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Unknown Teacher - Living The Golden Rule - Nov 29, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Urantia, November 29, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Living the Golden Rule.”

Received by Lytske.

Teacher: “Persevere, child, persevere in listening to the still Voice within, the Gift from the eternal God, who delights in being intimately connected with all His evolving mortal offspring on all the worlds of space and time.  Everything is astir in this wide playground of the Gods, who all in like measure delight in the adventures of the children of time, and have given them the space to do so.

“We all, as Creators, endeavor to encourage the children of time to sincerely desire to do God’s will, which is to always live according to the golden rule of doing unto others as you yourself would like to be treated -- with dignity and respect, and recognizing in each other the Spark from God within.

“It would be so wonderful if each mortal child could learn as early as possible to accept all his or her playmates as equals, without any ‘contamination’ of the opinions of others.  Parents and other caregivers carry a huge responsibility in this.  In a single generation many beneficial changes would occur if racism could be overcome in such manner and by such education if children at a very young age could learn that the same Creator God inhabits them all as a tiny Spark, which carries the blueprint for eternal life within them.

“All belonging to varied belief-systems would then begin to realize, and include in their teachings, that they all share the same root-Source of creation.  All erroneous and false belief systems could be put under the looking glass, and all humans would learn where lies the biggest problem in living together in peace and harmony with each other.

“By living the golden rule, much disharmony and bickering would disappear, and joy and peace would be increasingly experienced.  Do see each other as children of the Universal Creator God.  In this way you can more easily discover what you have in common, as the Creator’s life-blood flows through each mortal.  You all partake of His energy from which everything is created.  This energy comes from the heart of God in the form of love.

“Think about this and consider where you can improve your views about all others.  Be in My peace.”

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