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Collection - Bzutu; Desk of George Barnard - 8 Transcripts - Aug 23, 2009 - Progress Group, AU

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  • Bzutu - The Time-Space Disagreement About 11:11

Illawarra District, Australia, June 2, 2004.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: "The Chain of Command." [Part transmission only].

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: "We find this subject in a receptive mood, and although we sneak into this home on a number of occasions during the day, now is a good time to talk. Let us both be at ease for a while, and cover some of the questions that are often asked. Am I at work right now? One might say so, although this is a spare-time moment for me. Rest and recreation. You might suggest an enjoyable interlude. Do we consider you to be work, per sé?" I’ve heard of some interesting names and unusual adjectives that are liberally bandied about, but work, no. We witness a slightly responsive smile here. We have progress! You could make our lives a lot tougher if you tried, and as many do.

"Actually, it would be more properly explained by my saying that we barge in, or that we come in for a soft two-point landing. We are Midwayers. We are not angels, not by a long shot, and whilst we are closely related to you, and whilst we do almost all of the work that needs to be done in the physical realm, they are the more time-distant angels that are given most of the credit. We trust that the time will come when due recognition will be afforded us. We can wait, while we continue to serve. We have patience by the barge load. This is ABC-22.

"Communicating with people in the way I do right now, is not yet an off-the-shelf line of business for us. At this point in time, and on our planet, the number of willing ears, the number of determined minds of those who will go through the likely, lengthy exercise of day-to-day stillness meditation, are but few. Most of our work is by gentle mind-to-mind suggestion with those who may be entirely oblivious of our presence.

"However, let me now carefully rephrase this. Indeed, the purely human aspects, which are so often considered by our contactees to be the only real part of their selves, are often not cognizant of our arrival, understanding of our messages, or aware of our departure, all of which may take only seconds. Their embryo soul selves may be quite sharply attuned, even joyful at our arrival. Their Father Fragments are, of course, pre-cognizant of our work. They are Fragments of the Creator of All, and hold within Their Selves the entire blueprint of their co-creative human partnerships.

"As you have witnessed on a few occasions, it is primarily the God Fragment in you, Whom we greet by bowing our heads in reverence, and by placing our hands, palms together, in front of our chests, precisely as is the custom in some Asian lands.

"Who then are our Superiors, our Instructors, our Teachers? Since this entire near-endless aggregation of time/space universes serves as, kindergartens for the learning about sibling-ship, schools for the imparting of practical experiences, and universities for advanced learning, there must exist a hierarchy of Carers, Teachers, Lecturers, and even Bosses, we might call them.

"Well, in the day to day work that we do, the Progress (Master) Seraphim are our immediate Superiors. Under Machiventa’s direction in satisfying Michael’s mandates, they provide us with broad or detailed instructions. However, they are the younger Daughters of Mother Spirit, the human’s Destiny Guardians-your Angels who provide you with constant watch-care-that will and do communicate a specific human need to the Master Seraphim in charge.

"Via our Primary Midwayer siblings, the Master Seraphims’ instructions are then passed onto us, and we, Secondary Midwayers, then jump to attention and go about our ever-varied tasks. And yet, in the end analysis, it is the Creator of All, Who, through the Fragment that indwells you, is truly in charge of our actions. The mindal abilities of the Father Fragments, and those of the watch-caring Destiny Guardians are alike to such a degree that a constant connection is possible, unheard, unnoticed by us.

"Elevated much above us, these Daughters of the Creator of mind have, in this fashion, adequate contact with the Father Fragment of their human’s indwelling, yes, as well as with other Creator Fragments. And so, one can claim that every task that we take on, every task we perform and complete, we will have accomplished in the service of the Father Creator of All, and no other.

"Service is our reason for being. Service and worship is what we were created for. With our ranks thinned out to just 1,111, it was an awesome task to do the best we could, whilst so understaffed. With the rehabilitation and the return of the former rebels, with the influx of the welcome (Midwayer) helpers from the disparate corners of our universe, there now is a great increase in activity. Perhaps, you might say, well, not before time!

"More and more humans (that are) prepared to take on co-creative work in association with us, will be enrolled into the ranks of co-workers, individually, or in new groups of human-celestial alliances. And yet, for a time, the vast majority of them will have only subliminal contact, unless they decide to take up on the option of attaining closer contact, audible, and visual. And yet, in the vast majority of cases it will be more beneficial if they are unaware of their co-creative work with the likes of us.

"Well now, the common question is, "Why were the Midwayers not there when some accident or trauma came about?" The answers are; that we cannot always be there; we are not always requested to turn up, we may not interfere with human free will, even, we may not have enough time to get to where we need to go, and, as well, some things are simply meant to be.

