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Nebadonia - The Ecstasy And The Agony - Apr 24, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends, I just received this very powerful message from Nebadonia.  We all have the power to stop the mayhem that is this world.  The senseless wars that kill so many innocents is mind numbing and painful beyond words.  But if we adopt the all-seeing vision of our Father we will refuse to hate.]

Received on Easter, 2011
The Creative Spirit,  Nebadonia,
The Ecstasy And The Agony

My child, this is your mother Nebadonia.  I am well pleased with all for your efforts.  You want to change the world my child as do so many of your brethren.  This desire that you have is certainly your desire.  But this desire to change the world is being fostered by your Father fragment.  It is being fostered by your Beloved.  

You know what it feels like child.  Yesterday you seemed to have one particular view of the world.  Today that view has dramatically changed.  That view has dramatically changed because you are now seeing through the eyes of the Eternal One.  And what a view it is.  This one’s vision is all-seeing.  All encompassing.  You may say that he has stereoscopic vision.  Yet, that description is crude at best.  Because even that description limits your Eternal Father.  There is no way that I can describe the vision of our Father in such a way that you could understand.  Yet, his vision reaches to the ends of the earth and back.  His vision encompasses the starry heavens filled with seemingly endless beacons of light blazing across the cosmos.  He sees who and what you are as well as the countless trillions of beings that exist in His far flung realm.  What He can do and what He can see are amazing child.  But why am I telling you all of this?

I am telling you all of this my child because one major step in the progression process is to see as the Eternal One sees.  He sees it all my child. He sees the good and the bad.  He sees the little ones and how they are so often abused and maltreated.  He sees the little ones neglected and abandoned.  He sees the blighted neighborhoods and rising criminal acts.  He sees all those that are in the hospitals of this world.  So many are fighting for their lives.  He sees when one of His dear ones passes on to the waiting arms of the Destiny Guardians.

He sees those things my child, but He also sees the many joys that you mortals have despite all of the sufferings around you.  He sees parents as they endeavor to raise their children with understanding, patience and love.  He sees all of you as you celebrate life in one way or another.  He watches as you traverse this earth in search of a peaceful place to sojourn.  For there you attempt to find the peace that so often eludes all of you.  There are so many, many contrasts my child.

The images from this earth of yours can be so galling, so heartbreaking.  For who can stand to look at the picture of an innocent child killed by a weapon of war?  There is so much agony on this earth.  There is too much agony on this earth.  For too often the innocent ones are caught in the crossfire of these war games that continue to be enacted on your sphere.  There is no tragedy greater than to lose a child in this way through the senseless acts of war.

For at one time this child was the apple of its parents eyes.  When that child was born there was so much ecstasy.  There were tears running down the faces of those parents.  Another precious child was born.  They were not afraid to show their feelings.  Then in one instant, in one moment, those feelings of ecstasy were transformed into the mind numbing pain of agony.  Who is there to comfort such ones?  Will someone repay these parents for the loss of their child?

Oh children of Urantia does it have to be this way?  You all have more power than you realize.  If you just say no to hate and yes to love these harrowing scenes will begin to fade.  Oh, it may not be your child that suffers such a fate, but are not the sufferings of one the sufferings of all?  That is the problem children.  Too many persons on this earth think that the one living over there is out of their hearts and their minds.  That one is so far away. That one lives in another country.  That one belongs to another religion.  That one belongs to another race.  But I tell you my children you are all interconnected.  It is like you are part of a worldwide web.  When one person suffers agony, all persons suffer agony.

My dearest, dearest children will you be the ones?  Will you be the ones that stop the hate?  Will you be the ones that transform this earth through your love?  Will you love one that is different from you?  Will you love someone from another country?  Will you love someone from another religion?  Will you love someone from another race?  For all of these differences are nothing but illusions.  Yes, you are all different in some way, but these differences are only skin deep.  Inside of your heart of hearts there are no differences.

What is it that you all want in this life?  Don’t you want to feel loved?  Don’t you want to feel important?  Don’t you cherish your spouse, your friend, your children, your parents?  Of course.  Do you want to have your child murdered by the weapons of war?  Do you want to plan for a funeral that could have been avoided?  A funeral that could have been avoided if love had reigned in your hearts?  There is so much agony on this earth children.  I have a question for you.

Will you turn that agony into ecstasy?  Will you refuse to hate your fellow man or woman?  Will you love someone that is different from you?  For it all starts with all of you.  The thoughts, the ideas to commit these acts of aggression, these acts of war, begin in the heart.  If someone were to tell you to kill because that person is different than you, would you do it?  Or would you see that deep inside of that person’s heart is your own heart beating?  Because, in a way, your own heart beats in unison with all of your brethren.   In reality you are all one.

When will all this madness end?  This madness will only end when someone stands up with courage and just says no.  No.  I won’t kill my brother.  Yes, that one is your brother or your sister.  Would you kill your own brother or sister?  Of course not.  But what if you viewed a person from another culture, race or religion as your brother or sister, would you kill them?  Of course not.   It is all in the perception my children.  If you are being told that someone is lesser than you by a superior then the purpose is to downgrade that one so that you will feel compelled to kill that one.

My children you all have a mind that you can use freely.  Please use your own minds.  Don’t let anyone else influence you to accept a view that is contrary to the all-seeing vision of the Father.  When you see as that One sees you will absolutely refuse to hate.  You will absolutely refuse to kill an innocent one.  If you see with that One’s vision you will not bring the agony, but you will bring the ecstasy to your beloved brethren.   If you have the mind of the Father as your mind you will transform this world.  Imagine children what you can do.  With the all-seeing vision of your Father you can transform this world.  You can transform this world from agony into ecstasy.

Will you make it so my children?  That is up to each one of you.  On this day and the many days that will follow, be in my love.