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Group: Unknown, USA

Teacher: Darid

Topic: My Mission Here

January 9, 1994

Darid: *Hello. It would please you to know I am Darid. I'm happy to make this alignment. I will proceed in a course of encouragement, for we are happy to be in service with you who have the ability to acknowledge our presence and the willingness to exercise our lessons and to serve your fellows. It is not necessary to fret over incongruities or misapplication of our work in and through you, for these things are not important in our view. They are seen in the light, that great perspective that we have learned from our Melchizedek instructors.

The process of evolution requires variance and adaptation leaving wide possibilities in order to draw all toward the Father/Source. At this peripheral point in the circle of the Supreme much appears scattered, for there must be an even wider angle in the ascension to allow the entrance of the numerous personalities like yourselves, those who originate with extraordinarily diverse potentials. The methods we are employing are quite experimental, and I find great excitement in anticipating successful results.

My enlistment in the mission of Michael is twofold: One is to increase my understanding of my fellow humans, those particularly who are different than my origin. Two, to draw you, Evelyn, and your companions, into the recognition for your equality with us. We pack a great deal of experience in our reservoirs of the soul, but this does not raise us to a superiority that inferioritizes your standing. I am most willing to be with you and share your living, knowing full well that I gain in your life as much as you gain from me. The purpose we share is truly one of unity. The drive is likewise the same.

Your current position as a first soul -- by this I mean to point out your newness in life. It is my desire to help you elevate. You know in the mind the structure revealed to you for life that follows here. I wish to indicate, without implying any fear, that this current position you hold is extremely short. When progress seems slow it is often only due to the fact that you are able to perceive with extended vision your process of unfoldment way beyond your current level. Some things are to be attained by all of you well after this life. So, take ease but do reach, for in all reaching you begin at one point before you grasp the final point. It won't come by waiting. I am one who enjoys effort. I am one always looking for another way wherein I may engage myself to bring about growth, be it mine, be it yours, be it Elyon's. It does not matter, I only want to serve.

I am happy to have this length of time to present my observations and better introduce myself to establish some familiarity. I hope this helps to bring greater ease in recognition. There are many times where we all are quite close in your affairs. We take great delight in observing how you react to our ministry though much of the time it is unknown to you. I enjoy this for I admire the soul guardians, the angels are so selfless. They do not seek recognition and they are very successful, perhaps because they are selfless. Their purpose is not clouded by their own wishes. I am with you quite often. I know you trust this. I have said enough and would like to hear from you.

Evelyn: When I heard about angels I understood that you couldn't really communicate with them. You can send your prayers to them, thank them, but not expect to interact consciously with them. With the teachers, with you, knowing we can talk with you it's hard to let go when I don't feel like I'm making any headway. It's gratifying to hear that there's been some success, that we're acting on your guidance even when we don't realize that we are. I feel so physically oriented. You talk about needing to reach, not to wait. I feel the need to do something, not just reach with the soul. The two are entwined. There's always this nagging sense that I should be doing something different, involved outwardly in something, something more.

I really enjoy hearing from you. You've been so positive and encouraging. I do welcome your guidance that's more specific to problems or weaknesses that I have. I appreciate everything you've said and would welcome particulars and would consider anything you have to say.

Darid: *Particulars: I observe you have established high standards for yourself. This is noble, it is the way to ascend. The drawback that is involved with these ideals is a tendency to feel failure through the process of comparison of the hoped for and the currently attained, the sense of littleness due to the tipping of the scale where what you hope for is weighty and what you evaluate in yourself now is light. This is not true. I know you seek not to evaluate or judge, for you believe this to be a high way, and you recognize that you do this anyway. But in a kind manner, look about you and realize you have attained much that many around you have not even begun to work towards. This is not to belittle them but to acknowledge honestly your progress. There is some need to kick back, to find the closest attainable. You have great skill at refining your vision. You can look long and far. I know... (tape flipped) . ..but it is true. Where I recommend you work is on what is right in front of you.

I have observed that you criticize yourself for being what you think is near-sighted. This causes the reflex for you to once again establish those long range ideals. Then you feel like you haven't gone anywhere. Imagine a finish line that you are running toward, but it keeps slipping away. It would become frustrating. Take delight in the step made now. Trust in faith the line is there, but watch where you step. That step makes it possible to reach the line and by surprise you will cross it. By doing so you will feel attainment. When you set your goals, recognize... (pause)

There is a method. You set a level of attainment then set another but take it to be the finish line of an entirely different race. This way you can be satisfied by the completion of one and enthused for the other. Take watch and resist pushing off farther a goal by increasingly refining it to a level that is not yet attainable. Accept the medium, the in-between phases. I hope this is understandable. Is it so?

