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Prolotheos - Life-s Lessons - Jan 22, 2011 - Progress Group, AU
Chicago, U.S. of A, January 22, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Life’s Lessons.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “I would like to talk to you about life’s lessons.

“You will have many of life’s lessons in your journey.  Life lessons are experiences that help mortals in their journey.  They are turning-point experiences in human lives -- experiences which enable you to do better in the future, by having these experiences as reminders in your daily living, or on occasions when you find yourselves in situations that need an assessment from experience, rather than from theory only.

“However, to make the most of these lessons in your lives you must be aware of their importance as turning-point experiences.  In other words, you cannot forget them.  These experiences are not routine occurrences.  They are paramount experiences, designed to influence you for long periods of time.  They will be recalled many times during your journey -- even beyond physical death -- like road signs showing you what is ahead, or how to get to certain places.

“Life-changing experiences are powerful events that change your life in profound ways.  Sometimes they are dramatic situations in which you find yourself having to make moral decisions of great import.  At other times they may be the result of a slow realization of certain values that need to be adopted.  When such realizations are finally understood and accepted, new patterns start to become a part of your decisions, ‘swinging your whole life into’ an entirely new direction.

“All human beings have these turning-point life experiences, but many, instead of making good use of them, want to forget them, because they prompt them to consider advanced moral behavior in their lives.  So, you should pay attention to these regular ‘road signs’ and make sure that you follow the advice they convey, for you to safely direct your life to the goal of the ages -- your eventual perfection.

“These special experiences will be part of your entire ascension journey, not only of your mortal life.  They will multiply during your entire universe career and, one day, when you enter Paradise, you will look back on your long, long path, and recall all those road signs that showed you the way that brought you there.  Can you see how powerful and important these turning-point experiences are to your personal evolution?  So, do not fear them or try to forget them.  Instead, assess them from the right perspective as life lessons that can teach you much; sometimes much more than a human teacher can.

“This is Prolotheos, feeling honored with this opportunity to share with you, from experience, something that certainly will help you on your journey to Paradise.

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