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George Barnard - A View of The Lucifer Rebellion thru Midwayer Eyes - Oct 03, 2009 - Progress Group, AU

An Approximate Truth.
From the Desk of George Barnard – 31 October, 2009.

From time to time members of the 11:11 Progress Group are asked about the former system sovereign, Lucifer, and if it’s really true that he is no more, and what about the year of his demise.  Some don’t even know for certain that the miscreant and his henchmen are gone, and frankly, they can’t be blamed for this when they consider the mess this world is in.  At times it seems he’s alive, thriving, and more than redoubling his evil efforts.

He isn’t alive.  He’s gone.  I accept the Damascus Scribe’s and Teacher Samuel’s answers to our questions of long ago that Lucifer became so insane as to be truly convinced about the veracity of his teachings, there-through so spiritually ‘unreal,’ as for this to cause his eventual demise.  What I personally noted in addition is that from 1972 (when my vision of Midwayers was greatly enhanced) until 1984, the Midwayers were armed to the teeth.  By 1985, however, they no longer carried their awesome weapons -- the sleek lances that could fire a laser-like burst of destructive energy.  ‘Something encouraging’ had happened.

So, is this the precise truth?  I have a theory about truth.  It probably is the truth as we are presently taught, and as we are presently capable of understanding truth, but what precisely does that mean?  Who is to say our Midwayer cousins, with their IQ’s measuring in the thousands, do not have a much more accurate version of the very same truth, and they are simply not telling us?

Truth, generally acceptable truth, changes from time to time.  It is probably more accurate to say that truth evolves to give us a clearer, but never a totally accurate picture of reality as viewed from eternity – from Paradise, where nothing false can exist.  Truth in Dante Alighieri’s time (1265—1321), included both hell and purgatory, and yet, one of his Teachers (his Guide), ABC-3, or Beatrice, one of the loyal 1,111 Midwayer Leaders, some 36000 years old, saw fit to guide him into proclaiming such a reality.  It was the relative (human) truth for that time.  Beatrice knew better.  She was one of Machiventa Melchizedek’s students some 5000 years ago.

These days most of us conclude that our universes are basically friendly, that the Creator of All is Love, that hell is a man-made concept, but that some form of rehabilitation on Mansion World One is essential for most of us.  We, after all, are classed as an irregular world, a kindly way of saying that we are all marginally ‘nuts,’ as we prove day after day by fighting wars, cheating, lying, withholding others their fair share, and endangering the lives of all, even creating enough weaponry to send the entire planet off into deep space.

Under such circumstances it is more than believable that we are only entitled to truths that fit our level of progress, understanding, wisdom, or plain lack of it.  It is under these circumstances that I accept our Teachers’ claims that some leading questions will not be answered because we ‘do not have the need to know.’  We are not yet ready for the answers.  In these circumstances our snippets of occasional revelation may well be approximate truths.  However, whilst occasionally I’m told to remember I am an evolutionary being, and must not expect revelation as a matter of cause, in more than 60 years of contact I’ve not discerned any blatant untruths coming from my Celestial Friends.

Lucifer is gone, history, no more, and now it’s up to us all to make it a better world for everyone.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

© The 11:11 Progress Group