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Grid Cleansing Service Series - Paper One - Aug 25, 2011 - Belize

    Service To Michael

    Issued to the BCC List
    Via PDF File
    August 25, 2011
    Ronald Besser

Introduction by Ronald Besser:

We have reached the point in the discussion of the problems with Urantia’s energy grid that providing help to correct it might be organized into a service with many of you who want to participate.  What kind of service you may ask, and how may groups be organized around the service?

As Christ Michael has announced below, a group of any humans, so long as there are a minimum of three in a group who want to be of service, they are useable and will be mustered into a special corp to learn the details of how to help the Melchizedeks address the corrupted version of a grid that now surrounds Urantia.  There are over 10 million human souls still here and millions of angels, cherubim, sanobim, and other beings not fully described in the Urantia Book, who are calling out for leadership and the need to be led to the Light for acceptance into Nebadon’s ascension program.  The estimate of souls and celestials is well over 30 million as was described in an earlier Document.

Until these millions are resurrected on the mansion worlds, or returned to their normal duties as angels and other factors of service, Urantia will remain isolated with respect to the means to obtain a Magisterial Son.  With the exception of Panoptia, Urantia remains the only one without the Magisterial Son to provide the adjudication of Urantia.  Christ Michael himself can not return in the promised full glory, not just as a son of man, but also now as the Son of God and the sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon.

Most who have been receiving these issues on the distribution list beginning sometime near the end of June 2011, know many of the details of the grid corruption and how the Melchizedeks have begun to address it.  Recently (as in the details to be found in Document -H-) the celestials have considered using all humans who feel they wish to dedicate their time in service to Michael and his universe, that they will make them partners in the clean-up process.  Today, Christ Michael is formalizing that request.  In a moment the details of this human service corp will be told to all who are ready to listen and roll up their sleeves to contribute to the origin of a new series of Papers as well.

Michael has requested that your Editor segregate and issue a new series out of the many Papers issued on the grid cleaning service.  We assume these Papers are to include feed back from your experiences as well as reports as to your involvement with the work of grid cleaning.  These Papers will also serve to be an outlet for instructions and other comments to help all who undertake the service to do a better job.

While it is a technical issue only for your Editor to consider, I mention that Christ Michael has asked that Tmarchives and post and archive these Papers and Documents. The reason a separate series is being started is that the Unofficial Updates reveal more than just the work of grid cleaning, while this Paper series is only about issues surrounding the grid cleaning on Urantia.  We are complying with that request beginning with Paper One (1), the present document.

Christ Michael has reported that all of the Papers so far, including those labeled as The ABC Summaries are to be posted on all web sites without restriction or restraint.  This means Michael wishes them to be read as widely as possible in preparation for His return.  That means the Documents and Papers you received are also offered to other web sites with no restrictions on them or do they have any proprietary interests attached such as copyright restrictions.  These Papers may be used freely.

Finally, and maybe the most important piece of news to come forth in Michael’s announcement is that students of these Papers are to include ALL friends and associates who want to provide hands on service to Jesus.  This can include church friends, work friends, social organization friends like the Rotary, the Elks, Rosicrucians, etc; consider municipal organizations like fire-company volunteers, or environmental interests, and even the bridge club if you can find sympathetic individuals there.  They need not know the Urantia Book, you need not even mention the text, but the service to Michael will sometimes assign a reading from the book to educate all just how the instructions are being used to clean the grid.

It is now without further comment that we publish the announcement from Christ Michael  received yesterday in Belgium through a superb reflectivator who has forwarded Michael’s request to me for publication.

    Service to Nebadon

Hello my children.  I have very important news for you. We have finally decoded the Urantia grid to design complete plans to root out the corruption in the dark energy grid of Lucifer and Caligastia. We also received your heartfelt reaction from those who have read the details in these Documents and will answer your request to help us out to redo the grid energies for better use.  This work also includes the re-education of the blocked celestials as well as the release of the human souls and their re-education before they can move on to the Mansion Worlds.
It pleases us very much to receive such an enthusiastic response to help us and to give assistance to the former mortals and heavenly brothers and sisters. This will enable us to move forward and to ease the work of the first group which has already begun.

Our rehabilitation programs are ready.  Those who wish to participate in this program must tell us.   Let us know what you wish to contribute to remove the stain of rebellion from Urantia.  While you make that known to us, we will continue to provide messages back to you through these Papers and through anyone in your group who can transmit.  Having reflectivity is no longer necessary for this particular program and outreach.  Use your quiet time to tell us, and use your mind to help us find one who can transmit our messages to your group.  Each area is different; each circumstance is unusual in ways that we have no way to tell you, so instructions must be tailored to the grid area assigned to your group.