"You humans on this greatly retarded planet will rarely consciously tread the path you were meant to tread, and, besides, your freewill prerogatives are sacrosanct at all times. Plainly, in instances of crime and willfulness, this would categorize our intervention as breaches of universe law. They are not the Angels, they are not the Midwayers, they are not the Celestial Teachers, and not even the Creator Himself, who are duty-bound, even allowed to protect you from yourselves. That is entirely your collective responsibility, as you learn, one person at a time, slowly advancing in understanding, that you in fact are your brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. All ways.

"Always, in all ways, and for everyone concerned, this is Secondary Midwayer ABC-22. Adieu my friend."

George: "Thank you, Chief."

© 11:11 Progress Group.


Celestial Humor.
From the Desk of George Barnard – August 12, 2009.
A few days ago an 11:11 subscriber wrote to tell us about the repertoire of songs she plays each morning.  They are all on her IPod, and of course, they’re played in the same order each time – a Russian song first up.  Imagine her surprise to find the Midwayers had fast-forwarded her machine for it to firstly play an ‘angels song’ by ABBA.
Even for those of us who regularly communicate with Celestials, it’s uncommon to have a continuous awareness of them – that ‘right-at-the-forebrain’ realization of their presence – or expect that they might turn up at any time.  Somehow, because they are invisible, unless we happen to be looking for them, they can quite surprise us with their humor, and make us realize, again, that we are kin.
At a time when someone asked me for a large sum of money without committing himself to completing the task I would be paying him for, it was suggested by Midwayer Mathew that I had better ‘not leave the cat in charge of the goldfish bowl’ – a sure take on the fox in the henhouse.
During a five-day period when every moment of the day and night was needed to get a manuscript to the formatter in time, I was told by Midwayer Chief ABC-22 ‘to drain the sink before the tadpoles grew their legs.’  Plates and utensils had been stacked up in the suds, and yes, it was bad all over the house.  Everything was neglected for that manuscript to meet its rapidly approaching deadline.
Some eight years ago I was in regular discussions with an overseas friend about the need for organization, archiving, and public relations regarding a project we were both involved with.  The discussions could at times get heated, and emotions regularly spilled over.  It was a Midwayer who let me know that Michael had suggested that ‘had I lived during the Creator Son’s time on earth, I would have carried a sword . . . (at this point I seemed to have lost contact with the Midwayer, but he finally came back) . . . and you would have used it!’
A few weeks ago we had truly had enough of our many hours of ‘computering,’ and we watched a show on TV.  In this show a man called Wong disappeared into a factory and he did not come out again.  After quite some time, others went in after him, and they were shocked to find that Mr. Wong was dead.
Bzutu: "Wwonder wwhat wwent wwong !"  We cracked up laughing after he made me say that with a fake speech impediment.  I checked the time.  It was 10:22 PM for a few more seconds.  Click!  10:23 PM!  Should there have been any doubt about who had fooled me so, the 10:22 on the clock assured us it had indeed been ABC-22.
And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

If It Quacks Like A Duck
From the Desk of George Barnard – 23, August, 2009.
From 1945 until 1958 (the year I left home to go overseas) my father studied in detail every newspaper he could lay his hands on.  He did so every evening.  My dad was a serious ‘middleweight’ politician.
        My mother frequently commented on her belief that precisely half of what was in those papers was true, and precisely half was untrue.  However, no one knew which half was which.  Consequently, after reading them each evening, one was sure to be half as wise and twice as confused as at the start of the day.  My mom was a housewife and an occasional stand-up comic.
Perhaps my dad’s attitude caused me to take nothing much for granted unless I researched it, and perhaps my mom’s attitude was decisive in my seriously disliking fiction, enjoying research and statistics.
James W. Riley, it is said, once wrote: “When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.”  Obviously discerning about truth, James Riley, nevertheless, did not enquire about which species of duck he saw, whether it was male or female, its Latin name, mating habits, origin, or migration habits.  J.W.R. was rather casual about his ducks.
In contrast, the 11:11 Progress Group has done a great deal of research regarding the Urantia Secondary Midwayers.  We know that originally there were 1,984 of these offspring of Adam and Eve, 1,111 of them that remained loyal to Michael, although presently there are thousands more to assist us.  We know these planetary helpers to be multi-talented, work in pairs or teams, are supervised by Machiventa Melchizedek, and that they time-prompt people.
We’ve learned of them from Dr. Courtney Brown who notes them in chapter 8 of his book, Cosmic Voyage.  Much detail about the Midwayers can be found in papers 77 and 114 of the Urantia Book, and even more information is available from the 11:11 books written by George Barnard, as well as what can be learned from the thousands of transcripts of 11:11 Progress Group’s channeling efforts.
The Urantia Planetary Helpers are no longer described as conjecture, but brilliant spiritual Teachers.  They are not the doubtful notion of the feeble-minded, but accomplished Healers.  Also, they are not the ever-illusive product of a misguided theory of some over-active minds, but as real as you and I.

