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Good evening. I am your friend and your teacher Yogananda.

I am absolutely delighted to be present with you, you are beautiful souls all treading upon the ascension pathway. It is my pleasure and my honor to be with you this evening. There are a few words that I would like to speak with you first of all, and in preparation for your questions, I ask that you hold them until I have completed with the instructions that I have desired to give to you.

As you are aware in my mortal life I was a teacher from the east. It was my destiny to come to this country to teach what I knew and had learned from the evolution of the centuries of teachers and those who went before me. In this tradition I learned and understood many techniques, which when the West looked upon it, it seemed strange, weird almost and certainly beyond the realms of the imagination of the western mind. For the East has always been inwardly direct, looking for the spirit and the guidance within. In the East many had neglected the outward world when the inward world was so fascinating, so delightful and such an exciting place to be. However, the West has looked for God everywhere except within. It seemed to me in my pathway, there was a meeting of the minds which needed to occur and thus I was lead to your great country to deliver the lessons which needed to be taught to assist the western mind on focusing and redirecting his thought to find God within himself.

Thus I came, and thus I began my mission here. The ultimate objective of my mission is to love and to assist others to love more effectively, as God Himself desires for us. It is my only objective to assist in the generation of love from within, through the individual, and outward toward the world. Then ultimately to teach the cosmic understanding that we are all one, we are all following leadings and directed towards the loving Father who has created us.

The techniques which I have used in my teaching patterns have been effective for many individuals to find the God within him and although I know that they work and that they have been the vehicle through which many have found a joyous experience and loving relationship with God, I also know that it is not the only way nor necessarily the most effective way for individuals to find God within them. This Teaching Mission which you are associated with, uses the terminology called, the stillness, and it has avoided providing a doctrine or a specific mechanism by which individuals can find God. It has asked each individual to seek the stillness in the most effective way, the most comfortable way that each individual can find. I would like to encourage you, I would like to very much encourage you to find a comfortable, compatible system of seeking the stillness such that you can find the joy and the healing that is present within yourself with the companionship of God. I do not charge you with following my teachings. My system works for many individuals, but not necessarily is it the only way. I would like to make that very clear. Do you believe that God resides within you? If you do then that is all that is necessary to find him. I charge you with time, time spent with the loving Father. It may not be every moment of the day to begin with but ultimately you will find that seeking the stillness for a few moments every day will bring you to that point where you know you are walking with God in every living, breathing breath that you take. With this thought I would like to open the discussion to your questions.

(Couldn’t hear the question)

Yogananda) The incarnation is a very effective tool to teach people that they are growing, loving individuals, who are seeking the perfection of the I am. The concept of reincarnation has been a very comforting tool to assist those who have questions of the great beyond. I have come from the tradition that believed in the concept of past lives, taught reincarnation. I am currently involved in celestial planning for uplifting, upgrading and evolving the terminology that is often misrepresented in the teachings on this planet today. It is at the present time not for publications, so to speak, that is my involvement. However, there will be a time and a place in which Michael and the celestials who are working in this arena will divulge information which will assist those who hold to this belief system. It will not take away from them, but rather enlighten and uplift them in their progression towards the eternal life spoken of in the Christian realm. I hope this answers efficiently, settles your mind as to where I stand currently.

Question)In the Eastern world and in the Yoga meditation, there seems to be a lot of people who can bring themselves into the stillness position where they can be taught. Are you and the other teachers able to go into those minds that are in the stillness and do a lot of changing for those concepts?

Yogananda) It may not be done in the manner which you have in mind, but yes teachers are available, willing. And for those individuals in this arena asking, they will be given answers which will help them on an individual basis. Correct their understanding. Does this answer?

Question) Yes, I think the key element there is that much of the meditation going on in the world is not in an asking mode, but feel a presence, its a little different from seeking information.

Yogananda) You are correct. However I will add to what you have just stated the following idea. Words are not the only mechanisms by which understanding comes to the seeking mind. The presence of God, the connection with God, the experience of sharing beingness with God, is in and of itself all that is necessary to heal this world. Words are only a part of that experience.

