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Grid Cleansing Service Series - Aug 26, 2011 - Christ Michael; Lanaforge; Monlucia; Malvantra; Gabriel - Teleconference Call One - Michael Xavier


Telephone Conference Call 7PM EDST (60 Participants)

Urantia Universal Service of Light - Grid Cleaning Series - Meeting number One

Teachers:  Christ Michael, System Sovereign Lanaforge, Monlucia Melchizedek, Malvantra Melchizedek, Gabriel of Salvington - Received via reflectivity via Michael Xavier

August 26, 2011


(Below)Artist’s Conception of the Grid Surrounding Urantia that has been so badly corrupted by Lucifer.



(Below)Artist’s Conception of the Grid superimposed on the planet Urantia.







Christ Michael: Children of Urantia and those who are encircuited on this call, this is your Creator Father Michael. I appreciate all the outreach in this highly specialized service that is now being undertaken in this grid work of freeing so many that are lost and stuck in this corrupted grid system. These cries from my children have reached my ears and all those whom are crying out to me I hear. Not one will be lost to the love grace and mercy that is being poured out. What we ask all of you to do children, is to open your hearts when these ones come to you. For you will act almost as the mediators for these ones. You will be the midwayers between those in darkness with your light.


So many are so afraid children and have been so tortured by this corrupted grid system and the energies set in place by the rebellion. They are so afraid to reach out to the light. They hear my voice, but they do not know how to reach me. So what I am saying to all of you, is that I will lead each and every one of you. You have my personal, personal love and devotion and my personal promise that you will all be directed and guided and put under the direct protection of Gabriel of Salvington. For all of those that are working, and have been working alongside the magisterial son, this is just another facet of service that is being opened to the ones that are being lead by spirit to reach out. I could try to explain to your mortal minds, my children, just how bad it is on Urantia, but let us focus on the positive. Know all of the ones that have been so affected, my heart hears their cries, because they are my children, as you are my children, and their Father hears their cries.


Hold my love in your hearts children. Feel my love in your hearts and know that I do not want to see one, not one lost to the rebellion. I can say that due to all the contingencies that the rebellion has caused, and the reason that it has reached this level is because for so long I couldn’t do anything due to the adjudication processes and all the contingencies that were being litigated on Uversa. But I say to now children, that the Paradise Father is directly involved, and that He too is affording His Love and Mercy for this noble cause in this wonderful time of releasing the children that are trapped in darkness confusion and fear. My children, you are all so very special to me, each and every one that is on this call today, and I tell you all that your work is not in vain, because as much as I love each and every one of you, not one, not one will be lost to this Love.


I am going to hand this over to the Melchizedek that is in charge of the eastern United States, Monlucia, and he will be explaining to you some of the aspects of the undertaking that will be more clearly explained so you can understand. I differ to Monlucia.


Monlucia Melchizedek: Hello children this is Monlucia Melchizedek. I will be explaining some facets of service and some of the ways that you all can help in this undertaking of the grid cleansing and affording with the energies of the combined hearts and minds of the Urantian’s at this time in Nebadon’s history. I say to you all in your own personal meditation in stillness with your thought adjuster, The Father, whom dwells in your hearts and minds, you may come across some ones, you will hear their names, you may hear cries for help. The one receiving this now has had experience with this in the past few days, and after we are done with our message, you will be afford time for questions to some of the insight that he can provide you from his own personal experience from working with us. When these ones come to you, it is very important that you all accept them with love, grace, and mercy a forefront.  So many of these children, so many of these lost souls, discarnate souls, morontia forms, and I will even get into say, yes, even celestial personalities that are trapped here are unable to move due to the grids set in place by Lucifer and Caligastia. What these grids are doing children, is that they are so encoded with fear, that the first inclination that they have when they try to move forward is….Fear and the question of what awaits them on the “other” side is only judgment or is something bad or even worse than what they are caught in, because this is what they have been encased in for so long, and programmed to believe. So I say to you, when you offer your hearts love and open yourself up to Michael’s spirit of truth and you allow this facet to be shown through you, they are more inclined to come to you mediators to the light.


