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Ophelius;  Dr. Mendoza MNO8; Beloved One; Unknwn - Accomplishments - Time Prompts - Willingness - Decisions - May 22, 2011 Progress Group

Four Transcriptions

Michigan, US of A, May 22, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Joy and Accomplishments.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “Today’s lesson is about accepting the feelings of joy and accomplishment for the attainment of spiritual goals through self-reflection and examination.  It is important to acknowledge these important milestones in your life journey that you may build a monument of truth, beauty, and goodness starting from the foundation on up to the capstone -- the apex of human potential.  This is not egocentric pride, but rather a humble gratitude for all the help you received from spirit and from those who have been placed in your path to help you on your way.

“When latent abilities have been awakened through guidance and instruction, you do well to use these abilities to gather the resources necessary to build your monument -- your contribution to humanity whether it is through teaching, art, or social science.  All these accomplishments become a trail of stepping stones that others can follow while they build their own monuments, and together they create a matrix of progress that leads to the goals of eternity -- the will of the Creator made manifest through the lives of His children.

“Rejoice, my friends, when you place another brick on the wall of your monument, for joy and accomplishment is the sweetness of life that is meant to be savored by you, and shared with all those in your life circles.  When you succeed at something that is true, beautiful, and positive, all of humanity benefits at the collective level of consciousness -- as we are all connected, we are all one in purpose.  As each of us progresses, we reflect a little more light from the Creator, which brings us one step closer to unity as all the parts move closer to infinity and finality.  Accepting and acknowledging your accomplishments is like marking a trail through the jungle -- not only can you find your way back from a long journey, but you leave guidance for others to follow after that they may also benefit from your efforts.

“God provides the bricks and mortar -- the building blocks of human potential that we may use this to build our monument, our bridge, and our path back to the source of all creation.  It is God’s desire for us to be joyful in the journey as we gather wisdom from the experiences we have along the way.  Look back now my friends and see how far you have come -- sometimes it will look as if you were carried by the wind.  Take joy now in those milestones you have passed and look joyfully forward to the new road ahead.

“Good day,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.


For all those who ask the question, “Why am I time prompted and how does it work?”  This transmit from Dr. Mendoza makes it very clear.

Reposted at the request of ABC-22.

Illawarra District, Australia, November 22, 2007.
Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “Patterns, Prompts, and Love.

Received by George Barnard.

Dr. Mendoza: “Firstly, let me clear the air by saying there is no animosity between us, as long as you take care of your physical needs.  The rest of your requirements will mostly be seen to by us.  Secondly, the Chief is settling down some restless souls at this time, and I step into the breach.  Old times, what?

“Let me note here that they are not merely your Secondary Midwayers that will prompt those selected mortals, but that all on the lower Morontia level can see to this repetitive task of awakening mankind to a higher level of spirituality.  Yes, Cherubim and Companions alike, and there are others you are still to meet.

“Much of what makes up a prompt is typical to what the machine that is your brain will do for you, and we share this phenomenon with you, for in our make-up we are not so far removed from you.  By your nature, you subconsciously notice a given event almost always before conscious recognition of that event.

“You may drive for many miles through a naturally wooded area to suddenly come upon a plantation, and immediately you perceive the way these trees are planted in a pattern.  At a subconscious level, still, those cerebral neurons charged with the task of recognizing the vertical lines of the, say pine tree trunks, will begin to fire in a frenzy, for there are countless pines, and almost immediately will you consider that the forest landscape has given way to a man-made project.

“This is pattern recognition at a subliminal level at first, followed almost immediately by the conscious realization of pattern, precision, regularity, uniformity -- after you have traveled for miles through the scarcely noticed irregularity of naturally sprouted shrubbery and trees of all kinds – it may become your point of reference to how far you still need to travel on a future journey, the miles to a turn off, the duration of the remainder of the trip.

“This is what you do, and you do all of this yourselves, because you are designed that way.  Our function is to suddenly make you wonder what time it might be, even if your clock is 5 minutes fast or slow, to note 11:11 or 3:33, to make you look at the street number on a home as you travel by to find it reads 2222, to make you note the repetitive numbers on a vehicle’s registration tag your point of reference.