If you are awakened at precisely 11:11 PM, as do Midwayers, and as streetlights blink on and off for you, as is caused by Midwayers, and if you feel your hair being stroked as is done by Midwayers, by golly it might be good manners to say hello and get to know the Midwayer that has come to see you.
George Barnard’s books can be found on

“In The Arena Of Progress” – Part One of 2 Parts
From the Desk of George Barnard – July 14, 2009.
Celestial Teachers will often be careful about introducing themselves.  In many instances their ‘target personality’ -- rookie student, or newbie channeler of messages -- will reject the Teacher out of hand, and his or her human mind may then be permanently closed to all further celestial pleas for inter-species contact.
Those of you who have long been on the 11:11 lists will know the Panoptian, Samuel -- truly my most cautious Teacher.  After all, Samuel was appointed to serve with at least four Midwayers and just one human, and “the Barnard human” might well see the new Teacher as an intruder and perhaps tell him he was not needed.  Samuel wisely took his time to be introduced by the 1,111.
In the early 1990’s I kept hearing, “Sam, Sam, Sam,” insistently so.  Not long after this became, “Samuel, Samuel, Samuel,” quite loudly.  Later I was to learn he had been employed in agriculture and horticulture, but not until much, much later did I get to see his laboratory, his planet, and get to know this planet as Panoptia.  Samuel had not been a simple farmer; Samuel had been, and still is, I guess, a most celebrated genetic engineer from a rather famous planet.
The words had come through loud and clear, “Panoptia, Panoptia, Panoptia!”  There were good reasons for the loudness of the voices, the repetition, and for the information to arrive in bits and pieces over an extended period of time.  I believed the Midwayers to be part of my personal 11:11 group, and for us to be ‘an isolated bunch of inter-species free-lancers.’  Any other Celestial might well be concerned about being seen by me as muscling in on an established work arrangement, and, at that time, that would almost certainly have been the case.  I was jealous of my group, we were successful, interacting almost daily, and the newcomer, Samuel, might mess up, big time.
Clearly, a regular receiver of celestial messages would almost always accept a new Teacher with open heart and friendly greeting.  However, my Progress group was the 11:11 Emergency Platoon, dealing almost exclusively with post-traumatic stress disordered individuals, and those with suicidal tendencies.  It was an inter-species arrangement of many years, and something to be jealously guarded.  Saving the lives of the, at times, deeply depressed and suicidal patients, was surely to be seen as being in the arena of Progress.
It is only in retrospect that I fully grasp why the Midwayers introduced Samuel with such care.  They knew their human partner better than the profiler knew himself, and they knew the mortal to be fickle enough to swiftly send a perceived ‘gate-crashing’ Celestial on his way.
Note: Following this posting in the next few days: “In The Arena Of Progress” – Part Two.
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Part Two of 2 Parts
“In The Arena Of Progress” – Part Two.
From the Desk of George Barnard – July 15, 2009.
In this local universe, and presumably in all seven superuniverses, the only groups of angels that tend to occasionally oppose each other are those of “the Churches,” and those of “Progress.”
The Angels of the Churches want to keep sacred ideas and spiritual understandings as they are, for rapid changes may well upset the various ‘apple carts of faiths.'  The Angels of Progress are pushing for advancement in spiritual thought, ethical rules and moral behavior.  These descriptions may well be an oversimplification of what Churches, and certainly Progress, are all about.
The need for progress applies to many areas of endeavor – science, medicine, education, family life, the arts and entertainment, not to overlook (honest) politics.  All these may well belong in the arena of Progress, either squarely so, or perhaps just loosely.  It may be more correct to state that Progress overarches science, medicine, education and more.
Relatively recently we were encouraged to bring together a large group of healers of all kinds to work with the super-intelligent Mentori.  This is unlikely to have been a change of direction for us, but just something that would have been handed to us ten years ago if . . . we had been ready for it.  Logically, one would ask, “OK, what’s next?  You’ve got our attention.”
I put it to the reader that solving crimes, and finding lost people, may well be ‘in the arena of Progress’ in some way, that we can work with our Celestial Friends in getting to the bottom of these matters, and some three events come to mind.
(1)—It was around 1990 when I was given a task by the Midwayers, but the instructions weren’t very clear.  I messed up by not investigating the matter, by not alerting the local police, and the job was left undone.
(2)—Some 5 or 6 years ago someone interested in working with Midwayers claimed to actually have heard one of the 1,111 mention the name “George Barnard,” and some googling found the 11:11 Progress Group.  At the time I considered the claim of hearing my name being spoken by a Midwayer, and my thoughts were, “Yeah-right!”  Seems maybe it did happen.
(3)—During the past few weeks I’ve been corresponding with a person who has had celestial (possibly Thought Adjuster) contact for quite some time, and has already remotely solved some missing persons cases!  Wow!  This person was also given my name, and simply googled “George Barnard.”
It’s early days.  The person mentioned in item (3) above, and I, are giving some thought to police possibly “shooting the messenger” when in conjunction with the Midwayers, and or Mentori, a missing person is found, especially, God forbid, after it’s too late.  Some thinking to be done here. . .
Note: If you want to read about the task I neglected to perform in about 1990, just post me back, mentioning “The Summerland Way,” and I’ll do a group posting.  It’s a small chapter from the unpublished manuscript – By the Grace of 11:11.
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

