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Layonta - Safety & Security - The Grace Within Your Hearts - Apr 12, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends, I just received this beautiful message from a new friend of mine.  Her name is Layonta.  I just learned about her through a poster on this forum.  Lately, when I learn about a celestial all of a sudden I hear them speaking to me.  Layonta told me that she had a message for me.  I was unable to take a message just then.  As is my custom I nap in the afternoon.  I was awoken from my nap with Layonta telling me that she had a message for me.  I told her OK when I wake up from my nap.  (lol)  When I awoke I felt her urging me to take a message.  This is the beautiful message that she gave me.  Layonta works closely with Serena, Monjoronson's chief of staff.]

Layonta, Unrevealed Son of God working with Serena
Safety and Security/The Grace Within Our Hearts

My dear child it is a pleasure to speak with  you.  I am a new friend you could say.  Although, I have known about you for some time.  That is the beauty of the universe that we live in child.  There are a host of personalities that we are constantly learning about.  It is a joy to get to know all of these personalities.  They all have so much to contribute to the whole, as do you child.

Tonight I would like to speak with you about safety and security.  It seems that on this world these things are greatly lacking.  So many of your brethren are suffering greatly.  They are concerned just walking out of doors.  Imagine if all of your waking hours were spent living in fear and isolation.  This is the lot of so many persons on your world.  It is truly very sad.

But the cure for such a predicament is so easy.  If love were given out freely then these episodes of fear and anguish would be greatly diminished.  Oh, if your brethren could see that living on the inside of their minds is a fragment of the Eternal One what a different world this would be.  Having such knowledge is the cure for what ails all of you.  Because if you were all able to see that a piece of the Eternal One did not discriminate you would be floored.  There are no walls, no boundaries, no edges, no corners when it come to the Eternal One.  This One embraces and loves all.  He loves you with all of your frailties and with all of your humanness.  The fact that any of you could look up and see the Eternal One is an astonishment.  Yet it is so.
For those of you that are on the inside, so to speak, let your lights shine.  Let the Father within be a beacon that attracts all of your brethren.  You are all like a walled fortress.  They come to you from all sides.  They run to your refuge.  They see the safety and the security in you.  There is something that they cannot define, yet they know it.  There inside of you they can find the safety and security that they cannot find outside of themselves.

In you there are no walls, no boundaries, no edges, no corners.  You are an open field that all may walk upon.  You are the out of doors, an escape from the realities of this world.  For in you there is a hope for the ages.  Let your brethren run to you when they are feeling down.  Let them run to you when they are feeling fearful.  Let them run to you when they are feeling anxious.  For in you is calmness.  For in you is peace.  For in you is serenity.  You see child, you and all of your brethren are safety and security.  You are the unlocked door that swings wide when your brethren come running.

For living inside of you is Christ Michael’s Spirit of Truth.  This living energy is like a work of art that comes to live in your heart.  This living energy moves within your heart.  It is there that you will find the strength when your strength gives out.  It is there that you will find courage when your courage gives out.  It is there that you will find security when it seems that your walls are tumbling down around you.  For when this living energy comes to live in your heart beauty has come home, has come home to stay.  There is now a beauty and an elegance about you.  True grace, true beauty, is only expressed through living beings.  You are all living beings that have inside of your hearts a grace that all can see.

But what does grace have to do with safety and security you ask?  Everything my child.  For if your heart is filled with grace then you will be able to weather all the uncertainties of this world.  You will raise your head high and face your troubles with elegance, with beauty.  Anything that may seem to threaten your safety and security will loom in front of you like a mere anthill.  You look down at that anthill and you laugh.  Oh, is that all it was?  Is that the only thing in my way?  You laugh because you had made such a mountain out of a molehill.  That is what grace is my child.  Grace is like that.  Once grace comes to live in your heart there is nothing that will be impossible for you.

But now what child?  You have such grace in your heart as do so many of your brethren.  Stand tall and let that grace emanate from your very pores.  You have the answers that your brethren seek.  They look at you and admire the way that you hold yourself.  They look at you and they want to know what it is that you have.  They look at you and want to know your secret.  What is the secret?  The secret is that grace has come to live in your heart and it shall never depart.

Point the way child.  Show through your actions and through your intent that grace lives in your heart.  Show your brethren that grace may live in their hearts also.  You see child this grace lives.  This grace moves.  This grace is dynamic.  This grace adapts.  This grace cares. This grace loves.  Because in all of your hearts is the living energy of the Master Son moving through you.  Do you feel it child?  Do you feel more alive?  Do you feel your fears eroding?  Do you feel your cares washing away?  Because the Master Son’s living grace moves through you and it searches out any and all that may be looking heavenward.  For when this living energy finds you there is no turning back.

Now that this grace has found you give it away.  Your brethren will look to you because they sense something in their hearts.  They know that there is something there, but they are unable to define it.  When they approach you offer what you have.  Let them find the grace that lives in their heart.  Let them say that on this day grace found me.  Grace has come to live in my heart.  You have what they seek because grace lives in your heart.  Let the living energy of the Master Son surge through you.  Let the living energy of the Master Son embrace all those that stand nearby.  Because of this they need no longer fear because on this day grace has come to live in their heart.

The peace of the Master Son has invaded your hearts.  You no longer fear for your safety and security.  The grace that lives in your hearts is like a beacon of light, multi-colored, that illuminates the darkness.  Give it out child, give it out.  Give out the grace that lives within you and watch, watch this world respond.  No longer will they feel isolated and alone.  No longer will they be fearful and anxious.  For grace has come to live in your heart and so it goes.  Grace flows from you to your brethren.  Let that living energy surround them and buoy them.  May grace, may beauty enter their hearts because they saw the grace, the beauty, that resided within your own heart.  My child, my child, you and all of your brethren have the strength and the grace to do this.  For the living energy of the Master Son resides within you and there is no turning back.

I am Layonta an unrevealed order that is working closely with my sister Serena.  I am so proud of you child.  Share this message with all of your brethren that grace may enter their hearts on this day.