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Unknown - Empathy - Sep 17, 2010 - Progress Group, AU

Alabama, US of A, September 17, 2010.
Subject: “Empathy.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “One of the ‘side effects’ of a growing love for your brothers and sisters is empathy -- feeling the suffering of others, feeling pain because of the pain of somebody else.

“This is a natural reaction of human beings when they love others.  When our beloveds suffer, our spirit is moved, and somehow shares that suffering.  This ability of putting yourself in the shoes of others is unique in humans, and it is a product of the supermaterial elements of your being.

“Those who are awakening in the spiritual sense find that they are becoming more sensitive.  Things which in the past didn’t affect them, now make them suffer.  They start to notice the absurd things that happen in this world, the aberrations to the will of our Father and to His love.

“This is a forward step -- perhaps a little uncomfortable -- but it is the first step towards solving the problems of this sphere.  When you notice the suffering around you, the impulse to do something about it grows stronger.  When we realize we suffer, because of the pain of our brother or sister, at least we will not do anything to harm him or her.

“In this world, the evil that is done by a few is supported and promoted by the indolence of the majority.  When you start to spiritually wake up, you start to perceive your responsibility about what happens around you.  This is why the discipline of learning to know and follow the will of our Father is the cure for the maladies of this world.  Those who are doing things today that cause pain to our brothers and sisters will come to face the decision of continue traveling that road or turn into a more spiritual path.  Those who today just observe what is happening will find a way to share the light that is starting to glow within them to avoid more mistakes and suffering in this world.

“Longing for spiritual awakening is always the best path.  It’s the way to stop being part of the problem, and becoming one more light, which will illuminate for your brothers in darkness the path to an authentic relationship with our Father.  When you start seeing with the eyes of spirit, you will not be deceived by the vested interests of your elected leaders, nor will you remain idle in the face of actions that threaten to obscure truth, beauty and goodness for the benefit of few.”

Translated from spanish by Oscar.

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