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Wayshower - The Still Small Voices - Apr 12, 2011 - Progress Group, AU

The transmission set out below is from Lytske’s book,
The Guiding Light Within
Wayshower to Spirituality – A daily Devotional.

The Still Small Voices.

When you bestow all your love and devotion onto others, the Giver of all fills you again, constantly.  There needs to be a void on your part, because even when you think that you have nothing more to give, you can call on the Father for more.  So give, give, give.  In time you will learn that your cup is never empty, but always filled to overflowing.

It is strange, to say the least, that there are even some who withhold love as a form of punishment.  This is very wrong.  At those times one needs to bestow more love and understanding onto those who lack love and understanding, and who strike back as they themselves are struck.

Instead, they need to be lovingly taught the error of their ways to learn to break this error pattern of abuse.  They may go looking for love in the wrong places, and some think that sex, or any other addiction, is the way to go.

How odd, as it is this fundamental human craving for love that is sorely lacking!  And where they ought to receive this love for a healthy growth of body, mind and spirit in the parental home, this often turns out to be the least safe place of all.

It is so very sad to see that many young, and older fathers, shirk their parental responsibilities.  If they cannot, or will not, bear that responsibility, then they ought not to create any offspring.

This planet is sadly lacking in forethought, insight and self-discipline.  The innocent ones suffer most, and so history is being repeated all over again -- of children being unwanted by one or both parents -- until mortals wake up and say: ‘There has to be a better way.’

This, My beloved, is found in the inner life; the citadel of the spirit of those awakening ones who are willing to learn and teach others the better way of life.

This is the Correcting Time of the New Age, in which humans are learning to co-operate with their celestial teachers.

It will be a slow process at first, but the momentum will build in times to come.  This will depend on those who are willing to go within to listen to their still Voices, guiding them all in this co-operative venture of upliftment into the coming age of Light and Life on this beautiful, but retarded orb in space.

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