a new endeavor is right.  This is part of the training, of the experience of life.  You are an Agondonter -- one who believes without seeing -- but not seeing may sometimes be the cause of mistakes.  The Father will look at your intentions and the purity of your heart, not at your results.  Keep a clean heart and strive to align your will with His Will, and your success will be guaranteed, if not here, then perhaps in the next phase of your existence.

“A life dedicated to the Father’s Will is not a life without risks, suffering or mistakes.  It is simply a life dedicated to learn to know better the One in which all of us have our origin and our destiny.  This spirit of exploration and adventure, combined with a living faith and supreme trust in the Father, is what will provide the peace to face the deceptions of life and gratitude for the victories of spirit.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 8
Illawarra District, Australia, September 22, 2011.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Teacher Aaron of Urantia.
Subject: “Fusion Kept on Hold.”
              “Angels and Default.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu (hardly serious): “So here is the master teacher of meditation and altered states of consciousness, and he is taking forever and three more days to get a move on.  This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu.  You know how incredibly patient we are.  We shall just hang around until you decide you are ready at last.  Fine!  Now let me connect you with your Teacher, the eminent Samuel of Panoptia, who is there waiting for you together with Teacher Aaron.

George: “This is tardy George and company.  We greet you all.”

Teacher Samuel: “This is Samuel.  We have discussed between us the subject of this evening.  We have been informed of happenings during your day.  We have prepared for you a lesson, more so information that may be helpful to many.

Firstly to explain; both Aaron and I have set aside a lengthy space of time on the Mansion World we presently occupy to be able to be Teachers for your particular planet.  It is for us an honor to be working with you.  It is also the home planet of Aaron, but it is the planet where he and I teach by our requests, and we are most honored to be working for your planet.

“For us to be able to put spiritual fusion on hold there were lengthy discussions with our Destiny Guardians each.  Beyond earthly life, progress can be interrupted, the normal flow of movement towards Paradise can be interrupted for the likes of us to earn what you may call extra ‘universe credits’.  We tarry on Mansonia Seven with myriad others, to be Teachers to your world in this Correcting Time, and in fact, each of us has more than one student.

“This was applied for and arranged after many discussions with our Destiny Guardians, who are basically also on hold.  And so, perfectly agreeably, happily, un-hurriedly, are our Thought Adjusters on hold, still communicating with us, and making this kind of teaching possible.  Under normal circumstances both of us would have been fused already, and working our way towards Paradise.

“Specifically we want to discuss with you some of the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and Destiny Guardians.  As you earlier today heard from Chief Bzutu there is not a single Angel or Destiny Guardian that has defaulted in the care of a human being on your planet.  Not a single one going back some 2000 years.  For the soul of a departed not to be taken to a higher realm would mean default on the part of the Guardian Angel, or the Destiny Guardian, whichever classification applies.  No one has defaulted and so, therefore, it only must be seen as logical, rational, that there are no souls left behind on your planet.

“What is left behind on your planet is, as has been explained before, the debris of human life, the debris of human living, the thought forms that do not want to dissolve, that do not know how to dissolve or refuse to dissolve, or those which cannot yet be taken up by the time/space Deities.  There is no job more important to and essential to progress of a Destiny Guardian or a Guardian Angel than to guide the human during their life and to see to the transportation by four-winged Seraphs of the human soul to higher realms.

“Whenever you hear stories of souls roaming this earth, this is possible, allowable, for only a very short space of time if there is a need for the individual soul to be aware of relatives that may be missing or away.  Frequently, there is an opportunity given to many to view those things that concern them most, but within that day they are transported to higher realms.  I hope that with this I have made clear, I have explained, the process of transportation, ascension.  I thank you for your time.  I thank you for your attention.  Both Aaron and I greet you.  Till we speak again.  This is Samuel and Brother Aaron saying, ‘Good evening’.”

George: “Thank you all.”

Notes: We apologize for the length of this transmit, and we also confirm that Teacher Aaron is indeed the one some will know from history.

© The 11:11 Progress Group

Transcript 9
 Illawarra District, Australia, September 11, 2011.
One Without Name, Without Number.
Subject: “The Thought of One.” (part one).

Received by George Barnard.

One Without Name, Without Number: “Interestingly from the viewpoint of the Ones Without Name as well as Without Number, they are our Urantia time-space human brothers and sisters who still differ in their opinions as to whether you are the product of creation or evolution.  We see two opposing camps.  Remarkable!  Persistent thought, diligent contemplation, surely, should place you where you will conclude that initial creation is always followed by further evolution, where you are, and yes, even on Paradise.

“What I wish to converse with you about on this day, we call ‘The Thought of One.’  It is the casual thought, not ever thought of before, belonging to just one human on your world that allows confirmation of this thought as accurate to be given to your world.  And so this universe rule deals with evolution, not of the body or bodies, but of the mind, yes the minds, the collective human intellect, and the casual contribution of one of you, in time, is profited from by all, and it represents one tiny step in your evolution towards perfection.

“Already you are apprised of the fact that if you were to meet me on Paradise, by merely being with me, you would instantly know and comprehend all of my knowledge and learning of all my eternal existence.  It is a-for-you unique form of intellectual osmosis that resembles the shared thoughts of those you deem to be on the same page when their thoughts are aligned, just infinitely more powerful.  Now, because of ‘the thoughts of one’ of your number, on your world, you may know that we also share all of your knowledge in return.

