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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

Teacher: Darid

Topic: Blessed are the Peacemeakers

January 25, 2004

* Darid (Jonathan TR): Said Jesus, "Blessed are the peacemakers." I ask, What about peacemaking brings such divine recognition? I am Darid. I wish to bring thoughts to your minds that may encourage you to be peacemakers in the kingdom of heaven. Obviously making peace implies that there is conflict out of which peace is the sought solution, the end result, and it goes without saying that in life there will always be some degree of conflict, some friction, viewpoints that agitate another. It is an ideal that all experience peace, that each one experiences camaraderie, affection, similarity of viewpoint. Yet owing to the fact that God has given each one of us personality unlike any other's, we will never experience identical perspectives, nor will we value any ideal or any goal with the same importance. Each one will invest in a stand, a perspective, according to the appropriateness of the time period in which one functions. Making peace, while not successful as applied in an attempt to smooth over differences, is powerful when applied with the intention of integrating differences.

Every effort made to clarify the reasons behind conflicting views expedites the arrival of the experience of peace among the parties. And the blessings to one who seeks peace are the development in oneself of honor and respect, of worth, value of oneself, of heightened appreciation of that which drives and motivates others and oneself, and the development of the skill of interweaving conflicts into a network that is coordinated. Any encounter of friction, of agitation, exists only for a short period of time and is often resolved. It may not be resolved rightfully; conflict may cease through dominance, with one more powerful than another and therefore that viewpoint reigns. Or it may be resolved through peacemaking, the diplomacy of mutual understanding and resolve and coordinated accommodation. The event will come and pass, but that which remains becomes the possession of those who pursue peace: character traits, behavioral modifications, and attainments that will apply across your life in many ways, peaceful or not. While peacemaking brings harmony and joy and fellowship, the peacemaker is blessed beyond the making of peace. It is the accumulation of these skills I have spoken of that becomes your reward. As you grow you deepen your relationship with God.

While you grow you accumulate many spiritual fruit. It is often the fruit that is sought and used as the benchmark of growth. If you can see that you are more patient, kinder, more peaceful, it is assumed you have grown. While this is true, for these acquirements are the result of your growth, seeking them alone is not growth. They are the results. Growth is deepening your relationship with God and, resultant from that, the deepening of your fellow relationship, in understanding your position in the family of God. Your perspective of every one of your fellows becomes integrated into an enlarged picture of multi-purposes. Each purpose is the driving force behind everyone else's growth. As you view this you are better positioned to accommodate those actions and pursuits of others that appear to result in conflict. Eventually in spiritual maturity acceptance replaces the tendency to correct or to dominate another's pursuit of truth. You understand that each one of you is not to be identical to one another, that diversity is the beautiful manifestation of personality bestowed by the Father of all, and that to homogenize yourselves would run counter to the will of the Father who desires the experience of all the variety that each represents. While peacemaking implies conflict, it also acknowledges and honors difference and seeks to coordinate. Rather than erase difference, it ventures to interweave these differences into a stronger connectivity.

I have in the past expressed the value of a braided rope, for it is stronger than single strands. Each strand may be seen as a different viewpoint. The peacemaker can weave, can braid, these strands into a rope far stronger than any element. How can the melchizedeks who are self governing continue to function as one body while they govern themselves under the rule that each must take care of their own supervision and not fall to pieces either through the tendency of one to correct the others or for each to scatter into their own pursuits, independent of and abandoning each other? It is due to this peace ability, of weaving together the distinctions that make each individual into a unified, strong body -- not blended, not melted, but distinct and, as I have said, braided. All through your life you will be required to hone your skills at making peace. Each episode will come and go, and again will come a time when you will be engaged in making peace. The importance of each event can be crucial to any party involved, but the long-lasting result is your development of character and the acquirement of skill, your increase in spirit fruit. These acquisitions of spirit personality carry over into other aspects of your life besides making peace. It will carry into developing meekness and purity of heart. I am happy to express myself today, to make an attempt to increase your appreciation of that which you acquire throughout your growth.

