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Siraya - Attuning with The Thought Adjuster - Feb 19, 2011 - Paul Conklin
Teacher - Master Spirit Number One
Subject - Practice Doing the Will of The Father is Attunement
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February 19, 2011

The Words Of Siraya
The Voice of the Father

Tonight my son I have this to say to you.  Well done!  I am so proud of you.  You should be proud of yourself.  You are progressing nicely and your signals have been enhanced.  You are now able to pick up our signals and translate them into word symbols of your language.  Keep at it.  You will continue to improve.

My son, tonight I would like to speak with you about the voice of the Father.  On this world the voice of the Father is muted.  Yes, there is an increasing sense for hearing the words of the Father, so to speak.  But the volume needs to be intensified.  The intensity is raised as each one listens for that still small voice.  That still small voice that resides in the hearts of each one.

Before you were born my son, this still small voice, whom you call your Thought Adjuster chose you.  Yes, He chose you.  That piece of the Eternal One chose to experience the mortal experience with you and to show you the way.  This One shows you the way back to the Father.

How does the Thought Adjuster operate?  The Thought Adjuster operates through attunements.  It is like He is tuning a guitar.  When the strings of a guitar are out of attunement the guitarist adjusts the tensions on the strings so that he can get the proper notes, the proper vibrations.  So too your Thought Adjusters makes those adjustments that attune you more closely to the voice of the Father.  It is like your Thought Adjuster is synchronizing the voice of the Eternal One with your voice.  This occurs so that there will be a close alliance between the two of you.

When you ascend the psychic circles it is like you are ascending the scales.  Do, re, mi, fa, so, la ti, do.  It is just that these scales that you are ascending represents accomplishments that are enabling you to scale the heights of spirit.  These heights of spirit that you attain will eventually result in fusion.  Now, your Beloved is right now working to attune your instrument, your life.  When you respond to the leadings of your Thought Adjuster it is like you are responding to a tune that is playing in your heart.  This tune resonates deep within your heart and in your soul.

What you call your higher self is a collaborative effort.  You are birthing your soul through the collaborative effort of yourself and your Thought Adjuster.  This is as it should be.  Everything that involves some sort of growth requires that the person participates in that growth.  There can be no real growth unless the participant is involved.  If the participant is not involved then growth cannot take place.

Let us continue.  When you go into the stillness such as you just did, you will find that more growth will occur.  This is because your Thought adjuster “speaks “ to you in the stillness.  It is like your Thought Adjuster is singing to your soul in the silence.  When you are silent, when you are still, you grow.

Think of a flowering plant.  There are some persons that swear to the fact that their good graces go a long way in helping the flower to grow.  By simply speaking to the flower in a positive way they see more growth.  The leaves of that flower are sturdy and strong.  The stem is viable and flexible.  The petals are rich with color and life.  So too your Thought Adjuster “speaks” to you in your flower bed so that the voice of the Father will become attuned to your heart and soul.  You see, my child, this is how you grow.  As your heart and soul is synchronized with the will of, the voice of the Father, and you respond to that, you grow.

Scientists understand the process of biological growth.  You begin as a sperm and egg cell from your parents.  Their DNA goes into the formation of you.  The information is “read” and a special and unique person begins to form, begins to develop.  There is also emotional growth and intellectual growth.  Growth is not limited to just one facet of your existence.

But what is often overlooked my child is that the overarching factor in all of this is your Eternal Father at the center of all things.  He is like a conductor leading an orchestra.  There is the string section and the percussion instruments.  There are the singers and the piano players.  All of these varying instruments are being led by a master conductor.  He knows just how to lead his people to bring out the harmonies and the rich timbre of all the instruments playing at the same time.

When your master conductor leads you he leads you to play the notes of the will of the Eternal One.  Each day when you decide to involve the Father in even the minor details of your life you are being attuned to the doing of the Father’s will.  You are like little children playing a violin over and over.  As you play for the first time you are unsure of yourself.  You play on the strings and you hear discordant notes come out.  But you persist day after day, month after month and year after year.  Then, years later, you are ready.  After many years of dedication and practice you are ready to perform a recital.  You get in front of all of your peers and you play a haunting melody.  The tones that come off the violin are so beautiful and so moving.  Everyone in the audience is mesmerized.

Why did this come about?  Because you persistently practiced.  You dedicated your life to the acquirement of being a skillful violinist.  And you had a violin teacher that was “instrumental” in helping you to develop your talent.  Do you see, my child?  Your Thought Adjuster is doing very much the same thing.  If you want to perfect the “playing” of the Heavenly Father’s will you need to practice.  Day in and day out, month in and month out, year in and year out, you practice.  You have dedicated your life to the doing of the Father’s will.

When you first start out you are wet behind the ears.  You stumble and fall many times.  Each time you arise, dust yourself off and try again.  You try your hardest to attune yourself to the unconditional love of the Paradise Father.  You have now practiced for countless years and your instrument is sound and melodic.  When you play a “tune” for the audience they are mesmerized.

Your Thought Adjuster is attuning you to the real master residing on the Paradise sphere.  In a sense, you discover that one as you play your instrument and attune it with his.  Spiritual growth occurs when you put into actuality what you have been practicing.  When you become as the Father you are becoming a master yourself.  You are then able to teach others.  But my dear friend, you are the instrument being attuned by a fragment of the Paradise Father.  If you respond to that attunement you may one day fuse with that same one.

Then it will be like a symphony of two, but no one will be able to tell the two of you apart.  They will not be able to tell where you start and your Father fragment ends.  That is the master conductor performing his job superbly so that He produces another master that he can show off to an audience.

My dear child please share this with your friends.  Keep practicing daily.  As the years roll by you will become a master conductor that has perfected the will of the Father.  Listen to that still small voice that ever speaks to you.  He “sings” softly to your heart and soul.  Will you listen to its leadings?  Will you let its mastery of all lead you into mastery?  Will you let your Thought Adjuster lead you into the mastery of the Father’s will?   My dear child, that is up to you.  But I am confident that you will become a master conductor just as I am confident that all of your brethren can achieve these same goals also.

I am Siraya, the voice of the Father crying out.  Go in peace my child and keep practicing.