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Ophelius; Rael; Monjoronson - Sacred Spaces - Mercy & Love - Jul 03, 2011 - Illawarra, Progress Group, AU

Three Transcripts Index
Transcript 1 - Ophelius Subject: “Sacred Spaces.”
Transcript 2 - Rael  Subject: “Living Without Attachment.” 
Transcript 3 - Monjoronson Subject: “Mercy and Love.
Transcript #1
Michigan, US of A, July 3, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Sacred Spaces.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “The message for today is about having sacred spaces -- those areas of personal retreat where you can be alone with God and feel completely safe, where it is tranquil, and where you can open your heart and truly worship the Divine.  It is in this space that you can feel ‘oneness’ of being because you have willed that only you and God, Divine Parent and child, may enter in here.  In this sacred space there can be no other purpose except to co-exist with God in this most intimate way.  He knows all about you, every cell in your body does he see; every thought in your mind does he share; every intention in your heart does he search down into the deepest chambers.  It is this total intimacy of being that melts away the illusion of separation, and it is in this sacred space, which you create, that opens the door to truth, beauty, and the goodness of all things that are possible when the creature worships the Creator.

“Do you have a sacred space where you go and ‘close the door’ on the world where you can ‘be’ alone with God?  Is there a place in your home, your yard, or in a nearby park?  It can be anywhere you decide that gives you the tranquility of mind that sets a ‘tone’ for this intimate exchange between you and God.  You can have one, or many of these special places.  It is for you to decide.  It could be your bedroom, your yard, or a special place in nature where you are surrounded by the beauty of the realm.  It is your space and only you and God may enter in there.

“What happens in this sacred space?  This is where you can give thanks and gratitude for all the blessings and learned lessons; where you reveal your deepest hopes and desires; and where you pray for others.  This is where you share all that you are and even ask that the beauty of the moment be a shared experienced with God -- your sacred offering to the Supreme.  In this place you can listen to the whispers of God by settling into a stillness of mind where no other thoughts or worries of the day may interfere.  There is a renewing of mind and spirit that takes place when you come into the presence of the Divine -- this is true peace and true understanding -- beyond all words and language -- true rest for the growing soul.

“Go there today my friends and throw off all the negativity and contamination from worldly encounters, or from trespasses you have made.  Forgive all, have compassion for all, and ‘wash’ yourself clean before entering your sacred space.  No guilty thought or material want may enter in here.  Dress yourself in the alabaster garments of righteousness, sit humbly and confidently at the feet of God, for in this sacred space there is sacred communion, communication -- true worship.  Fill yourself with the Divine Vibration and let it mingle into your soul until the lines of separation have vanished from your mind.  Go now and be at peace in your sacred space.”

“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript #2
Urantia, May 15, 2011.
Teacher Rael.
Subject: “Living Without Attachment.”

Received by Yoela.

Yoela: “I don’t understand how to live without attachment.  It seems that it may lead to indifference.”

Rael: “Living without attachment has long been misunderstood.  Many times it is considered to mean forgetting, or as letting go of something that is no longer needed.  In reality most use it just as a way to hide their pain, to hide their weaknesses, or hide their sincere affection.

“Living without attachment is possible only when you have matured, and you have realized that nothing is ever lost.

“You are slowly learning that everyone needs their own space and time.  You are beginning to understand that you need no one but the Real Presence within you.  Everybody may fail you, and you will learn that your growth depends only on your steadiness and your guidance.

“When finally you understand that the true meaning of living without attachment is to honor the design of creation, you can let go and will not strive to control, to manipulate and you will find a balance in your relationships.

“Faith is paramount, but truth will set you free, and truth has nothing to do with coercion or manipulation.  Knowing that this world is temporal is becoming free and at the same time it is accepting a great responsibility, because each day is important and should be lived fully, by learning and experiencing.”

Yoela: “How can we find that balance, if we have to be responsible, but also learn to let go?”

Rael: “People are part of life and highly regarded in the entire cosmos.  Love them and make them a priority above all.  Forget your sense of ownership and let them discover themselves and explore their potential on their own.  This is what experiences are for; this is why you should live with intention.  Forget your illusions of control and do not use fear to make others do what they don't want to do.  Leave each one to their inner guidance so they can realize their higher expression of the self.

“No one is indispensable yet all are needed to create and share our collective reality.  Do you have any more questions?  Trust is the answer.  Trust, and take care of yourselves, for I am always looking after you.  There is a lot to do and a lot to care for.  If you help yourself you are one less problem in the world and thus our endeavors can reach were the need is found.

“This is one of the reasons we reach out to you – those who will hear our messages.  We are preparing our forces to go out and do the work of our Father, when and where it is needed.

“When humans learn to take care of themselves and others, we can start working together on the many issues on this planet that need to be resolved.  It is then that living without attachment becomes important, because you can focus on those important tasks beyond yourselves.

“You see?  You only harvest when the wheat is ripe.  If you do it before then you would have wasted all your work.  This is your friend Rael, sending our love and gratitude to all who listen and desire to grow under the guidance of their Divine Presence.”

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Transcript #3
Urantia, July 7, 2011.
Teacher Monjoronson.
Subject: “Mercy and Love.

Received by Lytske.

Monjoronson: “It is just about the right time for you and I to make our acquaintance, child.  I have been waiting a long time 'in the wings', so to speak, to find an entrance into your mind, and a measure of trust and willingness on your part, to hear what I have to say.

“It is so very important that more, and increasingly more people become aware as to who I am, and what I will be about in the near future here on this lovely, but oh-so-backward planet, where some minds have not emerged into the Light and the realization that they, too, are children of God -- His created but evolving beings destined to a grand future, if they learn to extend mercy and love to eachother.

“As long as fear runs rampant, and a segment of your population still lives in cave times -- meaning that they have not come to the realization that there is nothing to defend themselves against -- where enemies are a figment of their imagination.

“It is this tendency to barbarism and war why this benighted planet is stuck in her evolution, and in grave danger of sliding backward.  Her lovely face is marred by the goings on with offensive weaponry, which is getting more devastating as time goes on.

“It is because of this war-like propensity, and you not having learned respect for human life, that the celestial powers are creating wake-up calls to all who can hear this call for mercy towards one another.

“The time is now to start behaving like responsible adults instead of little children in a sandbox throwing sand in each other's eyes.  You have become more war-like in your evolution rather than growing more sensible and loving.

“Where is the balance and harmony in your lives?  Do you ever think about this?  Surely you also must yearn for inner peace and rest in your souls?

“You are on the threshold of a wonderful era of peace, but I do need, as another Son of God, your cooperation to make our plans manifest, and turn this beloved planet into a garden jewel of creation.

“Therefore, I am asking for your help.  Please, all those who will chance to read these words, think of how you can cooperate in becoming more loving and peaceful yourselves.  Surely, there is no need to lord it over others.  People all carry the same responsibility for growing into the divine blueprint the Creator God has bestowed upon each of you at birth.

“Know you not that you all hail from the same root Source and are therefore kin?  Extend mercy and love towards all and learn how to live a God-guided life.

“Thank you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.