The Melchizedek grid as I convey it to mortal mind is inter-dimensionally multi-faceted with quantum physics and mathematics that would go way beyond any human understanding. We are well aware of each and every one of you in this service, we have heard your prayers, and know that you have made yourself available, and you will be given every tool necessary to alleviate the fear and confusion that so many of these hold.


The Melchizedek grids in place will specifically focus energies to create, if you could understand a portal to allow a doorway of light to be opened of course so they can move on freely. When we tell you that we have things in place that we could speak about, it would only serve to confuse you now, so we will stick to the information that is understandable and that you need to know. That would be most important, in your own work.


When these ones come to you children the first things you may hear are, cries for help, sense reluctance to trust, confusion, and utilizing your knowledge of course of the divinity of God, and the Love of God. You know well Michael’s love of course for all of his children. Show this to them first. Allow them to know in themselves, hearts, minds, and energy systems that this love is freely being provided. There is no judgment, that there is no condemnation waiting, when these ones are ready and willing to move forward to the light. So many have already stepped forward into the light that were stuck. These are the ones that have taken the first steps. These are the ones that have moved forward in the past 24 hours who allow others the strength and ability to move forward as well. So you will be guided and directed by those who are working in many different parts of the world, as I know many of you do under specific Melchizedek instructors. The Melchizedek instructors will not be the same for all of you. You will hear their names clearly if you are so inclined to spirit leadings in your own stillness to receive direction on how to proceed. The greatest thing you can do is to act collaboratively, because you become more powerful than if it just by yourself.


When I tell you that there are so many celestial personalities on this call, and being encircuited through your mind and your own personal realities, the way that you view the world and of course the way that you feel and experience the Father’s love differently. This can be combined and multiplied many times over. Lanaforge uses the word Egregore. I know that you have heard this word as well. We can utilize the Egregore to provide facets of grace, mercy, almost in a cloud like fashion. So the lost can receive this without being overwhelmed by the light. With that I will differ to Lanaforge, he has a few words for you tonight.


System Sovereign Lanaforge: Children of Urantia, this is your system sovereign Lanaforge. What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time to be in, especially on Urantia in this day. The work that you are doing is so vital to receive the Magisterial Son, that I cannot stress the importance enough to tell each and every one of you that you are so greatly loved, that you are so divinely guided, and so compassionately and passionately embraced by of course Michael and all the celestials in Nebadon. You have my pledge that I will be with you in this endeavor for I am overseeing and working alongside the Melchizedeks as well. I just wanted to give you my greeting tonight my brethren and tell you that your work is not in vain, and that you have me at your disposal.


Malvantra Melchizedek: I am here for any questionings on specific guidance that is rolling around in so many of your minds right now, I know you have so many questions, and your questions will be answered. This call needed to happen to let you all know that we are here, and that this work is very, very real. We will guide you to the proper information that is specific for your location. I say to you that the Archangels are very involved in this undertaking, The Melchizedeks, Michael, Mother Spirit, alongside the vast host of celestials and even the Master Spirits. We have such an overwhelming call to arms my brethren, and when I say that I am referring to the Light that you have behind you is greater than any darkness you will ever encounter here.


I know each and every one of you have been through your own trials and tribulations in life. Each and every one of you have probably seen things and experienced things that only you can quantify through your own experiences themselves. Use this not for any negative purposes, but many of these lost ones can relate with your own struggles. Open your heart to them. You will be lead and be guided to the appropriate information. I bid you a farewell and a goodnight. May you all find rest in the arms of the Paradise Father.


End of Reflectivity session







The celestials opened forum to questions to those on the call


Participant #1 question: Where will this happen? Can we work with the grids in our homes? Is it a large public area, should be transcribed? What if it is someone who has not transmitted and still wants to be service?