Question) I understand that you are allowed to return to a planet. What procedure is necessary for you to return?

Yogananda) This is a very common question, particularly in the Urantia community because of what the Urantia book says about the ability of deceased mortals to return to the planet of their origin. Suffice it to say that because in my lifetime I devoted myself from a very early age to the spiritual realm, to learning, to growing and the devotion to spiritual understandings, I gained a level of understanding which I never like to use the word privileged, however I achieved that level in which I am privileged to return. I am not by any means the only individual who has left this planet who is able to do this, I am just one of many over the centuries who are the exception to this rule in the Urantia book. I anticipate that with the spiritual enlightenment and uplifting that is currently taking place on this planet, that many many more individuals will be able to do so. I am a teacher, and my mission on Earth has continued on at the request of Michael himself. I wish to emphasize once more that I am in no means the only individual of this century who has had this privilege. There are many more individuals who may achieve this in their lifetime.

Yogananda) I sense a very warm and loving environment and this pleases me very much. I do appreciate your attention to what I have to teach.

Question) I’m wondering about your life on this earth, I understand you never were married or had the privilege of being a father, or sex or any of the other things that are considered to be of this planet. Do you have any feelings of having been left out or not being fulfilled along those lines. Do you have any misgivings about the way you lived in order to do the things you did?

Yogananda) No, I am completely at peace with the choices that I made and the light that I know. I have no regrets. I believe that I practiced as a Father and a husband. Perhaps not in the sense in which you are referring to, but I do believe that I was able to experience the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man in a very satisfying and a nurturing manner.

Question) Some believe that the physical structure reflects the inner spiritual structure to a large degree, and we have learned that the spiritual lays within physical patterns. Can you comment on that belief in the relationship between spiritual and physical structures?

Yogananda) I would say this about your question. The soul is created through the mediation of mind, body and spirit. It is an integrating process, perfection of this experience is a relative matter. Individuals on this planet have much to endure that makes it extremely difficult to integrate mind, body and spirit in the most effective and beautiful manner that’s possible. There are many interfering factors, the Lucifer rebellion, the Adamic default. All of these factors have brought elements into the existing human consciousness which have taken away from this purity of beingness which mankind was given by his creator. You are in an age in which enlightenment is coming very, very rapidly. The awareness level of the mind, body and spirit connections are rapidly being discovered. They are being explained as is often the case in early discovery in many different forms and many different way. And yet, they are all saying the same thing. The mind is effected by the body. The body is effected by the mind. Spirit effects mind, spirit effects body. It is an integrating experience and it is for each individual to find the most effective way of balancing and integrating his own mind, his own body, and his own spiritual quest. It is a matter that is between the individual and his creator to find his balance, his integration which brings harmony in the existence as a material being. I hope this helps.

Can not hear question.

Yogananda) I will make the comment that I welcome the opportunity to expand my own commission in Michael’s’ creation. To those who are present and beyond, it is my delight to be here.

Question) In your present condition in the Morontial world, are you still working on the integration of the different areas of your being in order to keep a good balance?

Yogananda) Yes, of course. It can almost go without saying. For although I have achieved a balance which brings me peace, I am still a professor, in the sense, I am meant to teach.

Question) Would you like to make a comment on the integration of evolutionary religions of the East and the evolutionary religions of the West? Is there as much a difference as it seems to us?

Yogananda) I can answer your question quickly by saying yes or no, but there is much in which the belief systems blend, merge and are the same. And yet the approach to God is of very opposite light. As I previously stated, the West tends to see God outside of himself. The East tends to see God within. The East tends, that is those who are God seekers, to isolate and experience God as an individual, without great connectivity to other human beings. The West however, in their seeing God outside of themselves connects on many different levels with other individuals but fails to find the God within that connects all other human beings. It is difficult at some times to bring these two cultures together because the cultural experiences are so vastly different. Sometimes simply the language itself, prevents full understanding. But I am hoping that the qualities, the good qualities, the beautiful qualities of each system will ultimately blend into a greater system. Is this sufficient?

