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Grid Cleansing Service - No.2 - 02Sep2011 - Monjoronson - Others - Teleconference Michael Xavier, Bel Air MD
Urantia Universal Service of Light - Grid Cleaning Series - Meeting #2
Under Direction of Monlucia Melchizedek Jurisdiction #4

Counselors Present:

  • Christ Michael
  • Monjoronson, The Magisterial Son
  • System Sovereign Lanaforge
  • Malvantra Melchizedek
  • Monsanloran Melchizedek
  • Mantutia Melchizedek
  • Archangel Michael
  • Luminerion, Primary Supernaphim,  Chief of Seraphic Services

Transmitter: Received via reflectivity via Michael Xavier
Date: September 2nd 2011 7:00PM Local Eastern Time USA

Opening Centering Prayer:
Michael Xavier:  Paradise Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit. Under the grace and blessings that you have endowed us with I pray that I am given the divine wisdom and guidance to use all the gifts that you have blessed me with in accordance to Your Will. It is my intention to bring forth only truth and accurate information in accordance to Your will Father. May the celestials in service to the light come to our aid when we need them. May Michael and Mother Spirit hold us all safely in their arms of love and protection. May the Melchizedeks and Archangels be encircuited and provide us with their wisdom and loving service this day. May we all come to a more accurate and expanded knowledge of Your Infinite Goodness and Eternal Wisdom Heavenly Father, and I leave this information in your Hands. May Your Will be done.

Luminerion: Information is being received via reflectivity in liaison with Majeston via the polar crystal on Salvington. Approval to continue via the planetary broadcasting has been granted. 

Lanaforge: This is your System Sovereign Lanaforge; I give you all my greetings, children. This platform is being encircuited by the celestial administration of Nebadon under the direct administration of Gabriel of Salvington. All information on this call is being received via reflectivity. If you have any specific questions on the interworkings of reflectivity, there has been documentation provided and archived on the  to address any specific questions regarding this highly specialized form of receiving.

Thank you to all you that have made it your goal to be a bigger part of the service now being undertaken on your sphere. I leave you all tonight with the hopes that you all explore as much of this loving service as possible and say, May the Father of Celestial Lights guide you in all your ways.

MONJORONSON, The Magisterial Son
Hello children this is your Magisterial Son. Many of you know me by the name Monjoronson, but nevertheless, I am the Avonal Son in charge of terminating the current planetary dispensation. I am here with my chief of staff Serena, Gabriel, Jacinth, and Christ Michael to give you the children hearing this information insight to afford you a greater understanding of what is transpiring. I will be dealing with what human mind can understand, so please know that we will not get too far in depth due to the limitations and confusion it would bring to some of you that are encircuited on this call. We full well know every one’s intentions here and the reason for those in this service and their motivations behind being on this call.

This reflectivator has been chosen to be on my personal staff, and for the greater part of the last six months has been working closely with those on my staff to bring about the information that is being heard at this time.

I will touch on a few things tonight, firstly being the many questions that you all have put forth on the nature of the grids and the interworkings now undergoing with the corrupted grids and the implementation of the new grid.

In the planetary broadcast received on 8/29/2011 I spoke that there would be one more pass of Mercy on those who are refusing to acknowledge that this is transpiring on your sphere. This includes those angels, those souls and morontia forms that are using the corrupted grid to sustain themselves. [Speaking now to those using the sustainment of the present grid] Make no mistake, we are aware that you are aware; it is time for all of you to make a choice that are hearing this information via these spiritual currents.

[To the conference call audience] The Mercy pass is not the same as the roll call of Mercy as you know in your 5th epochal revelation. The roll call of Judgment and Mercy has already been promulgated, and the response and answer to these calls were troubling to say the least.  We can share with you now that there were very few that answered these planetary calls due to the fear encoded and threaded into the corrupted grids.

Allow me to enlighten your minds in a way that your spirit will bring you understanding for the children that have more questions about this. The interworkings and conjecture or reasoning’s in your human minds is not necessary.  The information being brought to you now is simple and plain.