You will likely encounter, as individuals and through your groups, some mortal and invisible souls who will ask for help immediately.  Those who transmit or some whom you call psychic can hear their plea.  They need to know they can receive all the information they want from Christ Michael or Machiventa Melchizedek or other Melchizedeks assigned to this problem.  Do not take it upon yourself to instruct them in detail.  Do provide them the names where help can be found and where they may hear what they need to, to make decisions of universe import to themselves and to each other on Urantia.  Be kind.  Be loving.  They have suffered.  They have fear of being punished for asking.  It is not harmful to lead them to the Light with your words of wisdom when you tell them to move to the Light they see above themselves as you speak.  That is my Light which emanates from my Spirit of Truth that follows all souls who may generate a truthful request to be helped.

You will need to form groups of at least three people.  Groups of three or more require at least one  member to have some knowledge of the Urantia Book to provide basic knowledge to find and approach these invisible people.  Not all will be souls of former mortals.  Some will be angels and some will be their aides. They know less than you do about modern Urantia.

Some will be glad to observe you in a meeting where you discuss the revelation as presented in the Urantia Book.   Those who are not Urantia Book readers need to hear discourses on the changes on earth and in what way that makes it easier to ascend since my bestowal reversed what Caligastia and Lucifer ordered that no one may leave Urantia after death.   The invisible ones are encouraged to attend these sessions where they can ask their questions.

Your goal is to help these blocked human souls and celestial beings who did not understand what happened to them.  They need that knowledge about what happened which your text book tells.

These sessions should have a special name to be archived under that name on the “TMArchives” and “” sites [Editor: For the time being we are calling these papers “The Grid Cleansing Service Series” Developments may dictate a different name later].  All groups who wish to participate in this program are welcome.  Those who do not have a Urantia Book will find one for the occasional reading assignment required to issue instructions that are more understandable with that knowledge known.  We ask that all of these sessions be made available to the public as a recording or as a transcription of the proceedings.  These sessions are to be archived under a new special topic.

[Editor: Michael of course means that all sessions available may be archived and displayed on all sites that wish to make this service available.  This is not meant to restrict information only to the web sites Tmarchives and  Also, it is perfectly all right for each group when organized to maintain their own archives and title (for example), the Central New Mexico Group,  Special Assignment: Grid Cleaning Series, Meeting Number One, or whatever other wording may suit the group to designate what they are working on.  It would help the effort to provide Ron Besser a copy of your transcripts and they will be archived and disseminated according to Michael’s Plan to make this a public effort.  This is already an international effort so the distribution will be wide.]

People in groups who hold these sessions should remain anonymous.  They may publish their sessions under the heading [“The GRID CLEANSING SERVICE SERIES”] using anonymous codes or references to individuals.  The lessons which will be provided in these sessions with the "visible and invisible ones" will contain revelation and a different approach than those Q&A sessions held by the Teaching Mission teachers.

The remake of a new edition of the Urantia Book is not going to happen quickly or immediately.
We  have to get through this difficult removal of the remnants of the rebellion. Another reason the second volume of the Urantia Book is not to be published immediately is that it has been decided that Monjoronson is to reside on Urantia for some period to gauge need for information, and that he will bring with him the staff that are capable of writing the new volume.  Earlier instructions about the second volume indicated that it was an update of the first volume - the things that changed since the Urantia Book was published in the twentieth century.  Now, we see that the second volume will also be in fact need new revelation.

We have decided that when involving groups from everywhere that have members who wish to serve, they ought to be,  and must be considered part of, the fifth epochal revelation.  These groups need to be exposed to the fifth epochal revelation and its text book for it contains the universe of knowledge needed to educate.  Therefore the sessions, from now on, and before Monjoronson is here in the flesh, will be used to broaden, deepen and communicate to people of goodwill everywhere the breadth of the revelation and how it shall be used to help them become carriers of truth.  Such truth shall set them free and the millions who are enslaved on Urantia by the rebellion.  Enough people will have to absorb the fact of this revelation so there is a pool of resources upon which can base this work and additional programs on Urantia.

Thank you my children for listening.


    Voice of the Father
    Master Spirit Number One

I am the Master Spirit of jurisdiction of Orillington, Superuniverse number one.  My children you live in a great time, a time where you can participate in all these changes. Isn't this wonderful?

Instead of reading the achievements of others, future generations will be reading about all of you who have achieved service in the flesh to spirit. You will be the heroes of the stories that your children will tell to your grandchildren and great grand children about the wonderful things you saw and achieved to reverse the horrors of rebellion on Urantia.

The Melchizedeks have worked hard to put everything in place to give you the tools to be able to do what you will start working on from now on. It is also with great joy that I see that you want to help My Son, who you call Christ Michael. Thank you very much.

I encourage everyone of you to offer your service, because it is with your help that we will destroy the dark energy, and in its place,  Light will emerge and again illuminate the human souls held in bondage for tens of thousands of years.  I thank all who want to work and contribute in helping my Son.


    A Real Example of A Transmission with The Invisible Ones
    Originally Received July 16, 2011

[Editor: Next, I am including in this session establishing Paper One as a new series, a transcription of a session with the invisible ones on July 16, 2011.  This is to give readers a feel for what transpires when contact is made.  The example is a demonstration and is not meant to imply all will go like this in their service to Michael.  I may not reveal the names in the group, or the name of the teacher from the Teaching Mission known to many of you who participate in group transmissions.  This policy is in keeping with Michael’s request for anonymity when making public the results of sessions that include responses from the souls of mortals and others who have passed on and still remain on Urantia.]

