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Ophelius; Beloved One; Thuroc - 3 Transcripts - Jul 13, 2011 - Illawarra, Progress Group, AU

Three Transcript Index:

  • Transcript -1- Ophelius. Subject: “The Gift of Being Alive.
  • Transcript -2- A Teacher named “The Beloved One.” Subject: “Truth.”
  • Transcript -3- Midwayer Teacher Thuroc, Subject: “Let It Be.  Kinship.”

Transcript -1-
Michigan, US of A, July 10, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Gift of Being Alive.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “The message for today is about the most precious gift that can be given -- the gift of being alive.  There is so much to live for my friends, and though it may sometimes seem quite difficult to you here on the nursery worlds of time and space, you must understand what a wonderful gift it is to have identity and personality, for what you are experiencing now is but the first heartbeat in a succession of never-ending experiences of wonder and learning; sublime beauty; and love infused adventures -- lifetime upon lifetime of unending glories, too fantastic for your human mind to grasp, should you choose to continue.

“What you are doing and experiencing now is so very important to your eternal career, for you are forging out the rudiments of your eternal personalities and setting the stage for the supreme performance of perfection seeking accomplishments.  Within your mind lives the Creator Fragment who is experiencing life through the creature, which frees the Creator from the static state of infinity and omnipotence and allows for the reality of true experience of living life from every level of existence -- from imperfection to perfection.  It is the journey, my friends, that is so important, and how you choose to move through that journey determines the quality of that life.

“Free will assures the width and breadth of variance in the expression of true adventure and wonder seeking experiences.  What power you posses that you may choose to have any experience available to you through the opportunities created by the varying parts of the whole, both perfect and imperfect, who themselves are carving out their own paths to live and serve as they ascend and descend to and from the Source of all Creation.  You are beginning life in the seeming shifting and straining chaos of what will become a glorious path to the highest attainable standard -- to be perfect as is the Creator perfect.  It is this divine tension set up by the Creator with the creature to be so far from, yet so intimately close, that drives the creature to seek for unity with the divine nature.

“Having faith in this yet-to-be-experienced perfection, is the key to living each day and experiencing life with new meaning.  When we live with this child-like expectancy of love, trust, and assurance, that we are the sons and daughters of the Most High God, we can move through life as a co-creator -- a quality of life that has the power to change the fabric of time itself by using the one sure super innate ability that we all share, and that is the power of love.  No matter how lowly we may be in the hierarchy of perfected beings, we have this super ability to change the lives and paths of others in our life circles through love, and we can choose to give love or withhold love.  When we choose to give love, we are doing the Will of the Creator, for it is the supreme life force in the universes that creates and dynamically changes all things.

This precious gift of life allows us to experience this all-powerful life force and use it to make beautiful that gift which was given out of love.

“Good day,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript -2-

Urantia, July 13, 2011.
A Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “Truth.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Even though we have examined the word ‘Truth’ before, it is timely that, since your attention is well-focused on matters eternal at this time, we re-visit the word truth and look for further and deeper meaning.  The word in and of itself needs very much exercising before it can be fully understood as to what it means.

“The world abounds with many people who know and think that they have the truth.  However, this is not possible.  All hold only part of truth in their being, whilst God the Universal Creator holds all Truth in his being.

“That having been said, how do you realize for yourself what is truth?  Well, this is an eternal discovery tour, but the long and the short of it is that Part of the ultimate truth resides in your very being, and by regularly going into your inner chamber of meditation, you come into contact with that Spark of the eternal Truth.

“This is quite a feat on the part of the mortal, and once having achieved this wonderful contact, this moment is forever ‘etched into’ the human soul, as well as having opened the door to immortality, and increasing growth.

“You see, dear one, it is achieved by your personal efforts, and the grace of God, who always makes this possible in all manner of ways.  However, it behooves the mortal to make that effort to search and reach for that source of truth within.

“Since all humans are an individual reflection of The Source, they can become increasingly more truthful themselves.  When they make a sincere effort to seek the truth, and to find that Part of truth living within them, they will then strive to exhibit their truth.

“Truth can be known in all its manifold facets, as it is like a shining diamond when the Light of Truth shines upon it.  So you mortals are all facets of this multi-faceted Truth.  Envision for a while what this would be like, and ask yourselves, how does my individual facet shine?  Is it to the glory of God, or is it for my own prestige?

“This is the question I wish to pose to all today: How does your facet of truth shine to the eyes of the Creator God?

“This is all you need to think about.  Concern yourself not with someone else’s truth, as you all represent your own facet of the same eternal diamond and are therefore responsible for your personal luminosity.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript -3-

Previously posted.

Vancouver, US of A, November 19, 2004.
Midwayer Teacher Thuroc.
Subject: “Let It Be.  Kinship.”

Received by Mechelle.

Thuroc: Good Afternoon, eager one.  It is I; Thuroc, and I have come to tell you of that which throws you, and the Universe, into a faltering tailspin.

Patience, sweet mortals, and listen to me.  Things are not always what they seem.  Why must you all go about the tedious procedure of judgment amongst your mortal kin, for kin you are, indeed.  Are you not all sharing the same obvious perfection of the Creator’s love for each and every one of you?  YES!  It is not a pick and chose partnership.  It is without quandaries that you all understand how every single human soul connects to the very same breath of what is life; the core of existence, and the Universal laws.

That which taunts you into shunning a fellow soul into submissive gloom, is a plea, a shout, the desperate yearning for a reconnection to the ALL that is.  Breathe!  Unleash your fleeting thoughts, and breathe!  Let it be.  Release the mental trash, and you shall be free!  Who of you possesses such beguiling strength as to fuel oneself with bravado and pompousness?  Release it, for it never was.  Your mighty sheath of complacency dulls in comparison to the raw and splintering edge of your wagging tongues.  Speak that only of the Truth; that which you infuse through your veins, pumping, spiraling, like rich ruby red blood to your beating hearts.

Pride yourself not on that, which steals the glory from your brother.  Unleash, instead, your tight grasp from his triumphs.  Give back, that which brings, his freedom of pride.

Delight in his accomplishments, and revel in their completion.  Contemplate their fortitude and gratitude for praise of your kin.  Relinquish those setbacks that stifle his progress.

I, Thuroc, ask for you mortals to connect, really connect even to just one thing you hold with the utmost and highest regard in our glorious Creator’s Universe.  Whether it be walking on warm salty sand, embracing your loved ones, or catching your neighbors contagious smile.  Just connect to it, and let it be!  Remember how this feels, and live each day forth as such.

I will say goodbye for now.  This is Thuroc, the Entertainer.

© The 11:11 Progress Group