The Father, yes, The spirit of the living God within you,  will make all things known at the proper time. When you hear information from us,  it is easy to add what you think may or may not be happening and guess at what could possibly be happening in your human minds. I say to you all children, patience children, all things will be made plain in accordance with your understanding.

I will expand on the pass of Mercy being promulgated now on your sphere. I will remind all those that hear this that have not made a choice or adhering to a staunch stand in opposition to divinity that there is not much time left to answer this call. This goes for the unseen realm and the unseen’s that are listening to this information. The assigned Sentinels of Uversa that work under the auspices of the Ancients of Days will apprehend any celestial that does not by free will choice answer this final pass of mercy.  We are fully aware and know of every one of you in operation, and we are allowing all to come forward freely, without condemnation or judgment for is this not the essence of Mercy? There will be no harm brought to you in coming forward, for it is time to be embraced, if you so wish, by the Light and mercy that is being poured out this day. Moving forward will allow all those that you are holding back to move forward, and free them to move on to the pure embrace of the Father’s love that is ready for all that wish to receive it.

Fear and confusion are two very real and very potent tools of hindrance to all things spiritual. When I speak of the corrupted grids, know that the main two things that were encoded into these were fear and confusion. When the roll call of Mercy was announced these two aspects of emotion mitigated by rebellious encoding thwarted and impeded many from answering the call of mercy. The codes and energies transformed the call in to a thing of great fear, and by the ignorance and design of the ones that have worked with Lucifer broke a most sacred and holy law, that an angel should never manipulate any beings free will. 

Remember that many of these rebellious celestial personalities worked in universal service and had information on what and how the dispensation would come to be at the end of a planetary age. This being the mortal home of Christ Michael and the jewel in Nebadon of His seventh bestowal, made the rebels more adamant to thwart all things divine from being made known clearly and understandably. We are here for everyone who has or will respond to the call of Mercy.

I will not give a time-frame deadline to answer, but I will state that the time is short. I will be allowing the Melchizedeks to expand on the interworkings underway with the ones that have responded to the call to arms to work with the grids on the human side. I leave you always in love.

Hello children of Urantia, and to those who hear my voice, I am Malvantra Melchizedek.

Thank you for all responding to this great and glorious time of service on your sphere Urantia. What an amazing time to be in the Father’s service. Allow me to explain how we will be extending service to those that have made themselves available.

We have made available three tiers of service that we are promulgating and I will expand on all three in detail. At the end of this part,  Mantutia will be answering the questions some have asked using the internet and web forums that we found and come across.

First Level of Grid Cleansing Service:
The First Level of service that the majority of you will be undertaking on this call is to provide your intentions of love and positive energies to the planetary grid now in place by the Melchizedek receivership.

There is another call that the Magisterial Son is involved in with those children who may wish to be in service with the celestials that is held every other Sunday. If you would like that information the number will be provided in the transcript [The next conference call with Dona D’Ingillo for Monjoronson is Sunday, September 11th at 12 Noon EST 9AM Pacific. The number to call is 308-344-6400 - access code 880919#].  We would ask that those who are being invited to participate in this energy work to utilize the call information given above.

This aspect of service seed’s the planetary grid with love, mercy, peace, forgiveness, right mindedness, heart mindedness, and The Fathers Will among many other things. The celestials that work on this call can multiply many times over your added intentions and energies, and supplement these contributions to The Father’s Light. Seeing in your mind’s eye that it is not a matter of how, but a matter of when, this will contribute to Urantia’s light and life and therefore your contributions can be very powerful, especially now, children. This aspect of service is being opened to those who cannot connect with us via spirit for direction or want to be of service but are limited in their capacity in contact or their time management. You will know if you are in this grouping of service as your spirit will bear witness with our spirit.  You will be lead by spirit if you so desire to be of service.

We now provide information to those of you who will be handling the 2nd and 3rd tier levels of grid cleansing service in the future.

This is not to say that you in Level One cannot hear the information brought forth on this call, but the information that will be provided on the Urantia Universal Service of Light call in the future will only serve to confuse you and cause your mind even greater questions if you are not in spiritual contact with us on this particular platform.

