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Prolotheos; Ophelius; Rahel - Being Available - Change - Whats Important - 4 Transcripts - Mar 13, 2011 - Progress Gr, AU

Chicago, US of A, January 25, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Being Available.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “As I conveyed to you earlier, I want to talk to you, at this late hour about ‘Being Available’.

“Being available for service is one of the most precious secrets of ministry.  You cannot be of service to anybody, if you are not available.  What I mean by ‘being available?’  Being available, from a spiritual viewpoint is to be willing to engage or be engaged in an activity that is not primarily for your personal gain.  It is the disposition for being a channel to minister to others -- to bestow goodness upon others.  Your benefit from being available will be a consequence of the fact you made yourself available, that is, the spiritual satisfaction that it grants.

“Let me be clear that God doesn’t need your service for Himself.  God needs nothing from anyone.  However, He does want to use you to minister to others that are in need.  Every genuine desire to help others comes from God, since He is the One who knows every human being, and knows them so well as to take notice of every small need they have.  So, when a neighbor’s need is pointed out to you, know that this prompting comes from God, most often through your Thought Adjuster that lives in our mind and is able to put these leadings in your heart.

“However, the leadings and insights of your Thought Adjuster will not be noticed by you if you do not hold in your heart the determination to be available -- the very important decision of putting the needs of others even before your own needs.  Becoming available doesn’t come from a decision of a passing moment.  It is, in fact, a life-decision that imparts an attitude, a state, a disposition in your life towards others, making you ever ready to help others when prompted about their problems.

“In fact, it is more a question of spiritual readiness, than going out to look for somebody in need to help.  There is an intention, but such readiness flows so naturally in your walk of life that you cannot miss a needy human being on your way.  When you have this spiritual readiness, there will be no conflict, doubt, internal debate, if you should or should not help your fellow human being in need, because you know you must, and you simply will.

“Again, being available is not a momentary decision.  It comes from the adoption of the value of goodness in your life.  All who have committed their lives to spread goodness will be enabled with the readiness for it.  It is a sensitivity and ability that grows within, which empowers you to naturally, effortless, do the will of God.  You will not need anybody to teach you or to instruct you, because you will know what to do, naturally, spontaneously.

“Are you available to minister goodness to others?  It doesn’t come without an attitude of putting aside the self and your immediate interests.  The self is important only in the way it is a channel to help others.  Remember that your current self is only temporary -- as is your mind -- and will cease of exist after death.  It is a personal tool you have in this life, so you can produce and progress with the help of the Adjuster by making decisions that lead to truth, goodness and beauty, through which to build up your soul, destined to survive beyond this life.

“I am Prolotheos, glad to spread this word of instruction to you all who are in the beginning of your celestial career.  Carry on, my friends.  As I was available to you this night, be always available to others, my friends.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.


Michigan, US of A, March 6, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Winds Of Change.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today I would like to talk about the recent unrest in the world and why we are seeing it sweep across the nations like a disease-producing agent.  The changing times are witness to the increased spiritual pressures that are being brought to bear on the planet.  The Spirit of Truth is beginning to function in the hearts and minds of many new souls that are now just awakening to the inner voice, and who no longer believe in the words and promises of men in power who abuse the trust of the people for personal gain.

“This is the second wave of spiritual power in recent times to sweep the planet.  The first wave began just after the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion in the mid 1980s when communism fell in eastern Europe.  Now we are seeing the power of the spirit manifest in the Middle East. You my friends, are living in exciting times on your world and you are witnesses to the Correcting Time as it unfolds.

“Most men and women on your world want the same things regardless of culture, race, or religion.  They want peace, love, freedom, and the opportunity to express their creative potentials.  Many, for the first time, in desperation, are turning inward to seek the council of the God within during this struggle to find purpose and meaning in life.  It is only through much labor and pain do these spiritual breakthroughs come to men and women after them having been brainwashed about the nature of God and the treatment of their fellows.

“This front line of enthusiasm is only the beginning of what will come to pass in the struggle for peace and freedom.  Only when we see true restoration in the equality of women in society will real change begin to function purposefully and serve the whole of humanity.  Women have a tremendous role to play in the rate of change and the outcomes of political and societal transformation.  We encourage you, sisters, to embolden your cause.

“The old ways must pass away and the powers of oppression must be overthrown.  Men and women of integrity and high ideals must step forward and take their places in the political arenas of these confused nations and serve the many by weeding out corruption and putting the needs of the people first.  The difference between all political systems is the level of corruption tolerated by the people of that system.  The choice must be clear in the heart and mind whether to take the bribe and submit to oppression, or serve the principles of righteousness.  The Spirit of Truth will always point toward righteousness.  Those that serve righteousness will have God’s messengers at their side.

“Open your ears, open your hearts, open your minds, oh children of the earth, for God is moving in your midst.

“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.