The Mentori at Work.
From the Desk of George Barnard -- May 17, 2009.
Some ten years ago I wondered why a group of Celestial Beings, previously unheard of, would introduce themselves in a-to-me-foreign language like Italian.  More recently I considered they must have had their reason.  Indeed, to many channelers names can at times be ‘hard to get.’  One might distrust having heard the name Mentor, or (was it) Mentors, as having emanated from one’s own mind, but the somewhat sharper sounding foreign plural, Mentori, leaves no doubt.  That . . . was mind-to-mind input!
They have been teaching us for some time, but to my knowledge they only recently have become active regarding the second aspect of their function – healing illnesses here on earth – for which we were requested to bring together a group of 11:11 healers of all kinds.  We did.  There are now some 130 healers spread over 4 active groups – Reiki and Distance Healers, as well as Akashic Construct Participants -- simply called the 11:11 Prayer Groups.
This is just one instance of a request, and the Mentori responded we are told
(Notice, however, below some names have been changed):
May 11. George: I hope everything is fine there.
I have one person to entrust to the prayer list:
Name: Cristina Contreras de García.
Age: 58 years.
Location: Caracas, Venezuela.
She has a malignant tumor (grade III) on her forebrain.
The response to chemotherapy has not been as good as expected and very soon she will have a new operation to remove part of the tumor. Also the doctors will try changing her treatment. She is the mother of a friend.
Thank you! Regards,           Raphael.
This was in yesterday’s mail from Raphael:
May 17. George, I supose you have a lot of work, but I hope everything is fine for you.
I just wanted to report that a “miracle” happenned to my friend’s mother.
Today the doctors found the tumor encapsulated as “dead cells” so they just removed it easily.
For them it was a big surprise because they were expecting a worst medical scenario.
I heard that my friend is very happy for her mother’s health.
I believe that maybe our Friends helped in her healing.
Best Regards,           Raphael.
George notes: Our Friends did help . . . the 11:11 Healers and the Mentori, both.  We have gotten ourselves a powerful new alliance!
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

To All -- Not just a few, but hundreds have asked for this documentation, so we decided to send it out to the lists.  To handle the requests individually would perhaps take about a week.
The Summerland Way.
From the Desk of George Barnard – July 16, 2009.
Thinking back over almost 65 years of taking the Midwayers’ suggestions to heart, what happened (actually, what unfortunately did not happen) on the Summerland Way around 1990 stands out as perhaps our only outright and major inter-species communications failure in all those years.
My thoughts are that the after-effects of a severe 1987 mugging, which did much damage to my spinal cord, played a part in my being so fatigued, so often, so confused, and missing a real meaning among the varied prompts I was given.
One evening, two young men in a large old vehicle picked up a hitch-hiking young couple on the Summerland Way.  A few miles down that road the young man was stabbed to death, the young lady kidnapped and held prisoner by the driver and his companion, and what they did to her was not good.  Below is near enough what I documented late in 1992.
An Abject Failure.
(From the as yet to be published manuscript, By the Grace of 11:11).
To become a troubleshooter in industry appealed to the Barnards’ only son.  The damage that had been done to his father on one of those company rescue projects, however, did not appeal to him.  The son decided he would be a martial arts specialist, as well as a troubleshooter.  He seemed to have the needed talent for both.

