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Siraya - Existence - Feb 25, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ
Teacher: Siraya, Master Spirit Number One
Subject: The Word: Existence
T/R: Paul Conklin
February 25, 2011

[Preface from the T/R: Dear Friends, I first received a message from Nebadonia tonight which I may share with you later.  After feeling some doubts over what I transcribed from Nebadonia, I received another message of encouragement from Michael.  After that I felt the urge to take a message from Siraya.  Wow!  I was typing at a joyfully frenetic pace as his words flowed into me.  There is so much joy in his words and so much encouragement.  Here is Siraya again.]


Dear child, this is Master Spirit number one with you again.  I would like to speak with you tonight about your existence.  Your existence has been brought about as a result of your Creator Son and Creative Spirit.  They were both sent out to your region of space many millennia ago as you render time.  They were charged with the pursuit of their own space adventure.  They were charged with the thrill of bringing their own children into existence.  You can say that your Paradise Father is a grandfather to all of you.  But this grandfather of sorts has always wanted to maintain contact with all of his ”grand” children throughout the realms of time and space.

Existence.  That is just one simple word, yet embodied in that word is so much meaning and so much power.  Existence.  It rolls very simply off of one’s tongue, yet there is so much that underlies that simple word.  Without the Paradise Father and His divine cohorts there would be no existence.  There would be nothing but an endless void.  And even that would seem to be an impossibility because how can you define nothingness?

Yet, such a concept is moot because there has always been existence.  Forever and ever there has always been life.  Do you understand that my child?  There has never been a time when existence did not thrive.  This is because the Paradise Trinity has existed forever and ever.  Such a concept is impossible to grasp by mere children of time and space.  At the center of all things existence is embodied in the Eternal One.  He is so filled with joy as He confers existence on so many creatures.  You would be staggered if you could grasp the number of beings that now exist in all the realms of our Father.

Around and around the super universes spin around the First Source and Center.  They are held within His grasp.  You could say that in His very hands existence is kept within His firm grip.  He is pleased to have such a weighty responsibility.  Imagine it my children.  What would you do with eternity?  What would you do with infinity?  Would you use those things responsibly?  Would you think that it was your responsibility, your mission to bring other existences into being?  You see, our Paradise Father was not content with just existing.  You have all had that feeling at one time or another.  You even use a phrase.  I am not living, I am just existing.  Yes, existence is certainly fraught with dread if that existence lacks purpose and meaning.

That word.  Existence.  There is so much more to that word than meets the eye.  It is like that word carries an energy of its own.  When I speak of existence I do not speak from the human perspective of just having a mundane and purposeless existence.  When I speak of existence I am speaking of a life, an abundant life,  an abundant life with so much meaning and so much purpose.  A kind of life where your juices are flowing.  A kind of life where you cannot wait to get out of the bed each morning.  The Eternal Father has no need of sleep my children, but in a poetic way the Father cannot wait to “get out of bed each morning.”  He has life and He has life in abundance.  His existence is so fraught with so much energy and so much excitement.  He is the most joyful being.  He is the most joyful being because He has life in abundance that He shares liberally with others.

Don’t you see my children, existence is so much more than punching a time clock so as to collect your pay at the end of the week.  That is a common experience among mankind today, but I assure you that as you progress spiritually when you say that you are existing you will mean that you have life and that you have life in abundance.  You will have life in abundance because you will have learned the secret of existence.  The secret of existence is to give away whatever it is that you have.  Whenever you do that you have life and you have life in abundance.

Existence is not drudgery my children.  Existence is so much joy, so much lightheartedness, so much playfulness.  Learn to take the existence that you have been given and shout out from the mountain tops.  You have life.  You have life.  You have life.  You have been given such a precious gift my children.  This precious gift is indefinable, impossible to define and label.  Can you take a life and confine that life to words on a page?  That is impossible my children.  A life is so much more than that.  There are not too many superlatives that you can use that would describe the life that you have been given.

Your “grandfather” has so much life.  He exists.  He has existence.  Because of him life has always existed.  There has always been existence because of Him.  Forever and ever, far back into the eternal past our Father had life and He had life in abundance.  No matter how far back you were to go back into the eternal past you would find life, you would find existence.  Isn’t that concept mind blowing my children?  To think that life has always existed.  Wow!  Are you as excited as I am?  I have existed longer than you can imagine, but I am always humbled before my Paradise Father.  He has so much joy, so much heart and so much soul.  He gave me life and the awesome responsibility to be the voice of the Father as represented in super universe number one.

So what does that mean for you my children?  What are your responsibilities?  Go and live your life.  Exist, but don’t just have an existence, not from a human viewpoint.  Let your precious existence mean that you have found life and that you have discovered in that life abundance and joy and peace and love.

You can live forever my children.  No one will force you to accept the eternal journey.  But if you do accept the eternal journey can you imagine the possibilities?  One day you will look back and imagine that you have existed for so long.  It seems that your existence has stretched eternally.  But there will never come a time when you will ever approach eternity.  Eternity flees from you at the speed of light.  No matter how you try to catch up to it, it flees from you.  That is what eternity is like my children.  You will never fulfill eternity.  You will continue to play on the universes of time and space after you make a brief sojourn at the center of existence.  This center of existence is where life is and where life resides in abundance.

Cry out with gladness my children.  You live.  You live.  You live.  You have life, you have life in abundance.  Yes, you have existence.  But what I mean is that eternity buoys you and carries you on the space currents of the physical universe.  Access the eternal mind.  Try to acquire life in abundance from the One that has given you life in abundance.  You have such an existence ahead of you.  An existence that you can hardly imagine.

You awaken at the dawn of eternity.  There at the dawn of eternity you find what you were looking for.  At the center of all things, you find your “grandfather” awaiting you and rewarding you with life in abundance and life with joy.  You have been handed a most superb existence.  The question is my children, what will you do with it?

This is the voice of the Father, Siraya, crying out.  Go and live life in abundance.  I am signing off until another time.