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Siraya - The Great Deception Will Soon Die - Mar 20, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends, I just received this encouraging message from Siraya.  Sometimes we may feel like slaves on this planet, but I just received assurance otherwise.  The birth into a new paradigm is painful at times, but the end product will be great freedom and great joy!]

The Great Deception Will Soon Die

My dear children this is the voice of the Father Siraya.  I am always greatly pleased to speak with children of mortality.  Children such as yourselves are just beginning your journey.  You are just beginning your journey to discover the Eternal One.  The Eternal One that is the Father of light and the Father of enlightenment.  For it is enlightenment that shines upon all areas of darkness.  These areas of darkness can no longer stand up as the Father’s penetrating light breaks up the darkness and the works thereof.

When you are born into this world you are free.  You never knew this due to the ramifications of the Lucifer rebellion.  You were slaves to a system.   You were slaves to a system that was put into place many thousands of years ago.  But in reality, my children, you are free.  You are free.  You are free.  When a child is born into a family of loving parents is there any question that this child is a child of its parents?  The mere fact that this child is born into that loving family is enough to prove that that child is part of the family.  That child does not have to do anything to prove that it is part of that family.  My dear, dear children, the simple fact that you have been born makes you a child of a God.  You are the child of the Eternal One.  There is nothing that can change that fact.  The Eternal One, this One, is the freest person in all existence.  This One, this Eternal One wants to share with you that grand feeling of freedom.  

When you know that you are free there is a strong desire to sing.  You feel that freedom deep, deep within your heart and soul.  Such a feeling causes you to sing spontaneously and loudly.  You can no longer hide the feeling of immense joy in your heart and soul.  You are free.  You are the child of the Eternal One.  You are the child of the Eternal One and you are free.  Sing out loud and sing out strongly.  Those that are free sing a song for the ages.  A song that reverberates throughout the cosmos.  The stars and planets sing along with you as you sing out loud.  They accompany you as you sing, because you are free. You are free.

Every birth is precipitated by anxiety and pain.  The mother about to give birth knows that she is about to go through a very painful period in her life as she gives birth to her child.  She cries out in her anguish and in her pain as the labor pains come on with ferocity.  She screams out in her pain as she hopes for a positive outcome.  The baby’s head crown’s.  A few more pushes and her pain shall be no more.  The shoulders are pushing through.  One more push and the baby has come into the world.  The attendant gently places the baby on its mother’s chest.  The mother looks at her child for the first time and there is instant connection and instant love.  She forgets about the pain  that she just went through.  If she had the strength she would sing out loud.  But in her heart and in her mind she begins to sing.  Another child has been born.  Another child that will be free.  She sings out loud in her heart and the stars and the planets sing along.  Another child has been born.  A child that shall ever be free in the arms of the Eternal Father.

My dear children, this world is in its birth pangs as I speak.  This world is fraught with much anxiety and pain.  The old paradigm dies.  The old paradigm passes away.  The Great Deception is about to pass off the world scene.  The Great Deception that began with the Lucifer rebellion dies.  And with it dies the slavery engendered by such rebellion.  The Lucifer manifesto promised freedom.  Freedom to choose for oneself.  The intent was admirable, its application disastrous.  Because the very thing that Lucifer advocated was just the opposite of what actually manifested.  For there is no freedom in self or selfish pursuits.  There is freedom in the Eternal One.  This has been proved over and over again throughout Urantia’s history and the history of the universe.  True freedom comes from learning about the will of the Father.  True freedom comes about from learning about the love of the Father.  For when you all align yourselves with the perfect will and the perfect love of the Father there is freedom.  Lucifer overlooked this fact.  For Lucifer proposed that there really is no Eternal Father that exists at the center of all things.  The local universe Creator Sons and the Super Universe Ancients of Days were nothing more than dictators, according to him, bent on removing the freedoms from innocent children.  These innocent children crying out to be free.

By insisting that little children break out on their own to find freedom, Lucifer led them all to slavery.  This slavery has lasted for two hundred thousand years.  But no child of God has ever truly been slaves.  In the minds of mortal man a piece of the Eternal One has come to live in the lives of His children.  It is these Father fragments that lead its children to true freedom.  Can there ever be truer freedom than being led by the Eternal One towards the rewards of eternity?  Can there ever be more freedom than being co-creators with the Eternal One?  You dear children can choose whatever thing it is that you want to excel in.  Anything that is your heart’s desire can be accomplished.  Infinity takes your hand and leads the way.  Will you take infinity’s hand and be led to the Eternal One?

When infinity takes your hand you sing out with great and un-surpassing joy.  The stars and galaxies and planets sing along with you.  You sing to them a song of freedom.  Their light beams in front of you like spotlights that illuminate the stage that you are on.  You are on a stage of the universe.  The universe looks on and is enthralled.  They see this drama playing out.  All the universe is silent as you sing a song of unparalleled freedom.  For the Great Deception has died.  The Great Deception has died and there is no place for it any longer on heaven or upon earth.

A child is being born.  A child of freedom.  A child of God.  A child of the Infinite One.  Break the shackles that have held you fast for so many years.  For so many years.  Mother pushes her child into the open air.  Her child is placed gently upon her breast.  Except this child is mankind as it emerges from centuries of darkness and deception.  There will be much pain and anxiety until this child is born.  But when this child is born a spiritual renaissance will ensue.  A spiritual renaissance  like no other.

Then you will know it.  You will know that you are free and that you have always been free.  Let the tears of gladness roll down upon your cheeks.  For deep inside all of your minds and all of your hearts there exists freedom like you have never known before.  You have been born.  You have been born upon the lap of the Eternal One.  You are a child of God and He is your Father.  Sing a duet.  Sing a duet of freedom.  Everlasting freedom.  You have found the Eternal One and you are free.  Sing a song for the ages.  Eternally you shall sing while the stars and the planets and the galaxies sing along with you.  You are free.  You are free.  You are free.  You have found the Eternal One and you are free.

My dear children I am Siraya, the voice of the Father.  Revel in the freedom that is yours.  I take my leave until another time.