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Collection - Michael; Mathew; Lytske; Ophelius; Sameul; Bzutu - 8 Transcripts - Sep 22, 2009 - Progress Group, AU

1.    Disturbing Dreams
2.    Celestial Communication
3.    Scribbles 141
4.    Closet Cleaning
5.    Cooperation & Unity
6.    Responsibilities
7.    The Human Temple, and Serving Two Masters
8.    The Thought Adjuster & The Soul
Arizona, US of A, September 15, 2005.
Christ Michael (Jesus).
Subject: “Disturbing Dreams.”
Received by JOYce Brenton.
Michael: “Today you have an opportunity to rise above your emotions.  You do not feel your normal happy self, for you did have some unpleasant dreams and right before it was time for you to awaken and begin your day.  These were very unsettling dreams.
“Now I will remind you, dear sister, that you have given the celestial guardians permission to use your sleep time for lessons, and you know, that as on many previous occasions, your request is most certainly being complied with.
“You will also bring to mind your daily prayers for you to learn to control your emotions.  Now is an opportunity to immediately change this unrealistic feeling of unhappiness to joy.  You are now experiencing simple emotions colored by un-reality.
“Dreams are not real.  Your dreams are very often influenced by the happenings of the times during the moments when you are awakening.  World news, television programs, and varied external circumstances beyond your control, influence your dream patterns.  However, these dreams are also not real, and the fact that these matters are ‘beyond your control,’ are very much a part of why dreams are often disturbing.
“You enjoy a great measure of freedom in the day hours, but your dreams are not under your control.  You cannot plan them or bring them into alignment through your will.
“Allow me to put your mind at rest.  Your celestial guardians often use your sleep time as a lesson period, just as you requested.  And while many times you are unaware of the value of some dreams, it matters not that you understand them in your waking consciousness.  Often you are learning as you seem to sleep.
“And while there are many, many circumstances, almost of a seemingly endless variety over which you have no control, you do have total control of your moody emotions.  You may adjust your emotions at will.
“You smile.  See, even now the unhappy thoughts of just a short while ago are leaving.  You see the foolishness of allowing a dream sequence to control our happy day together.
“So very much is good . . . so good in your life right now.  Your Father’s unconditional love has not changed.  You have love and life and so very much to be happy about.  And you have our friendship, my beloved sister.  Allow those early morning thoughts to simply fade like the fog before the morning sun.  All is well, very well, indeed!”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Illawarra District, Australia, September 22, 2009.
Midwayer Mathew (3:33).
Subject: “Celestial Communication.”
Received by George Barnard.
Mathew: “Good evening.  This is Midwayer Mathew.  It has been some time since last I visited here.  Many new spiritual seekers have subscribed to the 11:11 Progress lists of five languages, and so for their benefit will I re-introduce myself.  Today, apart from my having stored a veritable library of information in my mind, I am much as I was when created as are the angels, in my case a little over 460 000 years ago on a planet of greater size than is your earth.
“Although there are countless more unknown, of the celestial creatures than are  known to this human ‘loudspeaker,’only the Cherubim and the Morontia Companions are a little smaller than my crew and me.  I lead a team of nine other Midwayers of uniform size and near identical features – only near identical, as half of us are designated feminine, half are classed as masculine.  We are subordinate to the local Midwayers, Chief ABC-22 specifically.
“We are proud to be here in large numbers from our planet (almost 50 000) and we wear our Michael Son’s blue uniforms with insignia.  I have been requested to converse with you about communication and I bring to your mind how your native people may hunt the kangaroo for food.  As they stalk their prey, their minds may well occupy themselves with the concept ‘wombat,’ ‘koala,’ or ‘echidna,’ so as not to alert the target with the thought ‘kangaroo.’
“Too many of you this may well sound like superstition, but it is not, and this almost universal method is used in a great many places by countless hunters.  We, of course, do not work this way.  The many millions of you who are contacted by us, without ever knowing who we are, are subjected by strong and direct, candid mind-to-mind suggestions, whilst the hunter’s quarry remains confused by picking up on misleading thoughts that cannot register as being applicable.