Michigan, US of A, March 13, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “What is Truly Important.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “Today is a sad day for many as they try to put their lives back together after a horrific earthquake and tsunami, and as we have discussed previously, there will be many more of these events as the Correcting Time unfolds.  You see, the things that were once important to many have now become less important.  It is now human relationships, and values of love, compassion, and sympathy that are most important in these uncertain times.  These are tremendous opportunities for soul growth and transformation, and these are opportunities for you, students on the path, to re-think what is truly important to you.

“Your short stay on the worlds of time and space may be even shorter for some, so it is best to live each day with gratitude, and enjoy the moments you have with loved ones, for tomorrow change will come upon you, and you may never again get the chance to tell someone how feel about them, how you love them, or how important they are in your life.  I admonish you to be conscious of this temporary estate you inhabit and stop wasting days in mundane sleep giving care to material matters -- reach out to your fellows and enjoy the moment with each and every one who crosses your path.

“Events are moving very quickly now, my friends, and many of you feel that time is speeding up.  This feeling of time change will continue to increase as the events of the times unfold.  Stay grounded and focused in the days ahead, and take the opportunities that are placed before you to help your less enlightened fellows to understand what is truly important -- be a councilor of light by giving words of comfort and hope.  Plant the seeds of eternal life and let the acceleration of the changing times water and nurture these new thoughts in the darken minds of the sleepers.  It is so very important, and with so little time, that these multitudes become prepared.

“You, my friends, are the ambassadors of light in this world, and you will be given much love and attention from the spirit world in your efforts to make a difference in the lives of your fellows.  New power from on high is available to you.  Drink it into your soul now and let it burst forth from you like a shining sun.  You are all light anchors, and wherever you are, when you walk into a room, or into a group of your fellows, imagine yourself to be a sphere of light that is growing in intensity, filling every darkened corner of the room, and passing through every person near you, bathing them in this wonderful light of love, compassion, and sympathy.  This is not just an exercise for your own benefit, but it is a real spiritual outpouring of light and power that has a real effect on other persons whose indwelling spirit will bear witness to the light.  It is the soul that will receive this light and information to be used in these changing times that are now upon us.

“Godspeed my friends,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.


Urantia, March 1, 2011.
Teacher Rahel.
Subject: “The Name is not Important.”

Received by Yoela.

Teacher Rahel: “I was waiting for you.  Please be more alert to my presence.  Today I would like to talk about how to continue our communications in a way that is more beneficial to us.  The more sensitive you become the sooner we can start a sincere dialog.

“Humans find it difficult to understand that we don’t have a single name.  In different places we have to adapt to the culture and even the traditions you might have about time-space frames.  We come with a single desire or purpose, which is to serve the Source through every mortal that has the will to establish a link with any Celestial being.

“The name is not important.  What is important is the message that there is a host of personalities loyal to Christ Michael that are at this moment supporting those who feel capable of breaking old paradigms and starting the inner search with the help of their Thought Adjuster.  To many, this name has no meaning.  Some think that this is about adjusting some conducting electrochemical ‘wiring’.  Some believe a chip will be inserted in their brains to make them receivers.  They don’t realize that this gift is already present in every normal mind.

“All of us adapt to your beliefs.  This is why we try to clarify as much as possible that the name is not important!  If you call it the Divine Presence, it is the Divine Presence.  If you call it the I Am, it is the I Am.  If you call it the Inner Christ, it is the Inner Christ.

“We just ask you that you let yourselves be guided by the vibrations or by the fruits that will be revealing themselves during the days of your lives – a joy that fills every corner of this world, a sense of humor to not consider yourself very seriously, but to consider life seriously.

“All the messages you receive in one way or another increase your awareness, and inspire you to accelerate the process of eternal union with the Being inside you.  This is enough proof of this reality.  What is written as a message, and does not leave anything in your heart, simply came from the mind.  However, when feelings arise, they bring a deeper meaning, like a soft echo that permeates every cell of your bodies to help you grow.

“All humans have the same basic characteristics, and this is why it was said that change starts with the most important person: yourself.  If you start a process of self-discovery, or self cultivation, you are contributing greatly to the progress of others.  Like domino pieces, one after the other will push forward to deeper realizations by all.

“I am Rahel. To others, Raél, an ascendant being authorized to be in active service on Urantia.  I have worked with people on every continent.  Many times my name has been pronounced and not everything that was said in my name is true.  However, all is well.  You need to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Little by little our communication will flow easier.

“Please remember: Humility does not mean passiveness.  It is not to just turn the other cheek.  Service is not being servile to everybody, especially to your own inertia.  Love is not giving everything to be accepted.  Brotherhood does not mean silence when we see wrongs.  Mercy is not solving other people’s problems and taking away their right to learn and grow.

“And most importantly, be in touch with the Divinity within yourselves.  Make it your daily sustenance because ‘man does not live by bread alone.’  Your soul is thirsty for truth and for communion with your siblings all over the cosmos.”

Translated from Spanish by Oscar.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.