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Siraya - Come Out From The Shadows - Feb 26, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ
Teacher: Siraya, Master Spirit Number One
Subject: Come Out From The Shadows
T/R: Paul Conklin
February 26, 2011

[Preface from the T/R:  Dear Friends, Last night I actually received two messages from Siraya.  I knew that he wanted me to transcribe another message, but I was tired and I had to rise early.  I heard the words above as the theme of his talk.  I knew that this would be the theme and I was hearing excerpts of it throughout the day.  When I sat down to type this is what came out.  It is very touching and beautiful.  Siraya is pouring the light of the Father onto our planet and I am very grateful.]

Come Out From The Shadows


My dear child this is master spirit number one, Siraya.  Tonight we will talk about emerging from the shadows of the Lucifer rebellion.  Imagine that you see a child crying out.  A child weeping.  A child on its knees.  The child knows not where to go.  The child knows not what to do.  All the child knows is darkness.  All the child knows is the brutality of its existence.  Is there anyone out there that can hear the child’s cries?  Is there anyone that cares?

It is like that child is creeping in the darkness, unable to escape from its dire surroundings.  The child only knows darkness.  The child only knows sufferings and pain.  While ensconced in its cage of darkness, he sees a pinpoint of light.  He is very curious because he has never seen such a phenomena.  He fears the light because he has never seen it before.  He thinks that bad things will come to him if he reaches for that light.

He turns away from the light because the darkness is all that he knows.  He has never lived in the light, so light must be evil, light must be onerous.  When the sun arises he scurries back into his room and he draws the blinds.  He shuts out the light for fear that he cannot withstand it.  He hides in a corner in stark terror awaiting for the comforting blanket of the night skies.

My dear children, all of Urantia is like little children submerged into darkness.  This darkness has surrounded their souls for many millennia.  The Lucifer rebellion is what plunged their planet into darkness.  It is all that you have ever known.  Now you espy a pinpoint of light trying to invade your dwellings.  You arise from your beds and you look on in curiosity.  ‘What is this,’ you say?  ‘I have never seen the likes of this before.’  You believe that the light will blind you and take away your will.

I say this to you my children, emerge from the shadows that have chained your souls and imprisoned your spirit.  Do not fear the rising of the sun and all of its glories.  Flee from fear and flee from the darkness.  For the darkness can no longer hurt you.  Come out from the shadows that you have been hiding behind for so many years.  Come into the light of day and blink your eyes.  Blink your eyes as you adjust to newfound freedom.  Put your hand over your eyes as you adjust to the brightness of the light.  In just a short while you will adjust to its brightness.

The tenderhearted Father of us all has heard your cries.  He has watched as you hid yourselves in your dark corners fearing to tread upon the light of a new day.  He knew when just the right time to act would be and it is now.  Creep no longer and get off of your knees.  Dry your tears and cry out with gladness.  Emerge from the shadows that die with the rising sun.  The rising sun is the Eternal One.  The Eternal One will forevermore be your light.  No longer will you hide yourselves in dark corners and scurry away from the light.

I have turned my attention to your world so that I may shine the glories of your Eternal Father upon your humble world.  I am turning up the brightness so that shadows will no longer exist.  You will look for your shadow on the sidewalk in the bright noon day sun, but you will no longer find it.  You will no longer find it because the Eternal One will burn off the darkness of your souls.

My dear children, your suffering has not been in vain.  It is like a gift that ascends to the Father on high.  Don’t you think that the Infinite One appreciates all that you have been through?  Don’t you think that He cares?  Don’t you think that you will be well compensated for the darkness that has inhabited your souls for so many years?  Don’t you think that the Eternal One has seen your tears and wants to dry them?

Come out from your prison holes and toss away your chains.  Reach for that pinpoint of light that you see in the distance.  Grasp it firmly in your hands and do not let go.  Do not run in fear and return to your dark corners.  There is nothing to fear for the light is filled with love and the comforting balm of healing.  You are being healed now.  The poisons that have infected you for so long are being leached from your systems.  The light searches through you and discovers any areas that are dis-eased and restores them to their proper balance.

When you are healed you will be able to stand again.  You will emerge from your darkened rooms and your shadows shall flee from you.  Your shadows shall flee from you because I am pouring into your world the glorious light of the Eternal One.

There once was a child that wept in barren corners, a child that shunned the light.  He grasped onto that pinpoint of light and did not let go.  He arose from his knees and opened the door where the sun was shining brightly.  When he first saw the light for the first time he dropped to his knees once more, this time weeping tears of joyfulness.  He came out from the shadows that used to hang over him like an inky pall.

Oh precious children of Urantia emerge from the shadows that die with the rising sun.  For on this day the darkness shall no longer rule over your lives.  For the glorious light of the Father is pouring onto your humble sphere.  Adjust your eyes and blink.  Shield your eyes until they become used to these frequencies.  For on this day you shall come out from the shadows.  For this is what the Eternal One has said:  ‘Emerge from the shadows that die with the rising sun and embrace the true light.’  ‘The true light that shines from eternity.’

This is Siraya the Voice of the Father and I say come out from the shadows and be embraced by the glorious light of the Father.  Let the shadows die and let them be reborn from the light of the Father that blazes everlastingly.  I take my leave until another time.