Christ Michael: Each and every one of my children, especially each and every one of you on this call has specific special abilities. Some of you have wonderful faith; some of you have an adeptness of contact of spirit that transcends other people. Some are endowed with reflectivity; some are over loving and are able to bring out the love of the Father that way. The specific instructions we can give you at least presently is when you are in your own stillness, and your own meditation, specific information will be brought to you via your thought adjuster, if you do not have spiritual communication ability. What I mean by that is that it will be a spiritual leading you will receive to know what you will need to do.


I know that there are many on the call that have Biblical based backgrounds.


When you think about the prophets of old, and those who worked in the service of the light in times past; Moses for instance when he received his assignment he spoke, who am I? Who am I to do this thing? You just need to trust me, trust me, and I will lead you and show you what you need to see and do. All will be well. I can sense that there may be a lot of anxiety and confusion surrounding this. We will lead you and show you according to your specific talents for your participation on what you need to do and where you need to go.


Participant #1 further question: I will try to get others behind me, but it is going to be a bit difficult due to many I know having biblical backgrounds, so I am not only going to be introducing them to Urantia text, but also have to convey to them the possibility of invisible souls communicating with us and all of that. I want to be absolutely 100% sure that I am on the right path and achieving what you would have me achieve and then I will do whatever you need me to do.


Christ Michael: Absolutely, Absolutely. It is very important to reach out. You know that I like to speak in parables to display to my children that you have the answers inside yourself of course. With a biblical background this is so important to this consciousness and culture especially in the United States that these ones can be afforded at least an opportunity to receive revelation of this nature. We are not telling you to go out and preach the Urantia book, this is something that you can utilize your own specific information and your own specific knowledge of this aspect of revelation to bring forth without overly exaggerating the revelation itself.


Participant #1 further question: How are those who have moved on allowing those who moved on to be strong?


Christ Michael: That’s a good question. The answer is: When one steps out, my sister I could tell this to you from your own knowledge. Abraham, of course, didn’t know what his one act of faith would culminate into. This man became a father to many based on his one grand action of faith. When one moves forward from the darkness into the light that gives the others the strength and courage that they need to walk after that one. If he can do it I can do it. If this one can go I can go.


Participant #1 further question: So they will know that there were others that have gone before them.


Christ Michael: Absolutely, and they are very aware that we are here, but so many are adhering to the information that they are not to respond to any universal broadcasts, universal help, or light due to the Lucifer codes of fear in place. They are unwillingly unable when they have the ability. What they need is the guidance and the strength and courage of all of you, to show them that they can indeed move on.


Participant #2: I have a question regarding communication and language. Will this be more of a mind to mind connection, do they understand and speak English?


Christ Michael: When you are dealing with many different cultures and many different civilizations, even in past times, you will come across ones sometimes where you will hear languages that you may not understand, Spanish, French… Those ones will be handled specifically by the Melchizedeks and those ones working in those specific areas. If it is dealing with something that is beyond the capacity of human mind to understand, the Melchizedeks will be brought to the specific awareness to those ones that are reaching out. The Melchizedek grid system in place can see every living energy system. When I say that, I am speaking about everything that you can imagine including spiritual energy and even past energy from any movement. Due to the fact that this technology is so far beyond what Urantia knows now, it would only serve to confuse the mortal mind. Everything has been set up in jurisdictions overseen by the Melchizedeks and the Archangels that will be handling multi-lingual discrepancies that may arise in the human mind.


Participant #3 question: Over here on the West Coast I have been instructed by Mantutia to deal with my area related specific topics. I was told by DEF-21 Lenora that the Indians on the west coast would have the information interpreted to them understandably. My question is, is this correct?


Christ Michael: For your specific talents and your specific ability, each one of you have different levels of spiritual understanding and God consciousness. For you in particularly, I can say to you that you have a little bit more spiritual understanding than most. You will be given information that will be translated to you by your adjuster, sometimes you may feel that you are doing something unknowingly, and that it comes automatically.