Question) Yes. Can you comment on the contrast between this present generation and the generation that is to come, that is to inhabit this world?

Yogananda) Oh yes, I can comment. I can say that I am optimistic, hopeful, that the generations to come will learn the lessons far more effectively and much more quickly than the previous generations past. It is the nature of evolution to be thus. For as the impact of previous learning’s, previous understandings become more fully integrated into all peoples. Everything follows more quickly. The next generation learns and understands with greater ease than the previous generations the new understandings that come through evolution.

Could not understand question)-

Yogananda) The experience of monitors is not known to me. I am as much in the dark as you are as to how the monitors are trained and dispensed within the universe. The Urantia book addresses this in a limited manner. There is far more, I have been told and believe to be true, about this particular aspect of implantation. It is not within my realm to really address this. But the generations to come will receive the best and the finest. For I know our Father will be just and loving and desires the very best for us. I speak correctively.

Can not hear question.

Yogananda)(some lost from turning tape) I believe that good comes from any experience that an individual or a nation has. Even though at any moment it may appear to be a disaster. For growth comes in this environment. This planet is undergoing tremendous change. Tremendous disintegration, as well as tremendous reintegration. The good, the love, that you all seek, the peace on this planet that will come to this planet when Light and Life is fully understood by a critical number of individuals will bring an era of unbelievable light with the whole universe. This troubled area of the universe, all eyes are upon it. And the mobilization going on within the universe to assist the individuals who must do the work, is beyond my ability to describe to you. Have faith, see the good in all that you may feel to be disaster. That is what the Correcting Time is all about. It is an opportunity for God’s presence to be more fully experienced among individuals and nations and planets and universes.

Could not understand question)-

Yogananda) I believe that you have touched upon a subject that is in a very infant stages of evolving within the Eastern thought. It is a gift that Western thought can bring to the East. You see there are many individuals who have experienced fully the love of God within the West. They have the tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I would like for those who have experienced Western traditions to glorify and uplift that which is true within the Western thought and keep it and hold it and teach it and present it to the eager seeking mind of the East, who finds it dissatisfying to know God within and not be able to experience God without himself. This concept of Creator Son is one aspect of exchange which the West has to give.

Comment) The younger generations will learn much more rabidly than the generation before. I know you cannot predict anything but I was wondering if you this concept of Michael and this concept of the universe as it says in the Urantia book, was intended to eventually permeate the entire planet.

Yogananda) The Urantia book is an incredible and important resource in evolution of critical thought and spiritual enlightenment on this planet. And you well know it a source but not necessarily the source of all truth. The Urantia book will appeal to certain individuals and not others, and God has many many other mechanisms so to speak, to reach his hungry children. Critical mass is the concept that we are touching upon when we speak of the following generation learning more quickly than the previous generation. It is easy for you to see this in terms of science or the growth of the economy and many other elements of human life. But spiritually, critical mass is yet to come when we are speaking of Light and Life and peace among men, such that this planet will take it’s rightful place in the Universe. I Hope I have not digressed too far from your question.

Question) This critical mass of spiritual light, is that when the majority of beings on this planet are aware of the path?

Yogananda) Yes, simply put, and eloquent. I encourage you to use that thought in your own teachings. Light and Life is the objective, but is it not also within the clear view of each individual to experience Light and Life in the now? When enough individuals see, feel, and experience that they too are living in Light and Life in the here and now, Light and Life will come to this planet.

Comment(Thank You)

Yogananda) Is there a sense of exhaustion? I believe that we can continue on another time if that would be acceptable, since the receiver transmitter is getting a little bit tired. I will return any time when her physical state, and your physical states can come together.

Question) Do you have other T.R.’s that you could use?

Yogananda) I am willing to work with anyone who asks for me. Anyone with a sincere heart and desires to serve God. Yes, there are others with whom I have developed a relationship with.

Thank you.