Christ Michael is,  of course, connected to each and every one of His children and therefore has this unique means to be able to bring spiritual assistance. It is ever true that if you are uncertain as to how to direct your desire for compassion to its greatest effect you might do best by simply referring your desire to serve to the compassion of Christ Michael who is intimately in touch with the best allocation of such resources for you to do so,  especially now on your sphere.  We emphasize that right now, especially now, you may make use of Michael to enter into service not available in Levels 2 and 3 to you.

On the Magisterial Son’s call you are acting as the generators, as much as you know a generator of loving energy. See yourselves as such, and work together to pool this energy. Solar energy can be transformed into power to fuel machines, so too are your energies and intentions serving as light anchors to infuse the planetary grid with proper loving energies.

Second Level of Grid Cleansing Service
The second  tier group are those who have been formulating and following the lead of spirit to start your own groups or anchors of light. These are being handled by specific Melchizedek’s jurisdictionally. You will be guided in this aspect of service and it will be opened to you if you have already begun organizing or preparing your groups. These groups we are asking must be at least three people strong. If you are unsure whether you are supposed to start a group then you belong to the first tier. If you have begun organizing and seeking like minded individuals then you will be guided to those who can give you the information needed.

It is suggested that in the groups that are coming together that you have met or have followed these three requirements as  prerequisite to group success given below:

In Groups of Three or More:

  • Number #1 – We ask that you have at least one in the group in contact with spirit or who can T/R. This can even be midwayer contact for they can serve you in giving you information that you need and directing you where you need to go. The help is available now, and the midwayers are eager to serve in this capacity.
  • Number #2 – We ask that you have one in the group with the knowledge of the Urantia book. This can be combined with number one and serve both prerequisites.
  • Number #3 – We ask that you document and record via a recording device your meetings if you are gathered together in body. After you are done with your meeting we ask that you transcribe and send your transcriptions to Michael Xavier for documentation and filing.

If you are holding these groups over the phone,  that is fine as well, but we ask that you use a call recording platform. There are avenues on the web free to use, one specifically at for those that wish to do it that way.

You will know your Melchizedek overseer by name and we ask that in your heading transcript format that you document your group name as well as writing the following information in the header of your transcript [use this transcription as a template for your work if you wish]:

  • a)  (Group Name): Grid Cleaning Mission: Meeting Number
  • b)  (Melchizedek Overseer) and the Jurisdiction -
  • c)  [Date/Time/Transmitter Name.  Attribute to which spirit personality is speaking remarks recorded as done in this transcript]

We understand that there are many here that will not be able to serve in this capacity, but do not allow this to deter you from being on the Sunday call with the Magisterial Son. This aspect of service is just as important and will prove to be a facet of working with the Magisterial Son that is most needed now. There are many questions arising, and I must admonish you that you will be lead and to trust in the spirit of truth and the guidance of the Father within. If you can help, you will be shown the best course of service according to your abilities.

Third Level of Grid Cleansing Service
The third tier knows who they are. They have already been brought together and are serving in groups over seen by Lanaforge, Malvantra and their celestial co-creative teams. They are working inter-dimensionally, morontially, and spiritually to release ones that seek them for help. This group knows who they are as we are working very closely with them. There are only three on this call that are a part of the third tier. 

I will now defer to Mantutia.

Hello children I am Mantutia Melchizedek. We have seen the many questions that have arisen in the past week and with the host of celestial’s encircuited on this call,  we will be bringing out the information accordingly to answer to the best of your ability to understand, without introducing information that would confuse you in any way.

This will be a question answer format based on the questions we have received, and will be answered via the reflectivator via the celestials best suited to answer the questions.

Question One:
Can you tell us how we can be aware of the facts relating to the cosmic scale of horror that prevent the progression of ascent for a multitude of disembodied human beings and heavenly beings trapped in the nets of encrypted codes that have for names: fear, hatred, selfishness, hopelessness et cetera?