“We at times intrude on your minds for your benefit, mostly unnoticed by you, still leaving it to you to decide to accept, to act, to take notice, or to discard the ideas you may very well consider to be your own.  We approach you gently, carefully, so as not to unsettle your physical minds (auras), which we can clearly see.  Only in extreme cases, when your action may prove to be essential, or when an accident must be avoided, are you likely to hear our loud and urgent voices.
“It’s good to so communicate.  I am Mathew.  Au revoir.”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Scribbles 141 from Lytske.
A series of messages from mostly unknown Teachers – November 20, 1999.
Prayer: Dear Michael, thank you for your presence in my life.  Teach me your ways of listening with the inner ear, and seeing with the inner eye.  Open my heart to understand.
Dear one, approach each day with glad anticipation, with a growing love for the All That Is.  A deeper, fuller joy and peace are growing, of which your conscious mind may only fleetingly be aware.
The purpose of the dance of life, and your swimming in the living energy of life, is for you to each day glimpse a little more of a greater reality through and by your willingness to let go of old blocks and hindrances.  So it is that you grow.  Leap and dance, to incorporate a deeper reality.
Life is becoming fuller and more joyous for you, when more and more you fall into step with your inner Drummer, the Master Conductor of your life, your very own Mystery Monitor, that precious Gift from the Eternal One.
Your Urantia Book text teaches you that evolution is creation in time and space.  The Creator uses this method of evolution to create the worlds of time and space, and this has been so from time immemorial, and it shall continue into eternity.
It is the Dance through which the Center of all that is experiences the Self.  The composition of matter may change, but the original elemental building-blocks remain the same.  All has existed, exists, and will ever exist on levels you know not of.
Lessons will be learned, and ever will there be those lessons to inspire you and lead you on, as you in turn inspire others and lead them on.
Hear the sound of the distant ‘drumbeat’ and follow the Master Conductor.
Listen, listen, listen.
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Michigan, US of A, September 19, 2009.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Closet Cleaning.”
Received by Chris.
Ophelius: “Today I would like to talk about cleaning the junk from your closet.  What do I mean by this?  It is time to let the meaningless trifles and unimportant distractions of living go free from your mind, and to recognize and to pursue the things of greater value in your life, so what is really important?
“I have spoken before about decisions and feelings that have survival value, and by that I mean those things that contribute to soul growth, which you will carry with you into eternity.  Time is passing quickly in your short lives on Urantia, and every day that passes brings opportunities for you to make decisions that could have lasting and weighty value for soul growth, as well as for the spiritual nourishment of your brothers and sisters.
“Let us be conscious of what things we allow to occupy our grey matter and let the ‘small stuff’ go, and start to see beyond this temporal life into the larger view of eternity.  Yes, you must still go to work, raise your families, enjoy your life, but while you are doing those things, be conscious of your life mission and to your role as one who has sonship with the Father.  In the coming days you will have many opportunities to make those decisions to act in accordance with the Father’s will.  It is time for you to step outside your comfort zone, and use your will to create your reality.
“Use your thought-force to make things happen according to your intent and purposes.  When acting selflessly, and in service to others, you will have help from above.  Use this great power of unity with spirit and spiritual brotherhood to co-create the greatest outcome -- to bring the children of Urantia through this transition era and into the days of light and life.
“Good day,
“The Circle of Seven.”
The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

Michigan, US of A, September 12, 2009.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Cooperation and Unity.”
Received by Chris.
Ophelius: “Today’s messages is about cooperation and unity of spirit.  Those that are spirit led are united in purpose and cooperate in the plan for the mutual salvation of all who yet stumble in darkness.  To cooperate fully and to know and do the will of the Father is to subject yourself to the obedience of spirit.  How does one become obedient?  Ask, ‘How may I serve you today Father, and who can I be a blessing to?  Those that are hungry, please send them into my path.’  To cooperate in unity with spirit is to be ready and aware of the opportunities that are presented to you -- knowing with insight that these opportunities are placed in your path by spirit, and are not the imaginings of your own thought emanations.
