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Grid Cleansing Service Series - Paper Two - Aug 28, 2011 - Session 62 Translated - Belize

    Session 62 of the French Language Series [English Translation]
    Service To Michael

    Issued to the BCC List
    Via PDF File
    August 28, 2011
    Ronald Besser

Session 62 on August, 28 2011 - English Translation from the original French
Au Belgique
Transmitted via Reflectivity.
Visitors/Teachers to our Session:
August 28, 2011

Our Session was preceded by one hour and nine minutes of quiet time followed by twenty minutes of this conference session below.  It was delivered in French to me.

Introduction from the Reflectivator located in western Europe:

This session was made a few hours after listening to the first audio conference of a Q/A session with Christ Michael, Malvantra and Lanaforge by the Reflectivator Michael Xavier in the United States last night,  August 26.  The American Session was about asking for help with our earth’s grid from our Creator Father, Christ Michael.  He wishes the entire world to help in order to free the invisible human souls who have not gone on, millions of celestials and other forms of life on URantia, and  to move them to their path of ascension and evolution.  Several people were able to ask questions and received answers on this subject. The interest for this first session was enormous: more than 60 people from many different countries were connected. When a translator is available here it will be translated. into French.

Introduction by the Editor of the BCC List, Ron Besser:

WE learn much as we are informed in this session about the confirmation of our Reflectivator delivering this message will become a human staff volunteer of the Magisterial Mission.  The desire of the Reflectivator was stay around long enough to participate in finishing the grid cleansing, and to likewise participate in the Magisterial Mission for as long as possible.  It is good that all of you hear how the Magisterial Mission has spoken on this reflective session to the request to be part of the extended stay to work with all who are going to spread the word to you and I that much work has to be done and many will be welcomed to extend their lives to participate, not only in grid cleansing, but in the myriad of other work programs that have to have humans take them one with Monjoronson and his staff.



Hello this is MALTUCIA  I would like to present Lanaforge to you who wants to talk to you about your personal request.

LANAFORGE: We hear your request to help Christ Michael.   We took into account your application to stay here on Urantia in your present physical form to help Christ Michael until the last of his children are brought back home.  Michael’s children, whether they are celestials, or are disincarnate human souls, or be they life forms created by Caligastia and his followers under the direction of Lucifer; all shall be found and brought before the mercy of the Son.

Your application has been accepted unanimously.

We all felt your request  came from your heart to be a help to our Creator Father who created us all. You therefore have taken on a lot of work to do and with no time frame possible to give.   We welcome you with enthusiasm for your decision and for your application to do this work. Thank you. and I personally received the honor to announce this to you.  Bravo, petite fille!   As we say in English, then :  "Welcome Aboard".   I bid you good bye.


We also announce your acceptance by all of us!  You made many friends with the angels, the seraphic hosts, the cherubim  and sanobim, with the Midwayers and between other celestials in the Lanonandek order, the Morontia Companions and it reaches far beyond your place on Urantia as you are viewed well and with pleasure.  You have also made friends with those who followed Lucifer in his madness, and who did not really understand what was happening them and what was false in the rebellion teachings.  You also made many friends between the children of Adam and Eve and their parents who shall return with Monjoronson, and who lost most of their family in this rebellion.

Let us publish this small session even if you have feel it mostly concerns you,  because when others do the same thing as you have done; that is, to have made the same decision in their hearts, out of deep love for the lost ones and their celestial counterparts, they will receive the same permission to have extended life for service on Urantia with Monjoronson.  Merci petit!


Bonjour, ma petite fille.   I want to congratulate you on becoming part of our team on Earth at this time to help us with the preparation of the Magisterial Mission.  We may now prepare for these things together as to the coming of Monjoronson,  the Avonal Son, and the advent of our Creator Father, Christ Michael,  in his return to Urantia.

You are now part of all these Missions as well as for the Second Coming of Christ.  Michael himself wishes to keep you with him during his Second Coming.  With him you will continue to provide all of your services that you volunteered to do, and have done and already rendered to his children, whether they were his celestial children, his human children or other forms of life on Urantia.

It has been an honor for me to work with you and your team. I greet and honor all of you.  Adieu mes amis, au revoir petite fille.


