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Group: Unknown

Teacher: Devina

Topic: Peace Of Mind

August 29, 2000

I am Devina. I wish to soothe your hearts and minds, to bring you my comfort. It is your peace of mind that we seek. To bring you into our vibration. To harmonize you, so that you may be in harmony with others. This is your lesson, to bring you into co-ordination and co-operation with harmony and love. This requires that you continue, daily, and daily again, to practice the stillness wherein you will learn to co-ordinate your thoughts and your emotions into your faith. And so, to then be able to co-operate with each other and to carry your faith in harmony and love to others. For you can see both from your own experiences and from the distress that is brought to you by others, you can see that your world is hungry for faith. Faith for many is learned by seeing it and experiencing it in others. It is your faith that allows you to embrace distress. It is your faith that allows you to speak into disturbance with words and a voice of harmony and love. Of course you must never back-off from the truth. This is only to create a false sense of harmony and peace. Your faith in me, your faith in Michael, your faith in the Father, in the Mother Spirit of God, it is your faith that demands your loyalty to truth.

Truth may create whirlwinds of disturbance. For many suffer false truth, or, as I have said, consequently, false peace. But truth, even as it marches through the storms, truth will lead you to peace, harmony and love. And so you must have faith, not just in God, not just in Michael, but you must have faith that the Spirit of Truth has been given to you to bring you into our loving embrace. It is the practice of your faith, the practice of your stillness, that will teach you. This practice will teach you how to connect with our vibrations and allow us to change your emotions, your thoughts, your behavior, so that you, like us, can be servants to Michael and to Father and to Mother. It is the service of love that brings true harmony and peace to all.