Teaching Mission Teacher: Here with us is an invisible student who asks the following question: Why did it take you 200,000 years before you came to help us?  Why did we have to wait so long?

[Editor: The set up for the following exercise took place about a month ago.  The group was asked to assemble around the table provided at the home of the group leader who can also receive.  Here, as they sat, they went into meditation and each member was given a soul to address if they could sense them at some point to make contact.  When the group members were taken out of meditation by the unnamed group teaching mission teacher, each was asked what they heard and what they saw.  Most of them reported they heard nothing but felt bodily sensations around their heads and feet.  Members were informed that this was the encircuitment by the Melchizedeks done during their meditation so that they could hear and see those we call the souls of the departed.  The group leader saw the soul of one, but many in the group could not adjust to the frequency of the souls present and only felt the encircuitment take place.  Subsequent practice meetings following this session allowed more members to sense the souls and to receive pictures of circumstances surrounding the souls that were present, but only the group leader could identify the actual individual who came to ask questions.

The Melchizedeks tell us that the souls who remain on Urantia, as well as some angels and others of the celestial forms available to Urantia, are attracted to humans teaching about higher ideals of the spirit world.  Urantia Book sessions are frequented by some of these souls, but until now their activity was never revealed to us until the circumstances of the grid was told.  The Melchizedeks and assigned teachers from the Teaching Mission are using these meetings, and not just Urantia book meetings either, to invite the invisible ones to attend.  Teaching Mission teachers and the Melchizedeks attend group sessions and answer their questions to them alone.  In this session our Teacher made it known what was asked and how it was answered.  It is this portion of the transcript published for the reader next.]

The Teaching Mission Teacher transmits for recording purposes the answer he gave to the above question from a soul attending:


We will respond as follows to this person:

When the rebellion broke out, when Lucifer presented himself on the Sea of Glass to make his “declaration of freedom”, the universe had to act very fast. Already Lucifer swept along with him the Planetary Princes of 37 planets in the System of Satania over which he presided as the System Sovereign. To prevent this rebellion from spreading into the local universe of Nebadon, we had to quarantine all 37 planets, including Urantia. All communications systems with the universe were cut. Many experienced personalities in the universe advised Christ Michael to do nothing to eliminate the rebellion by force. On the contrary it was, they said,  better to let the rebellion go all the way on so that all the inhabitants of the universe could see the horror of it in the light of day and to the disaster it would lead to.

Another reason the rebellion was allowed to continue resides in the Love and Mercy that The Universal Father and His Son, Christ Michael,  have for all created beings. Spirit wished to allow time for the angels and other celestial beings to see their error and to redeem or change their minds and step back.  The universe also needed the time to investigate the causes and correct any injustices. Not all inhabitants on the 37 planets followed their Planetary Princes.  But on Urantia the damage was enormous, because the population had not yet reached a very high personal level of attunement, and Lucifer received much support from your former Planetary Prince, Caligastia, making it even harder to stop the rebellion on Urantia. 

All this took time and time is different here on Earth in comparison to the time in the universe and on Paradise. A few days on Paradise easily represent 200,000 years of passing on Urantia.

There was another problem here on your planet and that was what Lucifer and Caligastia had installed the energy grid on earth to prevent your ascension to The Universal Father by causing individuals to short circuit into the earth domain.  They could not connect to spirit outside of the planet and to continue to live, they were forced to use the corruption Lucifer and Caligastia put in it.  Special means have to be employed to destroy what had been implemented on the grid, and it is only recently that we received the means and permissions to cleanse properly.  Now we are here and the destruction of what has been implemented by Lucifer is to be removed in only a matter of time.

We started the educational programs you attend so that you can make your choices with knowledge of the facts.  You learn the difference between the ascension plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father and those of Lucifer and Caligastia in these sessions.

There is yet another element in play.  All 37 planets of the rebellion which were quarantined will each now receive a Magisterial Son to help them to move more quickly towards their individual eras of Light and Life.  The arrival on each planet of these Magisterial Sons must be coordinated to affect each other and to promote the cause of peace between the planets, even those who may visit you from other worlds.

[A long silence follows awaiting the conversation between individuals not seen but attending the group.]
Teacher to Group:

Here is another question from an invisible being.

I find that Lucifer gave us much more freedom than you and Christ Michael offer us! You don’t give us much choice or freedom of action to take it further as we believe it should be done.

Teacher’s Answer: The freedom Lucifer has attracted you to was a false freedom. The way you used this freedom resulted in the enslavement of others which is unacceptable for the universe. Freedom yes, I agree, but you must respect the freedom of others and their desire to be of service to one another and even to those above them. What you have done here is unacceptable and you won't be able to continue this,  nor will you be able to stay here. To know this is why we have developed this system of rehabilitation so that you can choose freely and knowingly between following the plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father or de-creation, and the loss of your experience of living to the universe.