Evelyn: Yes. I can think of some examples. I wanted to learn Russian. I have learned some and I can take some credit and enjoy my success so far. I can't pick up Dostoevsky in the original but that's okay.

Darid: *This is true. Where you would tend to be frustrated that you haven't attained fluency, where about you is there another nearby who can do what you can do now? This is something to accept with pride in the positive sense. That is more encouraging in the movement towards fluency.

I wish to convey to you that I am very pleased with our relationship. The ability to transmit my messages appears difficult to you. I risk by saying it is not. We are well involved with each other. You have stated that you know that the angels are about you and are resolved to not necessarily communicating. Communication by word is one approach. I have been successful in providing words. I am suggesting to you that words form as the result of thought, and thought constructed is a result of many factors such as insight, intuition, inspiration, and impressions. Though they be yours, the thought and the word, the initiation is complex. I remind you of the Divine Indwelling, my presence, my friends, your subconscious, your memory. It is a manifold interplay. Trust that it does not matter how the thought originates.

You will never be able to know any more than your friends do. It is only necessary to issue the idea. We will take care of what is necessary on our part to provide stimulus, and Michael's good Spirit of Truth will take care of witnessing to the veracity of this statement to those who hear. It is as I have noticed you to say, quite alright with me for you to allow an impulse to be yours. We are a team. I follow Michael's pattern of not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing. I am your right hand, you are my left. As I have you, I am now better able to serve in the mission and the same is true for you.

I feel it is your turn to talk.

Evelyn: That was really beautiful, the multiple origins of our thoughts, it's a good concept. It doesn't matter who gets the credit, the sources are so varied, and it just comes out as a spoken thought. The important thing is to speak it and act on it. I enjoy knowing you are there even if I can't pick out the particulars of your presence. What an exciting project we're involved in! It's a dream come true that I didn't realize I was dreaming.

Darid: *I stand in awe of the mystery of our Supreme God. How much emerges from nowhere and takes such enthralling form to all of us who have come about from this source as well. It is a mystery to me that I not only witness this emergence, but that I have emerged as well and can recognize this same elsewhere. Why is it that I know my distinction when I am one with all? Our thoughts are a microcosm example of this universe phenomenon. All things work for the good in God because, in reality, that little word "in" is the truth. It is all in God. I find it amazing, and I can't wait for the day when this little sphere of evolutionary creatures can live free from the sense of orphan-hood, those that believe, and free from not ever con sidering the family of all those who do not believe or it never occurred to them to consider.

I am receiving congratulations from Machiventa. He is happy to register our connection. I will be better able to work with you without the intervention we have here in the future as you refine your understanding, and I become more skilled in my techniques. It never occurred to me some while back that I would be attempting this process. I, like yourself, saw my morontia path and set my toes forward to ascend when suddenly I was given the opportunity to branch out into this ministry. It puts my ascension on hold in the immediate. Yet, in the long run, I will benefit greatly as I made the decision to accept. I recognize the conflict I had toward climbing the ladder and the time period intervening where I will remain in this system to fulfill Michael's purposes here. I believe I've made the better choice. I offer this as an example to you in all that crosses your path as you grow.

Do you have other ground to cover at this time?

Evelyn: Based on what you just said, and I have heard this before, that the teachers are setting aside their ascensions temporarily, is it correct that you will stay here on assignment till Urantia reaches Light and Life?

Darid: *I am taught that this is likely to be the case. However, as I am now your personal teacher there is some variability possible. I could be reassigned as you ascend or I could be released. It depends. As long as Michael continues this project, I will raise my hand to volunteer. The teachers are chosen to be here because they are enthusiastic. There is not one reluctant teacher in the mission.

Evelyn: That puts in perspective the level of commitment that you are involved. No wonder you are pressing us on! Thank you for all that you have shared.

Darid: *You are welcome. When you do struggle, stop yourself and acknowledge where you have come from. This way you will see progress in hindsight and build the faith that progress ahead is occurring. I'm happy for your entry into the mission. It appears you will be involved as long as you are physically here. Depending on the success or difficulty of the mission at large, you may be involved subsequent to your leaving here. It will be up to you. There will be many decisions to make at that time. The options are immense. It is not a succeed or fail, right or wrong, process what you choose. You will find it somewhat overloading, I did so. This I chose and I am happy to be here. I will withdraw.

Evelyn: Wow, that was great!