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Loving students and interested friends,

Each day we have the wonderful opportunity to recognize the wondrous gifts of life conferred on us by our merciful and infinitely generous Father. We readily and anxiously grasp the abundance of His blessings and benevolence but all too often remain unmindful of their divine source.

Practice your expressions of deep appreciation and learn to generate tender gratitude continually, for all your abilities originate in the divine compassion of the First Source and Center.

Take time every day to acknowledge the bountiful endowments you unceasingly receive, and share your expressions of appreciation with the extensive personal sources of His blessings.

Realize the treasures you possess in your immersion in the sublime splendor of His creation, and be ever thankful for the unlimited flow of His love that reaches you through the many instruments of His omniscient richness.

Take time daily to enlarge the state of gratefulness in your heart and fuse this profound appreciation with the love you convey to others.

Arouse your deepest expressions of joyous gratitude with the realization and comprehension of the exquisite eternal future you behold and the timeless experience of exhilarating passage towards your blissful encounter with your Creator.