This is Lanaforge I will field this question:

Lanaforge: To answer this question you have to know the nature of the grid and how it affects every living energy system. Take for instance how your society has the lottery where many people provide energy and money into a pool to afford only one or a few winners the combined energy and money of many. The more people focus their hopes and dreams into winning, the bigger the pool grows. Keeping in mind this example, there are in place anchors or catalysts that serve to contaminate and pollute the planetary consciousness that were set in place based on fear, confusion in a looping system that act just like the lottery.

Without going into things that would serve only to confuse you look at it this way.

Many netted in this are lost and confused. They may see the light and hear the help being offered but are so confused and scared that they struggle to understand how to break free. In your mortal lives, you have your energy patterns and routines in your own personal realities. So many, even in advanced societies,  have fallen under the power of those who do not have their best interests at hand. The banking systems, stock market, are all infiltrated with “for a few” mentality.

If you are doing anything based on the fear of something, you are caught in the grid.

For example, we will use the terminology of a drug addict. In the mind of a drug addict they say to themselves, if I don’t use this drug regularly then I will get sick from not having it. These ones are not only fueling the corrupted grid, even if unknowingly, but are stuck in it as well.  

If you are grinding out every day and feeling that you have to do anything forcefully and you do not enjoy life and it feels as if you are just going through motions because of some negative repercussion that is holding you from expanding your consciousness, then you are netted in the corrupted grid.

Many of you may really dislike your jobs, but you may fear that you have to go because not paying your mortgage will allow the banks to seize your home; thus,  unknowingly you are netted in the corrupted grid. These are some example that you many understand from a human point of view, but imagine those that have no contact with anyone that have wandered lost on the other side of the veil. This affects everything. I hope this at least clarifies some aspect of this question.

Question Two:
Will the corrupted grid be completely replaced by the new grid and if you could explain this a little more.

The Magisterial Son will be handling this question.

I can state to you that there are many beings that have come forward in the past week with human- celestial cooperation. This is releasing the nets [grid] of illusion, delusion, fear and confusion so others too may move forward. The more that move forward, the easier it makes it for us that are affording everyone netted in these grids the ability to make a choice. There will be a short period of time for celestials to make a choice to move forward out of the corrupted grids.  We have at the ready, and even encircuited on this call, agents of the Ancients of Days that are monitoring this very closely.

They are aware of each and every celestial that is still in operation knowingly resisting grace, mercy and the love that is being offered to them without condition. To knowingly proceed in error and to knowingly go against divine will is to embrace evil, iniquity and corruption. These one have a short time before they are moved upon, so know this, you have been warned for those that are hearing this call.

This is not a threat, it is a fact. Celestials are being called to release from the corrupted grid system and accept mercy, love and grace and to move forward with their free will. This is not a game any longer for those who have viewed it this way. The Urantia grid situation has gotten to the point that what has been done here is being addressed by the Paradise Deities.

Once this final pass of Mercy is complete, the corrupted grids will be destroyed, and the new grid system will take effect. It is already powered by the Paradise Fathers love and light, and anchors are being set into motion on the ground to anchor this to the face of Urantia. You have heard it stated and rightfully so that there are seven memorials to the Paradise Trinity being placed on Urantia.

When all is completed there shall be seven of these memorials anchoring the new grid as it is now fully operational and capable of sustaining the morontia beings in operation on Urantia. Many are being converted over that are in service to the new grids presently, but we will not expand on this further in this session, for the ones undergoing this you are well aware that it is happening.

Question Three:
My question for the conference would be: “Couldn't the unseen’s just fix the grid themselves, quickly and easily, without the need for human involvement?”

Monsanloran will take this one

MONSANLORAN Melchizedek:
Due to the fact that the corrupted grids are affecting mortals unknowingly, there is a call for all available to help the celestial hosts work with you on your sphere. Much of this corruption set in place was knowingly done with human celestial cooperation through ritualistic satanic practices. To counter this there are humans acting as Servitors of Light.  These Servitors of Light come to those souls who are coming out of the darkness into the grace and mercy that is being provided. Human light workers who are the Servitors of Light and others in the Service Level Groups, are capable of working within the denseness and the vibrations of physicality.  These humans are important to have in place in this undertaking. You are all very much appreciated and lovingly looked after and being guided according to your abilities. I hope this answers the question.

