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Elyon - You Will One Day Meet Again Those Who Have Gone Before You - Jul 03, 2011 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2011-07-03
Teacher: Elyon, Unknown Source, Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings my friends, it is a pleasure to be with you here today. I haven't made my presence known for a while, I'm Elyon and I fancy myself one of your longest term celestial friends for I have been with this group quite some time. Having been associated with this group and having become friends with the members of the group, I want to point out that these friendships, these relationships that are formed between any two individuals are of a sacred nature. They are some of what gets collected to you in your life experience as being worthy of keeping and preserving and continuing even though you find that life brings with it circumstances which dictate your relative proximity, your overlapping life interests, your commonality with others which determine the amount of time you spend with any individual in a relationship.

Nevertheless, once a relationship has been formed, it endures. I call you all to witness that when you run into a friend that you have not seen in some time, there is a rather instant rekindling of the friendship even though you may both observe in the other that there has been change and there has been growth and time passed as is evident by their physical appearance. You flash onto what the essence of your relationship meant with this individual and instantly you are back at a level of relationship that you have developed over time.

So it is with your comrades who precede you in the event of transition. You will one day meet again and there will be this same familiar rush of pattern that you recognize in this other individual and by virtue of recognizing this pattern you reassemble the components of your relationship with this individual and it is as though no real time has elapsed even though certainly there has been a progression of time which has elapsed. The relationship that we share, you and I, is already transcendent of the strictly mortal plane albeit on your end it may seem very mortal as you hear me through your auditory senses and we get together under these specific circumstances, I assure you that we also meet on the spirit level on what you would refer to as your soul level. In this way, in having developed this relationship we are certain to remain friends as we so choose, indefinitely.

It is refreshing to consort with a group of individuals who have certain basic awarenesses and therefore it is not needful or necessary for me to remind you or report that your dearly departed comrade is well and good on the next aspect of his journey because you already know that and indeed you already have a sense that the essence of this comrade endures, your essence endures and in the realm of spirit, you may have further interaction and contact. So many on this world have such a great misunderstanding of this event of transition and see it as tragic because of all that may have been missed and indeed, there is always something that will be missed in any life experience. But we do not view it as tragic, merely as unexplored potential and since we are fully aware the journey continues as does the adventure and the exploration, certainly there will be ample opportunity for all to explore the avenues and dimensions that were unexplored in their first sojourn.

It is my great pleasure to come once again to fan the flames of our relationship, to make my presence known and bring my energy signature in so that we are united again in this way and have this base to refer to as we so choose. I now will step aside to allow this forum for others. Thank you and good day.

Unknown Source: [Cathy, in reference to our discussion about midwayers and visitors.] There are many visitors to this planet as a program to uplift this planet as well as enrich the experience of the pilgrims of time. In this activity the students are contacting individuals of advanced spiritual attainment. The unique experience of this world of isolation provides a view of agondontor faith that is rare in a universe with broadcasts. It is an affirmation of the Adjuster's ability without the support of normal systems. If a student desires to contact a mortal on the planet, it is facilitated. On your side, the perception of this contact may be a fleeting sensation. The contact between the two dimensions is of benefit to both.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is I, Charles. Once again it is good to be here in this circle of friendship to experience your real life situation, the willingness to sometimes go beyond your prescribed limitations of understanding, to experience the spiritual dimension of the situation at hand. Again, there is no situation which corners more spiritual dimensions than friendship, the ability to be close with another, to share trust and hold each other in a loving embrace. In this sense we revel in friendship.

The spiritual universe abounds in friendship relationships. The Father's will incorporates friendship and as a human, you are constantly in need of and in search of friendship. It is like drops of water seeking other drops to coagulate and become large bodies of water; so do the souls of men, like the water, coagulate and bond with other souls eventually bonding to the point that the whole world becomes a soulful bonding of love and friendship. With that simple thought, I will say good day to you and again, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this circle of friendship.