[Editor’s Note: For those unfamiliar with this designation, the Archangel Michael is a status given to the archangel who is temporarily elected to head the Archangel Corp on Urantia.  The Archangel Corp is administered through Gabriel of Salvington, for whom the Archangels often stand in for or speak for when Gabriel is not available.  The Archangel Michael is also the officiating head of the Urantia justice system when it brings to its body, known as the Council of 24 on Urantia, those who are to be reviewed for passage to the Mansion worlds.  Most, if not all of those the grid will release for adjudication to begin their ascension careers,  will answer the roll call of justice through the review of the Council of 24 and the Archangel Michael.  I also think it is important to put on the record for readers that if they are granted a life extension to serve Michael and Monjoronson in the coming joint missions, that those readers nominated, and accepted,  will be adjudged by the Council of 24.  You,  in your physical form,  are mostly unaware of the act before the Council, but your Adjuster and the soul you have created with the Adjuster, will be present at the roll call of justice for your personal adjudication.  This is the only way you and I and all others who may be selected may serve in a new dispensation under the tutelage of Monjoronson.  It is the way of the universe and the Father’s will that all who serve Monjoronson must begin their service as blameless and honored humans born of woman on Urantia.]

Archangel Michael:

 Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak through you for the first time.

I wanted to tell you, and to all those who read this message,  that all of my ARCHANGELS are here to assist all of you selected to serve  Christ Michael or to assist everybody else of divine Sonship in the difficult task of grid cleansing.  We wish it known that  all embodied people, meaning those living in a physical body regardless of how they want to help, that we are near you, and hear you,  and that you will receive all the help possible. We endeavor to work hand in hand with you to destroy this dark grid and to replace it with the Universal Energy grid established by the Melchizedeks under the command and benevolence of The Universal Father.

I know that many will ask and want to know how all this works.  There are parts of how this works we may not  reveal even if it would be understandable for you. Little by little, from the experiences you'll have,  we can eventually clarify what we may tell you about the grid will be replaced.  Please gave patience, for one day you will know and each of you will understand as these secrets will be opened at the right time.

However at this moment, it is not that important to understand the technical details, but to join the effort. . The important thing now is your desire, that affirmation to help coming out from the depth of your heart, to want to help your human and celestial brothers and sisters.  This help includes those other life forms which should never have been created in the first place,  but which have been rescued and will be placed elsewhere where it will be more conducive to their development.

As Christ Michael has said and repeated: “Nothing, nor anyone, not one being,  will be judged or punished for his wandering, or for his confusion.”  Even those who acted out of malice will receive opportunities to change their minds by following rehabilitation programs so they may understand what the true path of ascension is for all beings.  Ascension is for human beings who have evolved out of animal life,  and for the seraphic creation,  as well as all the beings created by Christ Michael and Nebadonia in their local universe. There was no injustice then on Urantia;  there never have been injustices on Urantia except in the sick mind of Lucifer.

Thank you my children.   [For you who may sense my personal colors, it ] is blue, sky blue. I tell this in answer to your request, ma petit.


I can not prepare myself for my incarnation on Urantia yet.  When I do incarnate, I will not be born as a babe as normally happens on other planets with the arrival of a Magisterial Son.   Instead, I will come here directly in a physical body by a special system.  I will therefore not be born on Urantia and grow up to start my Mission;  I will arrive in a physical body as an adult.   I'm not able to tell you how I will look; we do not know yet. The Melchizedeks with other celestials are doing that preparing for my physical body,  and its appearance,  as well as how the Melchizedeks shall appear that will accompany me along with Adam and Eve and Machiventa Melchizedek  your Planetary Prince. This will be a happy event for all.  We thank every one of you who desire to help clean up this house called Urantia so that when we do arrive,  we can come onto the planet and properly do our task. Thank you all my children.


We will finish the session for today. You will have to wait until tomorrow or Monday to receive the Melchizedek  guidance for your grid cleansing  trips. We are taking care of many details besides work on the grid at the same time.  Good day!


For those who would like to have personal contact through a conference call with the Melchizedeks and other spiritual supervisors, you may call on Friday Evenings at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time, USA, for a weekly teleconference.  The call in information is as follows:

Call instructions:
Call in number - 1-712-432-0900
Access Code for participants 429402#
Michael Xavier is your Reflectivator and host.

You may prepare questions ahead of time.


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