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Dear Creator Soul, Source of All Love, I pray for a great inflowing of Your Love at this time. If I'm in condition to receive thoughts clearly from Your ministering angels, I would appreciate being able to channel a message on whatever is of importance for our spiritual progression and outreaches. Thank you for Your wondrous gift of Love, for Your providence and protection. I pray for greater faith. I pray to overcome my blocks and to become a better example of manifesting Your Love in my daily living. Amen

 Dear sister in the Christ Love, as you well know we are ever diligent about your desires to serve God in whatever ways you can, and we are here to help in whatever ways we can as well. We can deliver our words of truth and love even on a grand scale, but it needs to be accepted and applied in the lives of human beings in order for our input to bear fruit.

There have been examples of enlightened spiritual leaders throughout history, and they have benefitted from the spiritual knowledge they obtained through their diligent search and desires to know what God wanted from them. But even these have been known to fall due to the seeming fruitlessness of their efforts. No good deed is fruitless. No act of love goes unrewarded. You do not have to see the results of your acts of love in order for them to be helpful to others.

We see the good results of your efforts. We can encourage you and tell you to keep up the good work, but as you strive to progress toward closer at-onement with God, you are the ones who must apply love in your lives through thick and thin, and activate your faith during those times when you feel discouraged or disheartened.

No matter how pure and accurate and simple we express the truths of God's Love through our beloved mediums there will always be people who reject these words of wisdom because they are not ready to change or apply new understanding to their old ways. You should not allow them to set you back. There are more "opportunities" for setbacks than there are for moves forward, but you know in your hearts beyond doubt which choice to make.

Always choose the loving way. Always strive to exemplify the Christ Love in your interactions with others. Turn the other cheek again and again. Others cannot hurt you if you don't allow them to get you down. It is within your power to activate the higher love in your life. It is within your ability to make the loving choice - but it is a choice you need to make every day, every moment of every day.

Are you going to accept that everything you do with a loving motive is good, or are you going to second-guess yourself and question your clarity and goodness? When you choose to go on faith in the power of God's Love within your blossoming souls, then your choices and decisions will be more clear and loving. But, if you doubt and fear and run away from doing your best and giving your love in each opportunity before you, then you will feel less than satisfied and will question your own motives.

We see all of your loving outreaches progressing nicely. You've been told in the past that in order for our messages of truth to reach the hearts of God' s children they need to be ready and willing to learn. They need to be seeking truth with their hearts and souls, longing to know about God and His Will for them. Without these spiritual longings and desires our messages will fall by the wayside, and they have fallen by the wayside in many places for long periods of time.

Do not be discouraged even if fertile ground is not found. You can always take solace in knowing that you are benefitting from giving your love, loving God, and striving to come into closer harmony with His Will for you. And since you know so well that you cannot change another person's heart, then just pay strict attention to changing your own.

And then, magic will start to happen. You will not only change yourself, you will "attract attention" from others and be given the chance to instil in their openness the wonderful message about the gift of God's Love.

Do not lose sight of the fact that we are always with you, guiding you and protecting you as best we can. If you raise the doubt and fear flags we have difficult protecting you from your own choices. Choose to act on faith. Choose to accept yourselves as God's beloved children, and you will find the road open up for you as you take your steps. Nothing could be more magic than that! Sometimes when you don't even know which way to turn, but remember to ask for help and to pray for love and for God's Will to be done, a door will appear so wide you'll wonder how you missed seeing it! You were more than likely only looking with your material sight, and not your spiritual vision.

You know the way to go. You can activate your faith - you are the one to do it! I cannot do it for you. Even God cannot because He knows that in order for a child to grow and learn and become strong, they need to strengthen their spiritual muscles through trial and error, if need be. You may have more trials ahead but you can greatly diminish the errors because you know how to choose love over negativity. You can select faith over fear if you would like a happy, peaceful and pain-free ride.

Keep up your sincere prayers. Give your love at every opportunity starting with yourself, and then know that you're doing your best, because there's nothing better than giving, and there's nothing better to give than love.

I will leave you now with my blessings, and thank you for giving me this chance to write. I am a Celestial angel who has been allowed to come to you today. My name is not familiar to you, so I will call myself "Jane."