“It is time for you to mature now in your thinking, my beloveds, for time is passing by quickly in your short lives in the material plane.  You must start to put into practice all that you have learned and begin to act in cooperation and in unity with spirit.  We, your spiritual guides, teachers, guardians, your indwelling spirit, your divine parents, are always ready to assist you in your great work.  It is time to stop thinking about self and how your past, your upbringing, your environment, and other influences have confused and delayed your path to freedom.  You have sufficient means to do this work, and by doing the work will you bring all the lost pieces of your life together, as you weave the beautiful tapestry of the human soul, and build a glorious future in eternity.
“Make it a habit to check-in with spirit throughout your day.  Take a moment to step outside the business of your day and ask, ‘How may I serve?’  To cooperate fully is to be in constant contact with spirit and to pray continually. To pray is to have communion with God and the more we commune with Him, the more often shall we know His will.
“The Father does not expect that you will always be in contact with Him in your conscious mind, but as often that you may, the greater will be your receptivity to his will.  The indwelling spirit is your super-conscious connection to the Father, and in Him are you always connected.  By bringing this awareness to the forefront of your mind are you acting in cooperation and in unity with spirit.  Through the acting out of the spiritual leadings, soul growth is attained and the collateral benefits to those that you serve will have an exponential effect on their lives, and the lives of others, as they become more real through their contact with you.
“Not my will, but Your will be done.
“Good day,
“The Circle of Seven.
The 11:11 Progress Group.

Illawarra District, Australia, September 11, 2009.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Responsibilities.”
Received by George Barnard.
Samuel “The repercussions of the isolation of your world for a quarter of a million years will still be felt for thousands of years into your future.  There is no quick fix for any world that has gone as badly astray, and suffered as much, and for as long, as what this world has.
“Your ways of expressing yourself, and when considering loss of life in a major flood, or by a random, devastating lightening strike and ensuing forest fire, for such to be an act of God, is indicative of the difficulty of your easily changing your perceptions, changing your outlook, first of all, and ‘therethrough’ changing your ‘encrusted’ beliefs in an appreciable way.  Your manner of considering the bad things that you may do as being inspired by the devil, once again are indications of how vulnerable you are and feel, of how much you are driven, of how much you are mind-led into evil deeds, disaster, and iniquity.
“What I want to talk with you about is a consciously doing the will of God, singly and collectively, of your taking responsibility for your actions and your thoughts, for your behavior towards, and your attitude towards, others, who of themselves are ‘products,’ indeed children, of that self-same Creator of all.  As well, it is expected of you to vote into office, into power, the righteous ones, who will be servants to all, and govern you equitably.  Singly and collectively you are also responsible for holding accountable those you placed in positions of power.
“And here I answer the questions posed by a subscriber: The freezing of accounts belonging to other nations, as well as the placing of sanctions upon other nations, are ungodly acts that can only be compared to the behavior of the schoolyard bully.  The freeing of these accounts, as well as the rescinding of these sanctions, are your duties, collectively, for you may harm not one single other child of the Creator.  Frozen accounts and drastic sanctions hurt a great, great many of His children.
“We do not expect to discover that, suddenly overnight, your world will inaugurate many great and worthy changes.  We would simply like to see you smile at your neighbor for a start, oh yes, wave at a friend who passes you on the road, and merely have a meaningful, heartfelt word for one in great need.  They are the small things that will bring about a world that will gradually edge itself towards its eventual destination of it being clothed in Light and Life.
“Whatever you may do in this life -- may they be great things or small -- do them in gratefulness to the Creator who gave you life, do them for the best of yourselves, and for the best of all others without exceptions for color, race, creed or nationality.  This is Samuel the Panoptian, charmed to have been given the opportunity to communicate with you once again. I say good evening all.”
George: “Thank you Samuel.”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Illawarra District, Australia, September 21, 2009.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “The Human Temple, and Serving Two Masters.”
Received by George Barnard.
Bzutu: “Terrestrial life can be difficult, we know, especially on a disordered planet such as Urantia, where it is more complicated than it is on most inhabited globes to serve two masters.  I clarify the comment about two masters in the sense that there is for you a physical body to look after, as well as a spiritual life to prepare.  To look after your daily needs can, at times, be an all-day effort, yet I remind you that most of your spiritual progress deals with the direction of, and the quality of, your thought life.
