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Grid Cleansing Services - No.4 - 16Sep2011 - Mantutia - Others - Teleconference - Michael Xavier, Bel Air, MD

Urantia Universal Service of Light - Grid Cleaning Series - Meeting #4
Monlucia Melchizedek Jurisdiction #4
Mantutia Melchizedek, Christ Michael, Monlucia Melchizedek
Received via reflectivity via Michael Xavier
September 16, 2011,  7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Mantutia Melchizedek:
Hello children I am Mantutia Melchizedek, overseer and head of the school on the Melchizedek pilot world near Edentia concerning the study of the effects and problems arising from the Lucifer rebellion and the effects that it has and is still having in settling the world of Urantia in light and life.

There will be many Melchizedeks on this call tonight from all over Nebadon studying and learning from this call. We also have superuniverse visitors here tonight that have,  through their particular avenues of service, taken great interest in what is transpiring on Urantia in this very momentous time.

There are a few things I will be speaking about before I hand this over to Michael’s jurisdictional Melchizedek,  Monlucia. The information that will be brought out will hopefully help clarify some of the questions that you all may have in regards to the work that is currently underway in preparation for the incarnation of your Magisterial Son.

The first order of business is to bring you up to speed on a monumental victory that Christ Michael has had in this Correcting Time in a specific location that served as a corrupted anchor of darkness for many years.

There were three special reservists that I wish to personally thank that made this possible, so from all of us here, we thank you and say that your work is not in vain as you have heard from me before.

Last week we collectively undertook correcting a small section of the corrupted grid in a small city in eastern United States. This went better than expected, so under the council of my Paradise and superuniverse brethren, we alongside the many celestials that were involved, then focused on a larger metropolitan city on Wednesday, September 14th , 2011.

We can now bring you information regarding this as this area as you know as Baltimore City and the application of implementing the new grid.

We encountered some interesting facets as these grids and anchors that were removed, but in the end, nearly one million celestials and souls moved forward freely into the arms of Christ Michael and Mother Spirit to the educational and rehabilitation spheres on high. Once again,  there is no judgment awaiting those who are hearing this information, only peace, love, mercy, and grace. These ones that moved forward were bold and courageous to take these first steps in setting the example of the acceptance of unconditional love.

There was a figure in regards to the celestials and souls netted in the corrupted planetary consciousness brought out some time ago as being 35 million. We are finding that to be an extremely low estimate in light of the ones that have come forward already. The number is cumulative and is ever expanding so we will only say that there is quite a response to the call home to the light from these ones that have been lost for so long.

As we explore these things from the unseen realm we are learning alongside all of you. The Supreme values that are emerging from this work are paramount and informative in settling your sphere in light and life. Nebadon has in the past experienced rebellion, but what Lucifer and his cohorts did on your sphere is teaching many from all over creation how to better handle upheavals of rebellion in the Paradise Creator Sons different universes. There will be a time shortly, children, when you look for these old energies of rebellion and shall find them not. The call that has been heard is being answered by many, and all of you are playing a part in serving the Correcting Time and the Avonal Son in charge of your current dispensation.    

I understand many of you have questions in regards to the grids and just exactly what they are. I wish to expand a bit on this tonight personally, as I will try to enlighten your human minds in regards to a better explanation. Forgive the elementary example, but hopefully you will better be able to understand this work a bit better when we convey it to you in a way you can understand.

Urantia’s present planetary consciousness is wrought with misinformation, untruth, ignorance, and pollution. Think of the ascension process in light of this allegory:

For each and every conscious being for a moment liken yourself to a helium balloon ever reaching upward to higher levels of light and service.

The current state of Urantia can be likened to a dark muddied lake.

Imagine for a moment these balloons being fully filled and stuck at the bottom of this lake. Your knowledge tells you that these balloons would rise naturally due to them holding higher energies and helium even if they rose slowly through this polluted lake. There natural make up will force them to try and find a way to the top. The polluted planetary grids set in place by the rebellion are acting as nets and seaweed that not only impede them,  but prevent the balloons from rising to the surface. Take into consideration that until these impediments are removed and cleared away, the balloons will not be able to ascend to the surface properly.

That brings me also to consciousness children, and I will touch on this a bit briefly as you know consciousness from a human point of view. The worlds settled in light and life will one day clarify just how connected each and every one of you are in service and life when you come to a greater level of awareness.

The one act of Jesus, as Michael our Creator Son did on his final bestowal,  served as a pathway to ascend. This was in opposition to all around Him at the time. He was present on Urantia some two thousand years ago. This one courageous life and act of a faith filled life served to inspire millions even billions on Urantia based on His superlative consciousness of the Father’s will and love.

In light of this act of Jesus, take into consideration the ones following in Michael’s footsteps. These ones in this work, the ones working tirelessly now alongside we Melchizedeks and other unseen’s who are working from within the polluted consciousness are acting at the clearers and frontrunners in enabling ascension for every child corrupted in the grids.

It is so important that you all know that you are not alone in this work. Even if you at times may feel that way, you are not alone.

Before I had this over I wish to speak of how the ones in this work now are spoken of all over Creation. From the receiving stations all over Nebadon and even on Paradise this work is known that is now underway. You are all so greatly beloved and are being so divinely guided. They speak about the work now underway on Urantia and the ones in on the front lines of this work much like Van and Amadon. You are so highly beloved and very special to an innumerable number you cannot even imagine.

As always may peace be upon you all and the Light of the Paradise Father guide you in all you do.