This is where you are following the spirit guiding and leadings from your adjuster. When you have the clear contact and capability to follow so clearly, you will have wider opportunities open to you working with discarnate souls and specific grid areas. You are taking on more than most. That will be brought to your own spiritual understanding by your Adjuster.


Participant #4 question: What about those of us that have never been able to transmit? I have no idea whether I can receive these messages or not. I am willing to do the work. For people like us, I consider myself very limited in this type of communication. How will I know that I have succeeded in helping somebody?


Michael Xavier: I am going to handle this question. A lot of times when ones don’t have contact with spirit, as some have been divinely graced by the gifts of God, you can be encircuited on a call and provide your energies and intentions of love and be encircuited that way. This is what they are conveying to me to you. If you also go into stillness and work with the archangels, they will assist you with coming more online with spiritual contact and spirit leadings.


Participant #4 further question: I go into stillness and I have no idea whether I am being successful or not.


Michael Xavier: You will know as spirit will squeeze your hand in confirming that you are trying to make contact. Usually, you are put in contact with the midwayers first and you will be brought to them. If you want to open yourself up to them to the prompts and recognize their leadings. It will be provided for you especially now. Just providing your intentions and focus just being on the call is helping.


Participant #4 further question: I notice very often that I am being prompted. I notice these numbers. I am being prompted left and right. Every day. I wonder if that means anything at all.


Michael Xavier: Yes absolutely. That is the first contact of spirit. They will get your attention with what you know such as concepts, symbols, forms, numbers, feathers, songs, things of this nature. When you start recognizing this then they can start working with you, and you can start hearing them, feeling them, and feeling their presence. Continue to do what you’re doing. If you are getting prompted and you’re recognizing it then you’re definitely on your way.


Participant #5 question: How about the forces of resistance we may encounter in our endeavors that have to do with coming in contact with these energy field of darkness that will discourage us from our work. Further, the process of protection we will each be afforded as though we are truly untouchables from these dark forces, if you could touch upon this please?


Gabriel of Salvington: You all have my personal protection and support. You have more protection and support than you can possibly imagine those of you undertaking this work. For those of you that hold any fear, I know that you were not specifically asking this for yourself, we are aware of those that hold this level of consciousness and may become more susceptible to these energies in place that are very real, even though the rebel celestial personalities are no longer here. The Archangels and the jurisdiction that they are overseeing will be affording you protection more specifically for you personally and your family. With your free will all you have to do is ask them. If you are in the work you are already under my protection, you’re already under the angel’s protection, celestial protection. Mother Spirit and of course Michael’s spirit of truth will keep you safe.


It’s up to you, and this comes back to the personality whether they choose to hold and embody these negative feelings in their field of consciousness such as fear and things of this nature. The more that you dwell on these aspects of energies, the more they will consume you. So just be mindful immediately recognizing these energies and releasing them, knowing that you are protected. You are! There is no doubt. It’s up to you to believe this according to your personal levels of faith or not.


Participant #5 further question: I get the idea as we progress increasingly in this process of becoming light workers allowing these brethren to move on, that we will be given personalized and customized, each of us, lessons, exercises, where we can more fully learn to take in this energy to remove the blockades that act to hinder the flow of this energy, learn to store this energy and in the process of course become stronger and more able to not be so depleted spiritually with the energy loss one incurs when they are not familiar, much less bringing in energy.


Gabriel of Salvington: Yes and there are many on many different levels, and of course you’re on a much different level than many one the call. This will be tailored specifically to you. You have a vast array of help around you that is increasingly teaching you these things. You have heard; when the student is ready the teacher will appear. The universe will show up when you are ready to take that next step. When you reach that level and that aspect of energy work then you will be provided the tools specifically to proceed further.


Participant #5 further question: So the cup will never be empty, it will always be overflowing if we allow faith to lead us, love to guide us, truth to coordinate if our true motivation is the desire to serve all.