Question Four:
What effects,  if any, will the changing of the grid have on the physical plane of Urantia? Will there be any unusual events (volcanic activity, earthquakes, violent weather) that might signify the changing of Urantia's energy grid or is the grid change only noticeable on the spiritual plane? My follow-up question is; are the Celestials able to tell us how long it will take to complete this task?

Christ Michael will be handling this question

Christ Michael: I do not want any of my children to be fearful of this change. So long has there been so much confusion and fear surrounding change on Urantia,  that the first inkling of many is to think of the negative consequences of any great change. There will be great change to the face of Urantia, but it will not be in the forms of fear that many of you might have been taught to believe. The ushering in of the Era of Light and life is a joyous and monumental occasion. It is what all the prophets of old spoke about in your biblical writings.

The prophet Daniel spoke of this time when a vision was given to him in regards to what the rebels have done. As it was written by Daniel:

  •     "In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a stern-faced king, a master of intrigue, will arise. He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy the mighty men and the holy people. He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power.”

Concerning this, it was told to Daniel that this concerned the distant future.

Know this children, know that this is now, know that this is a time of great joy. The world is being purified by love and grace with mercy forefront and that there is absolutely no fear in my love, there is no fear in the love of my children.

Concerning the length of time children, specifically as you know time, when these things will be accomplished and brought to an end, I cannot reveal. I will state that it is happening at this very moment and that there is a vast host of celestials not only from Nebadon, but the calls to arms to the Superuniverse,  has been overwhelming in the response taking place in our universe. Hold no fear, for this change is a wonderful thing, for the righteous and elect shall prosper in truth and beauty and goodness. My children I cannot wait for this to happen. I love you all my children.

I leave you in my peace

Question Five:
I am feeling in France that things are slow to organize. We count six billion humans on the planet right now, all brothers and sisters, plus the millions of souls who died and those invisible celestial beings [still holding out].  We are all prisoners of this despicable grid.   How can we enlighten and reach all populations, where they are in their stage of development?  All continents have the chaos which affects the visible and invisible and even evolved celestial beings.  How do we face the cynicism and indifference of many around us?  How do we deal with the unethical, the immoral?  Can I,  from where I am in France, make an active contribution from here? Thank you for listening."

Archangel Michael will be handling this question

Dear beloved, your zeal for the divine is admirable. You are aware that we are very active on your sphere presently and are there for all that call. Call us into these areas and use your knowledge of us to assist you in all your endeavors. I could tell you just how many Archangels are at the ready to assist human kind at this time, but it’s up to you to use your free will to call us to help you, and nothing is being spared for the children of Urantia that are so greatly beloved by the Father.

To further assist you we admonish all of you to not focus on anything negative, but to utilize the platforms to plant positive seeds in all you see.

The Paradise Father does not view rebels the way humans look at rebels. He sees a wayward child. He sees the seeds of greatness buried in innocence that has been tainted and marred by the mud of erroneous actions.

It is always easy to see the bad in any situation. When you start to notice these negative things in people, places, and things, trade in your human viewpoint for the way that God sees all His children.

If you had a rebel in your own family, if your own son or daughter went a wayward way, would you completely stop loving them because of their mistakes and actions? If you being human can show this level of love for a rebellious child, imagine a perfect paradise Fathers love that has no limitation, no condemnation and no reservations.

The Paradise Father, Michael and Mother have unconditional love and acceptance for all their children, no matter what you may see with your human eyes. Hold not the vibrations of negativity and darkness, but recognize and release it when you feel any emotions that serve to harm or hurt you. If you recognize that you are holding these vibrations, and you’re feeling angry, or you’re feeling frustrated and any feelings that are not of the light feelings, we are available if you call on us with your free will, we will help you release these things from your field of consciousness.

This is always done according to your free will.

We can also come to your aid in any work that you are undertaking for this momentous occasion of love on your greatly beloved sphere. I am Archangel and I bring you this truth.

