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January 31, 1998

It has been many days since I have had the energy to respond to the needs of the soul. This world is indeed designed to extract all of the energy you have for the insane purpose of producing more goods which we are already swimming in. It is now time for the next step in our grand evolution.

The next frontier will be of inner consciousness. At last the doors are beginning to open to allow us into the holy of holies, the sacred place of our rich beginning. It is here at the fountain head that we may come to discern the beginnings of our consciousness and to see with more clarity the direction we are to travel for true spiritual growth.

In times past we have been blinded as it were by creature consciousness. The creature struggled to just survive for many eons but now the time has come for our next great advancement. Many of you are already tuning into the consciousness of the watcher, the higher consciousness. It is from this high vantage point that we come to realize that we have been swallowed up in mortality by the so called creature consciousness. We were confronted with fear and doubt on every side and we truly did not understand from whence we came or where we are going.

The apostle Paul truly said we see through a glass darkly. The dark glass was the glass of creature consciousness. Creature consciousness is the consciousness of the ego. The ego is so very very needy. In fact there is not anything that he does not need so small is his beginning. He was created such and such he shall ever remain. He is but temporary consciousness designed as a learning tool for the Higher self. Does this concept slightly frighten you? It is but the impulse of the mortal creature consciousness. He shall surly die but we shall live. Do not grieve over him, none of his experiences are lost as nothing ever is lost in the kingdom of God. We are multidimensional my friends and this should not scare you for if it does then your foundation is surely still too much in the creature consciousness.

You must learn to be your creatures best friend. Teach him that there is nothing to fear and that all is always secure in the Father. As we learn to walk with this mindfulness we shall see that we can overcome all of the fears and impulses of the lower being. We are like a beam of light shining into the darkness of being. We can learn to change all into the golden radiance of the light of Christ if we will but tune into the realms of light that are now being opened to us.

It is a time of great change. When the light first strikes the darkness there may be an impulse to reject that which it understands not but gradually acceptance will come and patience is always required. We are the pioneers of consciousness and as there have always been pioneers who dare to venture where no man has gone before so is our task at hand. If we learn to look through the lens of truth and love we shall be able to gently guide our brethren into high-ways of light and love. If we strike out at their ignorance we shall suffer for we have entered into their darkness. Love suffers long and is kind.

I wonder, Do any of you remember how you felt when you came into the body? Try to remember how you felt as a child. The world was so beautiful to see was it not? You could not wait to jump into the beautiful darkness of materiality but things quickly changed after that didn't they. To borrow my friend George's parable of the M&M's, We were peanuts(seeds of the Father) and ever with him from the beginning. We jumped from our lofty position into the rich dark chocolate of materiality. We were quickly coated and as our chocolate consciousness hardened over we forgot who we are and why we came. Soon we were just like all the other M&M's, struggling through life often wishing for death to deliver us from our pain never remembering our peanut origins. What color M&M are you? George is a bright and shiny yellow.

Now my friends you are being asked to learn to be human yet Godlike, divine yet clay. Do you now realize that all was but a school house and there are many, many more schools beyond this one for truly we shall ever be learning all that the Father is and all that we are. If we can view or brothers as fellow M&M's we can love them right where we are. When we can love hell we will be in heaven. When we look deeply into this world we feel fear because it is so dark. Ignorance scares us because it reinforces the idea that we are separated from our Father when in fact we are just at school for the day. Darkness and uncertainty looks like hell to us but if we can but realize that all is just part of the material creation our fears will be soon dispelled. Soon the day shall pass and we shall return to the Father to tell him of our experiences. As we shift into our higher consciousness we will become more benevolent towards our brothers. Gradually mankind will realize that materialism is not the goal but a by product necessary for human survival. Peace and light and life to all.

Author Unknown

Individual Submission

January 31, 1998