“Even for us Secondary Midwayers – who are in many ways rather like you – there is often a tendency to be so fully occupied with happenings in the physical realm that our reversion time is ‘skimped on,’ and our less-than-an-hour set aside for communication with the Creator can be ‘shunted’ to the late, dark hours of the night.  I must say, we do communicate a little better with the Seraphim by whom our routines are supervised.
“In serving your physical master, it is vital that in every way you can, you live in a body of clean habits, adequate nourishment, and appropriate presentation.  In serving your spiritual Master, your Thought Adjuster, or Spirit Self, it is central to your advancement that you spend some time each day in communication, even if this appears to be a one-way chat for months, even years.  Your physical body is the human temple that houses your personal Fragment of God.  Over now. . .
Samuel: “This is Samuel of Panoptia.  I am a former human, learned about your planetary needs, certified on High to be part of the Correcting Time teachings on this planet, and appointed by both Michael and Machiventa to be of service to this Progress Group.
“I chip in with my contribution on this discussion about the human temple, but only in respect of what is to become of it at the end of a human existence.  Treasured by you all it truly should be during your lifetime.  It is of no real value to you after your passing.  Be known for your achievements -- as you all are appointed to be the willing hands and feet of your Creator Parents -- and no, not for the size and opulence of your tomb.
“Compared to advanced worlds, you, collectively, have not yet arrived at a point where sufficiently many recognized individuals are unerring in determining spiritual life or death, for them to be allowed to propose ending the ‘workings of the human machine’ after the Spirit has returned to the Father.
“This, I understand, will remain a bone of contention among many who strongly profess one way or another.  However, until such time as you arrive at a time of ‘spiritual knowing,’ your prayers will go a long way towards suitable endings to the short human experience of serving the masters of both temporary, and everlasting life.”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Previously posted.
Illawarra District, Australia, March 15, 2009.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Teacher Aaron.
Subject: “The Thought Adjuster and the Soul.”
Received by George Barnard.
Samuel: “Good evening to each one of you in the home group.  It is appropriate for me to indicate to you that it is Primary Midwayer, Andrea, who does the honors this late evening.  This is your Teacher Samuel.
“For those who are concerned about attracting a Teacher; there are many, many available.  This world is a draw card for all higher realm citizens, who wish to spend extra time as learned Teachers to this planet’s citizens.  In fact, there are hundreds available, and applying, for every single position that becomes free.  We would so wish that more of you would take the opportunity to ask for a Teacher.
“There is also no shortage of Midwayers to relay our messages.  From my own world, Panoptia, there are many teaching the men and women on this world.  From your own world, of course, you have Teacher Aaron, but hundreds and hundreds more are available.  Let us get to the point now of this communication; the long misunderstood question of the Spirit and the soul.  For this, I hand over to your Teacher Aaron.  I say good bye for now.”
Aaron: “Good evening gang.  This is your Teacher Aaron.  It is still an unknown, and gravely misunderstood quantity to very many of you on this world, my world, who do not know the difference between their soul self and the Thought Adjuster appointed to guide them to higher spheres, and to Paradise, eventually.  We answer your question after only little thought on the subject on your parts.
“It is at the time of conception that the seed soul is implanted, yet it stays dormant.  It is at the time of conception, also, when the personality is granted, yes, gifted.  However, it is at some five or six years after birth, when and if the child makes its first ethical decision based on the very first feelings of what is fair to another, rather than to the self, when the Thought Adjuster arrives and when the growth of the soul can finally commence.
“Let it also be clear that the mortal body stays behind, but the product of the human mind and the Thought Adjuster combined is what produces the embryo soul that is eventually transported to higher realms after intelligent life leaves the mortal body.
“So many of you are still in the dark; unable to differentiate between the soul and the Thought Adjuster.  The latter is the greatest single Gift the Father bestows upon His earthly children.  The former likewise, but it is the positive, progressive, free-will, and God-seeking human mind, together with the spirit-actions of the Thought Adjustor, or Spirit Self, which begins to grows and mature in you the eternal soul that will in eternity be Paradise bound.
“This is the end of our short and simple lesson.  We thank you for your time and preparation in meditation. We wish you farewell for now.  This is Aaron.  On my behalf, and that of Samuel, we wish you pleasant evening.”
George: “Thank you both.  Thank you too, Andrea.
© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.