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Urantia The Planetary Supreme - A Knot of Great Confusion - Feb 20, 2011 - Progress Group, AU

Michigan, US of A, February 20, 2011.
Mother Urantia.
Circle of Seven Spokesperson.
Subject: “A Knot of Great Confusion.”

Received by Chris.

Circle of Seven Spokesperson: “Today we have a special message from one that you will know: Mother Urantia.

Mother Urantia: “Dear child, I desire to speak with you and all those who dwell upon my surface.  I am going through great changes just as are you in this Correcting Time.  It is not wrath that I feel for you when the plates shift and the ground shakes, when the weather becomes dangerous, or when volcanoes erupt.  It is part of my transformation.  Just as a mother travails in the hour before the birth of a child, I too am in travail for the rebirth of what will become a new earth for a new age.  I feel love for all of you, my children, and I look forward to the better times ahead when all men and women will treat their native planet with love, respect, and take great care of the precious resources that I freely give to make your short stay here beautiful and joyful.

“Bear with me in the coming days, and feel the love that I have for you.  I am reaching out to all those sensitive ones that feel my connection most strongly to let them know of my hour.  Be alert and listen to my heartbeat, for it is my desire that you be aware in this hour.  Farewell my children.”

Circle of Seven Spokesperson: “We would ask everyone to take time out from your busy day and review the love connections you have with friends and family.  Make note of how important each one of these loved ones have been to your development and to your experiences here in this life.  Meditate briefly on each one and send them love energy back, thanking them for the love, the lessons, the experiences that made you who you are.  Forgive those that have caused you pain, and send healing love to them now.  Reach out with your mind now and connect with all those who are reading this message, and to all those who are sensitive to your mother earth, and send her your healing energies.  Receive the Light from Paradise through your crown and direct it deep down into the center of the earth.  Feel the connectedness of all things and beings -- the oneness of all.  When you feel this connection to the whole, you will have greater understanding for the ways of the Creator to move and make perfect all of creation.

“While you feel the great peace of this connected consciousness, you will also feel the great confusion of those that are yet outside the light, stumbling about in their unconnected darkness following after the illusions of unreality.  It is a chaotic vibration of desperation, and it is this feeling of confusion that all of humanity subtly perceives in the subconscious and at the superconscious levels of their mind.  Connect to this feeling and send love and peace into this circuit of confusion.  Visualize a huge tangled and knotted rope that represents this confusion.  Now, visualize your love and peace energy going into the tangle -- slowly and carefully watch as the open end of the rope starts to unwind each twisted loop and relaxes into a perfectly straight line.  Now see all the others that you are connected with send their energy into the knot and see the rate of change increase and watch as the knots fall away leaving a perfectly uncoiled twine that is now useful to all humanity -- a line that leads directly to the source of all creation.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.