Gabriel of Salvington: Yes absolutely


Participant #6 question: Michael, I was wondering if you could speak of the Egregors or thought forms. I am assuming that we are going to have some mission of helping the Melchizedeks to eradicate some of the egregors. I suppose this is a specific collective consciousness of particular groups of people. Could you have someone speak about that and what is our role in all of that?

System Sovereign Lanaforge: Egregore the word egregore can be defined in many different ways. If you liken it to Count Dracula or vampires, they are not real in themselves, but collectively, sub-consciously they are real in the minds of many. Vampires are real in movies, and in the minds of children, so there is a lot of fear surrounding this too.


What you can do with the Egregors that are in place and have been put in place is to afford your energies of love, mercy, grace. This is the work that is being done on another call, which is handled by Donna (Referring to the Magisterial Son’s call on every other Sunday) These ones are threading these energies into the planetary grids to overpower any other things that have been put in place by the rebellion.


Participant #7 question: I have some questions also kind of along the same lines, just kind of wondering if it is appropriate to ask you to say more about these beings, on the different taxonomy of the different kind of beings that you are talking about. In particular I am wondering whether they have their own culture that they operate in, and aren’t we, don’t they actually have a payoff from remaining in their state of culture or whatever they are doing. Aren’t they entangled with certain specific human groups with diabolical intent in what they do? Isn’t that going to be a factor in what we are trying to do?


Malvantra Melchizedek: This is Malvantra, and I am going to be answering your question. There are many, many, unrevealed celestial personalities and morontia forms, beings, that are unrevealed to you that are trapped in the net of this corrupted grid. This grid is feeding them, the problem or situation that arises in these ones consciousness (based on fear) They may ask how can I break away from something that is keeping me alive? So what we are doing is infusing energies of love, mercy, and grace into the grids, and I would explain it to you if I could. Understand that there are not only souls, not only morontia beings, but there are celestials that are trapped here. Sanobim, Cherubim, Seraphim and these ones are unable to move on due to the fear that is holding them back in this corrupted grid. So what you can do is do your part and follow your own personal leadings, if you are lead into stillness if you have contact with spirit, open yourself up to our guidance, we will lead you specifically on the afore mentioned topic.


Participant #8 question: I have a question about the grid itself. Is it a physical energy source or is it an emotional energy source that is held together by this very large body of souls that has not moved on.


Malvantra Melchizedek: The corrupted grid was put in place by the rebellious celestial personalities themselves. There are so many facets to this. I can afford you some understanding on some aspects of it. When a person murders someone in the name of Lucifer, or they do some kind of diabolical ritual, this places dark anchors that will afford this grid power. When people use drugs, go to prostitution, the grid is actually feeding off of these ones stuck in this lower consciousness. It feeds off of degradation, debasing and corrupted behavior. It’s emotional, spiritual, and yes it’s very real. The fear is so strong that has been encoded in this corrupted grid that ones are very afraid to move past it. It is like they are being held hostage or against their will in the corrupted grid due to fact that there are so many dark anchors that are feeding and continuing to feed this morontia grid, spiritually, emotionally, and many different unrevealed ways as well.


Michael Xavier: I want to thank you all personally for being on the call today and I know that there are so many questions that you all have. This is going to be a weekly meeting, if you are lead here to receive more information, you will be lead and guided in this area. In the future we will be working in specific areas; this was the first call to open the forum to those interested. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all those who afforded their energies and intentions. We are extremely happy with the turn out on such short notice.






Weekly meetings will now be held regularly on each Friday at 7:00 Eastern Standard Time for The Urantia Universal Service of Light group and the Grid Cleaning series.


Call instructions


Call in number - (209) 647-1000


Access Code for participants 703788#


If anyone has specific questions please submit through the channels you are guided to and the celestials will take the questions into consideration ahead of time and answer them to the best of the collective understanding on the call.