Question Six:
I am willing to sell my home and every material thing I have to be a part of this mission.  There is nothing more important to me than this service to help bring my home planet into the first stages of Light and Life.  This is a "Call" of a life-time and I am so thankful to be a part of this unprecedented opportunity. I can feel the "Urgency of Now" how can I be prepared when called?

Lanaforge will be answering this question

System Sovereign Lanaforge: I always love to see those motivated for divine service and ready to serve the light with such zeal as this child. According to your divine endowments you will be led accordingly. Please do not feel that you must become fanatical in service, only focus now on doing everything in love and affording your divine light and with your proper intentions to those channels being opened to service. We will help all those who wish to serve in greater capacities if it is the Fathers Will.

Question Seven:
In the absence of a grid, how will universe communications with Urantia take place? Will this be similar to another period of "isolation"?

Luminerion will be answering this question

I am Luminerion and I will be answering this question. There is now in place a system of receiving universal broadcasts that I am in charge of overseeing through the new grid system in place.

Some of you might have heard that there are celestial communications being halted and put on hold presently. You are correct in this assumption due to the fact that the Magisterial Son has complete control over these matters now, and has directed me to oversee and approve universe broadcasts that come to this sphere.

Slowly these things are being implemented on this sphere, so what I want you all to know is that this is far from isolation. This is a part of having a world in correct communication with the spiritual currents of the Universe. It is a joyous and magnificent time that will usher in truth that has so long eluded your sphere. The reflectivity circuit is in operation with the human receiving this now in liaison with Majeston and the receiving stations on the Universe capital. Reflectivity is something that will not apply to almost all of you on this call, unless you are working co-jointly with Michael Xavier through the many avenues of service he is undertaking. You all have different divine gifts of grace according to the specific abilities that the Father has shared with you individually.

Question Eight:
How will current Urantia departing souls be "processed" to the Morontia worlds?

I am being told to answer this question

Michael Xavier
For the better part of the last week, and there are many on the call that I have worked with in this aspect of service. In working with the mortal staff and the Melchizedeks alongside the many celestials that are involved in this massive undertaking I have seen quite a bit in the past week, and what I mean by this is that it is even restricted to me to fully know.  Some kind of a portal is being utilized in taking the ones coming forward to the resurrection chambers for translation.  Due to the fact that this information and work is so highly specialized and unusual, and that it is somehow being done in liaison with an unrevealed Melchizedek method, which they confirm to me, but the information is restricted.

I have worked with so many this week to release so many unseen celestials from the grids. I have been working in unconscious sleep when my Adjuster is detached at night. [This work is done] spiritually, morontially, inter-dimensionally, and there are so many different facets involved that they have shown me through the divine gifts and graces of God. I get to see these things through visions most of the time; other people receive differently.  I’ve been grabbed physically, my morontia form has been grabbed, I’ve been shouted at. I have had my phone lines broken into while I’ve been talking on the phone, even people speaking in different languages shouting out to me saying help me, help me. They are reaching out and seeking whatever avenue they can find to seek the spiritual knowledge and information so that they may be released. These souls are being found through various different vibratory Melchizedek methods, inter dimensionally, things I wish I could convey to you more appropriately, but due to the fact that I don’t even understand most of it, it would serve to only confuse you if I were to expand on it anymore. If you have any more questions and if you are lead to me, hopefully we can work together in this highly specialized aspect of universal service.

The ones that I dealt with also in this past week have been so tortured by this corrupted grid system.  It has been built on the back of the ones coming forward. Many of them have no idea how to move forward. I can hear them when they move on saying, “Thank you, Michael, thank you for helping me get here.”

 This is a very great time for helping all the children of the paradise Father come to the light.

This is your Magisterial Son. I thank you for all taking interest in what my staff and I are undertaking now on your sphere. I look forward to working with all of you in the future and say so to all of you tonight, Thank you, Thank you.

Thank you, for affording your energies of love to be a bigger part of this.  I say to all of you: May the Paradise Father wrap you in the arms of his light and love, and may you always rest in Michael’s peace!