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Sharmon - Every Small Victory Counts - Jan 19, 2011 - Progress Group, AU

Chicago, US of A, January 19, 2011.
Midwayer Teacher: Sharmon.
Subject: “Every Small Victory Counts.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Sharmon: “Hello friends, this is Sharmon, your lightning-fast Midwayer, with another message for you.

“Nothing that is really good can be lost in the Universe of Universes.  Even the smallest selfless action like the one from a widow who offered just a little coin, that being all she had, represents much when evaluated in terms of motivation.  You may think that your small steps of progress are insignificant, but not for God, for He acknowledges every little effort you make towards the doing of his will.  The grandeur of a gesture is not in its appearance, but in its intention.

“Many times your efforts fall short of your expectations, but not of God’s, for He knows you, and understands your real possibilities.  That doesn’t mean that you should content yourself with the least.  You should aim for the highest, for the best, but do not be discouraged if that goal was not reached in its fullness.  A small advance in the long ladder of spiritual ascension is an achievement; it is a small one, granted, but nonetheless it is progress, which is better than nothing.

“Experience fulfills the present and paves the way for the future.  Experience, even those that are fruits of mistaken or misguided decisions are still valuable, for they always teach, either be they positive or negative: the former by becoming patterns to be followed, the latter by becoming life’s warnings.  Again, this should not justify personal recklessness.  In the same way that every little victory matters, also every mistake will bring its consequences: A real delay in your ascension progress.  You may learn from your mistakes, but they will continue being mistakes nonetheless.

“Every small victory counts, not only for you, as an individual, but also in a broader sense.  The Supreme Being, the Evolutionary Deity, now in process of revelation, synthetizes every expression of truth, goodness and beauty by the sons and daughters of time and space -- where divinity is acquired experientially -- and gradually is making possible a greater consciousness of God to all.  Each human being following the impulse of his or her Thought Adjuster and deciding to do the will of God, every event of fusion with the personal Adjuster, every world or local universe that is settled in Light and Life, every gesture of service -- great or small -- contributes for the good of the whole.

“And so, my little ones, do not despise the small victories, they are the stones that will give you leverage to stretch your steps into greater leaps towards perfection.  Just believe you can, for you are sons and daughters of God and all the help you need is provided on the way, from the Adjuster through the Supreme Being, up to the Father Himself.

“This is Sharmon, my friends, happy to use this channel to bring you one more message from above.  My love is with all.”

Note: It is possible that this message was posted to my mind last night, before sleeping, when I heard her voice resonating within: “Every small victory matters, Valdir.”

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