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Siraya - Like Ripples In A Pond - Apr 01, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends,  I just received a beautiful message from Siraya, Master Spirit of super universe number one.  He just provided an illustration to demonstrate the Father's undying, unconditional and eternal love for us.  The knowledge of such love spurs us on to greater acts of love and compassion here on our home world.]

Siraya, Master Spirit Number One
Like Ripples In A Pond

My dear child this is Siraya, Master Spirit of super universe number one.  It brings me great pleasure to speak with you and to see things turning the corner on Urantia.  These things are turning a corner because of the Father’s love.  Yet you all do not really understand the love of the Father.  This infinite love is impossible for me to express to you in any way that would be adequate.  But I would like to offer an illustration which may help you all to understand the infinite love of the Eternal one.

Have you ever been beside a pond?  No doubt many of you remember that when you were children you used to love skipping rocks off of the pond.  You would get a rock as flat as you could and you would hurl the rock sideways hoping that this method would produce the highest number of skips.  Whoever got the highest number of skips off the pond would be the winner.  It didn’t really matter who won, it was just a fun thing to do.  Especially was it a fun thing to do on a hot summer’s day when all the children were out of school.

But perhaps as children you did not take a closer look.  Did you ever watch as the stone that you had skipped died down?  After the stone sunk into the depths of the pond there was always a ripple that was left behind.  The ripples started out small at first.  But then these ripples widened making ever wider circles.  It seemed that if you watched long enough you would watch as the ripples reaching the opposite shore of the pond.

There is something mesmerizing about a ripple.  There is something gentle, something calm and placid.  There is beauty in the rings, the vibrations, that are caused when a little child throws a rock into a pond.  These ripples are like musical vibrations that sound their tunes into the surrounding ether.  Imagine if there was a ripple that started at the center of the pond and kept radiating outwards.  When it reached the shore its vibrations would radiate out back towards the center again.  Back and forth in an endless cycle these ripples would form and travel endlessly.

Now think of our Eternal Father at the center of all things.  He skipped a stone on the fabric of the cosmos starting a ripple.  This ripple started out small at first until it picked up steam.  Across the pond of outer space this ripple traveled skipping off stars and galaxies.  The rings, the vibrations of this ripple became exponentially larger until it embraced all of inhabited reality.  A little child on a planet such as yours felt that ripple enter into his heart and into his soul.  This ripple then reverberated back out and returned to the source from whence it came.

The Eternal Father skipped a stone of unconditional love out across the endless pond of space and such a stone caused endless ripples to form.  When these ripples had reached their destination they vibrated back to the center.  When these ripples return to the Father out they go again to follow the endless and eternal cycle laid down by the Eternal One.

The Infinite Father’s love is just like that.  There is no beginning to it and there is no end to it.  These love vibrations ripple out in a steady and constant stream back and forth, back and forth.  Out the ripples go into the universe and back they come in again to then start their journey anew.  If you were able to watch these love ripples, these love vibrations you would be mesmerized.  It would take you back to the time when you were a child again.  You would watch quietly and silently as the ripples gently radiated out across the pond to the other side.  There is a majestic beauty, a reassuring calm to these ripples, these love vibrations.  There is such reassurance because these love ripples are not following a pattern etched out in water.  These love ripples search out all beings from one side of the universe to the other side of the inhabited universe.

Will you come to the pond today and skip a stone?  Watch as the ripples generate out to the center, to the center of all things.  For at the center of all things there resides the Infinite One awaiting for the ripples to reach him.  Because these ripples that He receives bear the earmarks of the unconditional love that you give back to Him.  You have continued a never ending cycle, a never ending cycle initiated by the Eternal One.  Playfully He throws another stone into the endless pond of outer space and the ripples begin to travel anew.

My dear, dear children this is a simple illustration of the Eternal Father’s undying love for you.  You see my children, can you hold a ripple in your hands?  Can you catch that ripple and store it somewhere?  Or does such a ripple defy your attempts to snare it?  The Father’s love is like a ripple that you cannot capture, that you cannot imprison.  The Father’s love is alive.  The Father’s love is dynamic.  The Father’s love is moving within you.  Can you capture ripples that move through your heart?  Can you capture ripples that move through your soul?  That would be impossible.  So it is impossible to capture your Eternal Father’s love and quantify it.

But just like flowing water that moves over your hands so your Eternal Father’s love is like a ripple that you feel run down your arm and hands until it returns to the water source.  You cannot snare it, but you watch as the water of His love flows everlastingly around and around defying your attempts to interrupt the flow.

Please my children will you understand just this one thing?  That the Father’s love for you is unsurpassing.  That the Father could never harbor feelings of disappointment and disgust.  He loves you in such a way that I could never use mere words of a human language to express that to you.  Do you feel it children?  There are never ending streams of the Father’s love that enter your heart.  These never ending streams of his love cycle back and forth to Him endlessly.  His love, His ripples, radiate out in search of you.  Once they leave His side these ripples will not stop until they find you by the banks of a pond throwing a stone sideways so as to get the maximum amount of skips.  You watch as those ripples radiate back to the source to continue the endless cycle.  The endless cycle of the Infinite Ones love, the Infinite Ones ripples that are always in search, in search of His beloved children.

I am the voice of the Father crying out, crying out to ensure His children of His eternal love for them.  I withdraw until another time.