George Mathieu generally drove the youngster to the after-hours Karate venue, and he would later pick him up.
They were on their way home late one night when Barnard spotted what looked like a giant strand of a spider’s web stretched across the road at windscreen level.  He saw it too late, and drove straight through it.  Then he stopped the car.
“Did you see that, son?” he asked.
“I had my eyes closed, Dad.  I’m bushed,” the boy replied.  “I was asleep, I think.”
“There was this great big flat strand of something silvery across the road,” Barnard told him, “but the spider that could spin such a web would have to be ten feet tall.  I saw it too late, hit it, and broke it, I believe.  I wonder what it actually was.”

For a moment Barnard considered investigating the strange phenomenon.  He then decided to take the youngster home.  It really was much too late for the boy to still be about.

Some months later, police cordoned off that precise area.  A young man’s body had been discovered there.  Barnard had missed the clue. The killers’ trail was cold, stone cold.  If the warning had come from the Eleven-Eleven, their student had presided over an abject failure on that night.  Communication was almost non-existent during that period of healing from a severe mugging, and the strange method employed–a thick silver thread–had not previously been used.  Even so, Barnard could have easily checked out that very spot the day after sighting the silver strand.  It was rather careless of him not to do that.
Are you a Healer?
What the Future may Hold.
Some months ago we were asked by the Mentori to bring together a group of healers.  We did, and with Mentori and Midwayer help, some remarkable healings seem to already have taken place.  We have not been asked to assist, either by the Midwayers, or by the Mentori, with finding people that are lost.  However, among the thousands of 11:11 subscribers and the many readers of our websites and follow-on lists, we are bound to already have, be able to attract, or even train, all the remote viewers and mapdowsers we need.
In this needy world, such sleuthing activity would be in the arena of progress, and the Midwayers and Mentori would surely assist.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

© The 11:11 Progress Group

Illawarra District, Australia, July 31, 2009.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC22).
Subject: “The Time-space Disagreement About 11:11.”
Received by George Barnard.
Bzutu: “It is the aspiration, the objective, of the great Architects of the time-space universes that all evolutionary worlds will, as closely as possible, come to resemble the worlds created in visualized perfection and instantaneous completion.  Those, precisely, are the instructions given to them by the Architect of all Architects – the First Source and Centre to all that ever was, is, and will be.
“Clearly it is understood that there can be found little that is of a creature-evolutionary nature and innate to worlds that are created perfect.  In contrast, there is initially little in the way of inherent creature-perfection to be found on evolutionary worlds.  It is a function of our time-space universes to provide all its created, born, and eventuated citizens with an opportunity to, through lengthy experience, become God-like, and of great use as Ambassadors, and Teachers to, as well as benevolent Rulers of, the evolutionary universes now forming in deep space.  Perfection in time-space, however, is consuming of much time.
“Is it not true that concrete takes time to harden, or it will become brittle and useless when the curing process is rushed?  There is scientific proof that this is so.  Is it not wise for a child to be taught according to a well-planned syllabus?  We know for a fact that this is essential.  As well, is it not vital for entire populations to advance at a measured pace?  I give you as proof the sad decline of ‘over-run’ native populations in many lands.  Even so, there are amongst you those who will reach for the sky, and want to see progress at break-neck speed.  Indeed, whilst there are others, who will ‘throw out the anchor’ and shout, ‘Stop!’
“Only in a created world of perfection could there be agreement on all matters of importance, whereas on evolutionary worlds there must always be the two opposing forces – one to produce growth, the other to temper it – one to fly high, the other to bring one back to earth.  And so it is on this world as on all other evolutionary worlds of time-space, as we come to tackle the question you have posed: ‘Why should there have been such strong and lengthy disagreement about the wide-spread use of the 11:11 time-prompts?’
“To understand the objections one needs to compare established religion, with the spirituality of the individual, and a third, heretofore unknown, but sure-fire way of finding your Teacher and God.  A religion requires you to believe in what it dictates without proof, spirituality demands that you have faith in the spirit world, and likely without a shred of solid evidence.  However, the recipients of 11:11 time-prompts, through regular meditation, and without them believing anything at all, can prove, and they do prove time and again, that a spirit world exists, and that the universe is innately friendly.
“The now decades-past disagreement between the Progressive and Religious Angels dealt not so much with the certainty that some recipients of the 11:11 time-prompt would be frightened.  That would happen.  That was always obvious and predictable.  The Religious Angels objections dealt to a far greater degree with the potential loss of your most enviable special status on this world; the birthright of the Agondonter.
“You are entitled to that special status on this troubled world by believing and having faith in God without having proof.  Despite the fact that you can now prove the existence of the spirit world in a near-scientific way – that status has not been lost by you.”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.