Growth is solely toward God and for God, for Him as much as for you. All else that's acquired in the process is the reward of growth and not growth itself. Whether you make peace or pursue other results from activities in your life, blessings follow, accumulations that become your possessions. They become the trophies of your growth experience. In love I thank you.

Evelyn: Thank you and it's good to hear from you. Peacemaking is one of those things that can be done in the smallest, relatively petty incidents between people or in huge calamities affecting countries and millions of people.

* Darid: Quite right. What must be applied to the minuscule is applied likewise to the enormous. The transition toward peace in both extremes is the same. Yet you may never be required to undertake large-scale peacemaking in this life. Every undertaking of a smaller scale yields personality far more capable than prior to the event to engage in peacemaking activities of which in this life you have yet to conceive of that will transpire in the complex social undertakings in the worlds beyond.

Evelyn: I hope those aren't as ghastly as our wars.

* Darid: I assure you they are not, but your wars exemplify the lack of development of peacemaking skills. Your wars are not conflicts but outbursts of frustration from the inability to cope with the conflict associated with narrowness of perspective, self-oriented endeavors. But these reasons for your wars are still petty compared with the complex interassociations that you will find on higher worlds. Your wars will become laughable from the amount of energy and investment placed in them over such relatively inconsequential conflicts. As you ascend you will engage in even greater differences of opinion. Now you have cultures that clash. Imagine when you encounter entirely different worlds that are different. The blessings of peacemaking will reward you over and over again in your ascent. There aren't the wars, however, there is an increased need and a requirement for establishing harmony, valuing differences, and accommodating one another for the benefit of each and peace among the whole.

Evelyn: We were discussing choosing among the thousands of things one can do in life. You have brought up peacemaking, which helps thin down the choices. When you think of what skills are worth developing, they are the ones we can take with us. Lots of choices don't contribute to personal growth or anyone else's growth.

Tom: One doesn't think of peacemaking as a project, necessarily, like feeding the poor. It's a more subtle job to be considered. It's work.

* Darid: Peacemaking often is engaged in after a critical point ensues wherein conflict begins to become increasingly violent, when in reality peacemaking is an as-you-pass-by activity at all points of time in your life. "Peace maintaining" is perhaps a better phrase, as long as one does not let maintenance tempt one to ignore differences. It is fine in the nature of Supremacy for you to encounter tensions, for your voices to be raised as you express what is important. That is not the loss of peace, if one is able to infuse that value with actions that accelerate harmonizing differences rather than eliminating the opponent.

Tom: We read a memorandum about a proclamation to take place this Thursday at 7:00 PM. Is there anything you can add to this? Is this something we can do on our own or would you recommend us getting together? Would a telephone conference be in order?

* Darid: This proclamation is for anyone who desires to increase your involvement in the Correcting Time Mission. It will be forthcoming regardless of your attendance. If your heart is pure in intention you will receive the information at that moment or subsequently as a matter of record. However, it is worthwhile to the individual to make an effort to be present at the slated time. Naturally you do not need to accumulate in the same geographic location to be present in spirit, present in mental attention. You have mentioned conferencing. This is effective now that your technology accommodates it. We do such conferencing often as there are far greater distances between groups, and coordination still remains necessary. Two factors will bear upon those who bend their ears to hear. First and foremost will be that you each reassess and more deeply commit yourselves to spiritual pursuit, taking a moment to recognize selfless sincerity and to abandon the self- propagated interests, goals, and undertakings that are wishes of your own and not for the betterment of the planet. Secondly, you will be asked to deepen your commitment to the planetary project, to make yourself available, willing, and ready to engage in dissemination of knowledge of a spiritual nature and the service of your brothers and sisters, even to the extent of ministry in crisis. This is all I can be forthcoming about, as the day has not arrived.

Tom: Sounds like the long awaited project is finally on the table.

* Darid: My response is that things are astir.

* Tom: Thank you for your comments.

* Darid: I will close our meeting. It has been thoroughly enjoyable. I will not lengthen it that the pages become too long or your tape runs out. It is a pleasure to be in your company in this form. Keep up your good work, my friends. It is noted on high and supported. I will be back.