“No doubt you see it as greatly important that as you live your life on earth, and in future realities on the Mansion worlds, and elsewhere in your eternal career, that you become brighter and brighter in your intellect.  Well yes, so it is, of course!  However, at this stage of your existence it is greatly more important that you become real in universe terms rather than wise, that you gain faith rather than great knowledge, that you cultivate love for all, rather than stand out in the crowd as a beacon of intellectual prowess.

“They are the dearest wishes of countless orders of Paradise Creatures that they may spend part of their eternal existence in time-space to contribute, to experience, to prove their faith to the Creator of all.  Those of my order remain here, always, as Teachers to all who hail from time-space, but our time-space yearnings are satisfied as we experience this reality through acquiring your time-space experience.

“I am your friend of some few years, One of Neither Name nor Number, ever so grateful we share a destiny of eternal friendship.  We will speak more often.  Au revoir.”

George: “It wasn’t I who figured that ‘Thought of One’.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 10
Illawarra District, Australia, September 25, 2011.
Nebadonia (Mother Spirit).
Subject: “Paradise Must Wait.”
(follows from ‘The Thought of One’).

Received by George Barnard.

Nebadonia: “My dear children, this is Nebadonia.  I am the daughter of the Creator of Mind.  I am the Daughter of the Third Source and Center, the Holy Spirit, and I am the eternal Consort of Michael, the Nebadon Creator Son.  Long ago as you reckon time, Michael and I moved together from Paradise into the time-space realm to create the local Universe of Nebadon, where we are cognizant of all that eventuates.

“Recently you had the opportunity to hear from, and to speak with, one of our Paradise kin I always respected so greatly, and always will love -- one of the ones that are Without Name and Without Number.  It was for you a great opportunity to learn a little more and to again see your friend.  Most likely to many others, all he had to say might have been a little confusing.  So on this day let us discuss the capacity of various mind endowments.  As is understandable, in this Local Universe there is no one better informed than I am to speak with you about mind endowments.

“Long ago you were taught how a school of fish, as does a flock of birds, do avail themselves of their universally available, collective mind endowments allowing them to twist and turn in unison in navigation, and in flight.  Long ago you learned how the apes can use a mind that from one continent to another will allow them to both learn and teach things.  There are capable mind endowments suited to any species of any kind, terrestrial and celestial, and now you have become more aware of how many different mind endowments must exist when it is possible for you to meet on Paradise an individual who can virtually by osmosis provide you with everything he knows, everything he has ever learned in all eternity.

“You will even find it possible for two of you as friends or strangers to meet up with such an individual without name or number, and to be able to learn everything about him, yes, all he has ever learned, and at the same time re-learn every single experience the two of you as friends or strangers have between you.  Paradise is a place where progress and learning, knowledge and understanding progress at a phenomenal pace.  To your human intellect of today it is impossible to grasp just how much there is to know in the universe of universes, and how much there is to learn on Paradise.

“I know that herewith you have progressed a little more, and will certainly understand the message from The One Without Name, Without Number so much more clearly.  For my part I wish to add that the acquisition of knowledge is important, but the moral elevation of your mind, the care for your siblings, and the closeness to your Spark from our Father Creator is preferable, most important, yes vital in terrestrial life.  Paradise must wait, like dessert after dinner.  It is here where beauty and goodness will expose you to truth.  Consider.

“This is your Mother Nebadonia wishing I could speak with you somewhat more often.  Have a wonderful day.  I leave you now with my love, yet I will always be near you.”

George: “Thank you so much …”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 11
Chicago US of A, July 11, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos of the Mentori.
Subject: “Common Grounds.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Why are human beings separate by their religions, rather than united by them?  This is a question often posed by many in your world.  The main reason for this is because religionists’ personal beliefs were changed into religious dogmas.  A religious belief is a transcendental conviction held by the individual and it is unique to that individual.  Religious dogma is a doctrine imposed on a group of individuals as the ‘faith confession’ of that particular religious group.

“The most outstanding characteristic of religion is its personal profession.  Religion is a relationship between the religionist and his or her Deity.  Religious faith can be embraced by philosophy as an unifying element of reality.  However, it is truly beyond the grasp of science, for religion is a wholly subjective matter.

“Religious groups are social entities that bring together individuals professing similar religious beliefs, and their value is directly proportional to their function as facilitators of worship, fellowship and service to others.  Religion itself, on other hand, should be seen as a human phenomenon, a spiritual endowment, a gift from Deity.  Religion is not a designation for a particular creed among many.  Capable of expressing true spiritual faith, transcendental faith, religion itself is the common ground that should unite all religionists.

“Religious faith is also unique, in disregard of its immediate object, complexity or simplicity, mores and associations.  All that matters is its nature and drive, both being spiritual.  Bona-fide religious faith infallibly reaches up to some level of Deity and, through it, to the very Father of All, the First Source and Center of all.

“Religious tolerance is one step in the right direction, but it is not enough; there should rather be religious empathy.  Mere tolerance is a halfway attitude; embracing religious empathy towards everyone’s religiosity, however, a positive uniting attitude is what will bring together all religionists.  It doesn’t mean that all will believe in the same way, but it does mean that from all possible ways and beliefs, we are first and foremost faith-sons-and-daughters of the Supreme Being – which is all that counts.

“So, my dear pupil, this is our living and teaching – discovering common grounds, converging paths, rather than dispersing ones.  I am Prolotheos, always glad in finding a common ground between my thoughts and yours.  Carry on, my dear.  Peace to you, always.”

Translated from Portuguese by Valdir Soares.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.