“This, ad infinitum indeed, until you realize these patterns are so frequent in their appearance, you can no longer ‘chalk off’ these happenings to coincidence, if you truly believed in such a thing in the first place.  You must now search, meet us midway.

“Think of man and his wife who are happily married; in love for all to see, and how they can share a thought, an idea, give a coinciding smile to each other.  Translate this now into how we feel about you, our adopted universe children, whom we love deeply, and consider the mind-meld principles we share with you as we prompt you.

“This is Dr. Mendoza, in love with life, and with you all.”

George: “It’s good to see you, Doc.  Thank you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.


Urantia, May 27, 2011.
A Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “Willingness.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, willingness is a gift you give back to God, especially when willingness comes from a grateful heart overflowing with adoration towards the Creator God, the ultimate Designer of all that is.  Even though the Creator divested Himself of all and everything others can do, He especially created, with the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, a for you incomprehensibly wide array of various Sons and Daughters, who are themselves Creators, and yet totally willing to abide by the program of creation especially designed for them with all inherent possibilities for their own creativity.

“Similar creative prerogatives did the Universal Creators decide to give their evolving children on the myriad planets in space.  Mortals have been given free will as to how they will choose to live their lives and what sort of gifts they are willing to bring back to the Creator upon the completion of the ascension journey after finishing their training towards perfection.

“The Universal God has given you mortals this life as a foundation on which to build your earthly career so it will be worthwhile to continue in the next life when you move through the portal of death to the universes beyond.  The material vehicle given in loan to you only serves as a temporary abode to house your precious spirit, which, once it has been given life, will never die.

“So now you begin to have a glimmer of understanding of what is awaiting you, and you begin to realize, that yes, even though you have been given the gift of free-will decision as to how to behave yourself through life, to the majority of humans here on this planet these matters are not so clear in their minds as to how precious their lives are to God.  They hardly give the Creator of all a thought, and further more, they are taught to pray to intermediaries and have to follow certain laws and rituals.

“Trust in that the most useful, speediest and direct connection is with the Spark from God within yourself, paying this precious Gift from God some mind.  In so doing, you will reap a rich harvest of connectedness to the Creator of all, and a peace of mind beyond understanding.

“Each human child with the capacity to make that first moral choice can develop his or her connectedness to the Creator of all, to never feel lonely or confused.  In their willingness and dedication to spend some time each day with their individual Spark from God within, they can also feel the total acceptance and appreciation the great Creator has for each individual.

“The most wonderful experience is to feel God’s unconditional love and forgiveness flowing through them.  It makes the heart come alive in joyful songs of thankfulness and adoration.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.


Alabama, US of A, September 28, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Human Decisions.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “We are not allowed to intervene in the life decisions of humans, but there have been occasions in which we were given permission to provide a warning to try to awaken you from your self-induced dreams of power, ambition, and group superiority.

“Each time, events like the many apparitions that have been recorded in your history occur, the outcome is always the result of the human decisions, of the choices of the men and women of the time.  In the case of Guadalupe many were touched in their hearts and this avoided a bigger killing during the process of the merging of two races.  They were Spaniards and Indian-American -- the mixed races from Europe and the red race of America -- who found each other for the first time after being separated for a very long time.  In the case of Fatima, the humans involved decided to ignore our advice and the outcome, World War 2, could not be avoided.

“This has occurred many times in your history, and even when from time to time we are authorized to provide warning or advice, the decisions are always exclusively in your court.  Sometimes our advice is heard, sometimes it is ignored.  However, you can be sure that the plan of our Father and our Creator Son will prevail and this sphere, so confused and full of suffering from the past, will more and more faithfully reflect truth, beauty and goodness, the destiny planned by the creators since the beginning.

“Humanity is maturing.  Little by little the light is glowing in the hearts of some who search for the truth within themselves.  These lights will be the flames that will illuminate the road for everyone else, awakening in turn other souls so they can shine with increasing intensity.  This is the real meaning of the age of Light.  The time of revelations is passing and the time in which humanity is able to make its own decisions, illuminated by the guidance of the voice of the Father inside everyone, will come.”

Translated into English from the Spanish transcript by Nelson.

© 11:11 Progress Group.