Christ Michael wishes to speak to you briefly before Monlucia takes over, so I defer to our Creator Son.

Christ Michael:
Hello children this is your Creator Father Michael. I wish to thank each and every one of your that are working so tirelessly in preparing the way for the Magisterial Son for the current dispensation.

I only wish to speak briefly, but what I wish to touch on is to those who are contemplating whether this work is for them or not.

I will tell you all now, that you will have my personal protection along with Gabriel.

I want you all to think about this one thing children.

Think about why the Magisterial Son is unable to incarnate now on Urantia. In taking this in, think about the ones that are actually working to clear the way, and are preparing the way so he can actually be on your sphere in the flesh. In working with these grids, and the Melchizedeks use the word grids, but this is more of a consciousness, children, that has corrupted so many in their thinking.

I want to remind you all to keep your vessels clean so that the spirit is allowed to work through you without impediment. If there is any fear, if there is any doubt, if there is anything not of the light in operation in your consciousness, I want to tell you now that it will be very difficult for you to do this work that is now taking place.

We are behind each and every one of you, and you have more help then you could ever possibly imagine. Due to the fact that you are working from such darkness sometimes, especially the forerunners of this work, I want to remind you all, my children, to not allow it to affect you and take seed in your mind. The battle is not lost physically for the workers of light now in service. The battle is initially lost in your mind if you allow doubt and fear to creep into your thinking.

I ask you all to have faith, because faith in action moves in the unseen realm, and the curtains parted, and the Father’s love in action will become evident as you continue to work alongside me in the correcting time, and alongside the Magisterial Son entrusted to Urantia’s dispensation.

My children, for each and every one of you on this call who doubt, I am sending you, each and every one of you my love right now. I want you to remember as it moves through you that I am your Creator Father and I love you, each and every one of your unlike anything you can imagine.

I love you as if you were the only child in all creation. I appreciate you and I appreciate the work you are doing. I appreciate you more than you could ever possibly understand from a mortal mind.

With that children, I will defer now to Monlucia Melchizedek, and as always I leave you in my peace.

Monlucia Melchizedek:
I am Monlucia Melchizedek, Michael Xavier’s jurisdictional Melchizedek in charge of the eastern United States and overseeing the grid work that is now being done and will continue to be done. As this corruption is removed and the impediments are cleared away I wish to thank you, each and every one of you. Not only those whom are in the Tier Two (2) and Tier three (3) groups, but also the ones in the Tier One (1) work that are seeding the planetary consciousness making it possible to take root and grow with light, love, grace and mercy that the Father holds in his heart and in his light for each and every child, especially the lost children now.

Specifically in the undertaking that will be coming up on the eastern United States, we will not be bringing about much information in specifics, but due to the fact that it was so overwhelmingly successful and the number that moved forward was so encouraging, we will definitely be opening up more avenues of service. We work closely with three on this call right now, and hope to expand this to the ones that make themselves available.

I wish to speak more about what Donna spoke of at the beginning of the call, if you are willing to operate alongside of us, as the calls are opened and the connections made, we encourage you all to be on these upcoming calls.

[Tuesday Sept 27 at 8 PM EST for a free teleseminar discussing the energy grid, how it was corrupted, our relationship to it, and how we can extricate ourselves from its influence. The number to call is 308-344-6400 access code 880919#. There will be a Q&A period followed by an experience with our Parents and Monjoronson to uplift and build your new circuitry.]

This is not only happening on a planetary level, this first has to happen within yourselves. If you are unable to hold the light frequencies and energies that we are affording you on high from the unseen realm, it will make it impossible for you to do this work. We encourage you all to be in your stillness, and to call upon the archangels who are readily on hand for each and every one that is making themselves available for service.

I admonish you all to take inventory, each and every day, for those who are working in these levels of consciousness in this dark grid. If you recognize if you are holding any energies such as anger, anguish, or fear… anything not of the light, we wish for you to recognize this immediately.   The archangels are on hand to come and help you release these energies from your mind and energy field, and refill yourself with Michael’s spirit of Truth and light which is being poured out upon all flesh, not only from Michael, but from the Magisterial Son as well.

Once again I ask you all to take note of your personal minds. The battle is lost in your mind which I will restate. That happens when you allow frustration, or if you allow doubt to creep into your mind.  These emotional conditions will completely take the mind over, especially in this work. The help that is available for you is overwhelming. You simply need to recognize that you are holding these things in your energy.

We are going to end the reflectivity session.  Give Michael X. a moment to re-center himself. While we re-circuit through each and every one of you, we ask that you hold the energies of Peace, Light, and Right-Mindedness. We ask that you keep the questions related to the grid work, and that you are each greatly beloved. May you always be in the Father’s light.

Added note from Monlucia Melchizedek 9/20/11: The Q/A session will not be transcribed but is available to listen to via the web link at:

Thank you each for showing such a great interest in the global planetary consciousness of light now being brought into clear realization and understanding and to all those who work alongside us to clear the old to make room for the new.

For those who wish to be on the call on 9/23/11 the information will be at the regularly scheduled time:

Urantia Universal Service of Light Group

Melchizedek instruction to be overseen by Malvantra and Monlucia Melchizedek - Friday September 23rd 2011 at 7:00 PM, Eastern Time

Dial in number (712) 432-0900 Access code 429402#

There are a few teachers that will be joining and making themselves available to those of you who wish to have greater contact with spirit. We look forward to being with all who may wish to expand their consciousness and come into greater awareness of Michael’s Correcting Time. May peace and truth guide all your intentions and endeavors.