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Group: SE Idaho TeaM, Pocatello, Idaho

Teachers: Daniel, Klarixiska

Topic: Everyone Can Be A TR

February 22, 2004


Klarixiska(Virginia): Father we thank You for the diversity in this group. We thank You that thoughts can be expressed, doubts be noted and faith be challenged, and trust be wondered about and still know that You are. We would ask that You would help us tonight to open our ears, that we might hear, what ever truths are for us, at where ever our level of understanding is. We ask that we might know Your Will, not just in large ways but the moment by moment, knowing that we have committed our days and our hours, and our minutes to You. As a result of tonight may those present in this group, and those present that are not seen with mortal eyes, be an expression of Yo! ur love to those we meet. May we see the dawn of the day, by knowing that each one is God’s child. Amen.

Daniel(Nancy): Greetings, I am Daniel, your teacher, guide and friend, happy to be present within this circle of family and of love. I feel, myself, as if I were one of you physically holding hands as you hold hands. I remain soul satisfied with my position as your teacher, guide, and friend; both because of the great privilege in serving Michael, and because of my joy and delight in each of you. Your willingness to share with one another, your process, struggles, and successes, is highly commendable and brings me great joy. I do feel a sense of pride in your achievements, which is separate from the responsibility.

Tonight we wish to build upon the theme that you presented to us earlier. The topic tonight is trust. However, the format is not lecture style, but rather is intended to be interactive from our side. As you have been told in the past, this forum is filled with numerous participants, we have quite a throng.

Your discussion created a discussion on our side --- both are remembering of our history at different points in our evolutionary development and ongoing themes in our current ascension. So, there are several who will be given the opportunity to interact with you on the topic of trust. Our desire is for participation as transmitter/receivers on your side, as well as discussants, if you so desire, and discussants from our side. We are envisioning a combination TR practice with several personalities addressing the topic of trust.

As was suggested last week from your side, please be willing to put forward a single word, or a phrase, or a sentence, if that is all that you hear. Our messages will get through. Are there comments or questions regarding the format?

We will begin. I will temporarily release PamElla. She will return. (Pause)

Virginia: I am not sure this was a teacher or something that just came into my mind. When Daniel was saying that it was going to be on trust, I could not help but think about what I do to walk down our driveway on a winter’s day with ice and etc. I put on the correct tools. I put on my boots with heavy treads and I carry my ski poles, and I plant them carefully. I thought to myself, I’m not sure this is trust, in the sense that I’m not willing to go without the proper tools, but because I have the proper tools I have faith I will be able to go down and not hit my head, that I’ll be able to walk my dog, where I would not dare walk my dog without those things. So maybe t! rust and faith is based on tools or experience that we have had, so that we know it works. The experience is real for our lives.

LaReen: Whoever it was, it was wonderful.

Birdy: Minerva is screaming in my head. She is saying this is Minerva. Say it! This is Minerva. Ok! Ok!

Aaron(Bob D.) I am Aaron, greetings friends. Trust is something gained through experience, yes, for it is difficult to be trusting on something that you don’t know. As you build trust in people, often you recognize this as a result of their being friendly and competent with you when you are in their presence. The trust in the universe and in your universe parents is similar, for you can’t have faith and trust in something that you don’t have a sense of, that you can’t feel or know something about.

As you come to know your Father, your trust builds and your faith blossoms. But just knowing dry facts about God does not lend toward the buildup of this within your being. Experiencing the actual presence of God provides the beneficial contact required for trust. This is why we emphasize the stillness with you for more than a dozen years now, for some of you, because we realize that your faith and trust will grow by practicing this exercise. We can tell you many things about God, but this gives you an intellectual framework, the real bread and butter is in stillness practice, where that framework is expanded and built upon. Yet you find that by experiencing us as teachers, and the! various beings that come into your presence over time, that your faith and trust in the workings of the universe is increasing. Because of our attitudes and our commitment to you, you realize that we are trustworthy at the very essence of our relationship to you. The universe is friendly because you have experienced the universe. Therefore you trust that the universe will go as planned and that things will not fall apart.

My offering tonight is simply to instill within you the importance of building connections with anything that you would like to build a trusting, faithful, relationships with. Your content in that relationship will provide the growth toward the realization of what you seek. Therefore stillness (words lost)… God once again is the important ingredient in building your trusting relationship characterized by faith. I will withdraw now and allow another to share their perspective. Please feel free to open up to the presence’s this evening, for indeed there are many.

Birdy: May I ask a question? (yes, this is interactive) Would you please see if you can hear Minerva and let me know if I’m hearing her right. If she will speak, I don’t know…. (words lost)

Aaron: She will and is willing to communicate for you. Do not worry so much about the accuracy of your reception. Simply listen for the words you hear and relate a word at a time, what it is you feel she is trying to say. The truth of the matter will iron itself out. Do not fear failure in expressing yourself, for you are among friends and family.

Birdy: Would she talk through you first? (laughing) I don’t know if I’m hearing her or it’s my own mind.

Aaron: Grappling with the questions. (yes, trying to trust) Yes. Let me tell you that your faith and trust will grow as you utilize yourself in the experience. She is willing to speak, but prefers to attempt to communicate through you. Indeed there are no cause for feelings of failure in this regard for many of your friends, including those who TR today, can attest to their lack of willingness to speak at times. So continue to work on the relationship and when you are willing to risk there is a safety net there to catch you. (Thank you)

Birdy: I think I am afraid of learning so much so fast.

Daniel(Nancy): Birdy, my dear, please do not feel that you must achieve perfection overnight, you have an eternity. As you can tell by the sounds in the room, your striving for immediate attainment is well understood by many. You are so loved and so appreciated for who you are today. Yes, you will continue to progress, and this progression will add to your ability to be of service on a broader scale, but who you are today remains. The fact that you are God’s beloved child, nothing more is required. (Thank You) Yes, my dear, I am Daniel for the record.

Birdy: Daniel, I think I heard you this week too, telling me to get ready for the conference.

I’m not sure.

Daniel: Yes, I visited with you, as I have on many occasions before this week. Your receptivity is enhanced, you heard accurately.

Birdy: Thank you for letting me know that. I know it’s not just my mind talking to myself.

Daniel: This is a common concern.

Birdy: ….now it brings us back to trust, now I feel I can trust what I hear.

Daniel: Yes, and I would add, that it is always the responsibility of the listener, whether it be to teachers communicating directly with the individuals mind, or if it be listening to the teachers words through the mind of another, to discern truth. If a voice told you to jump off a cliff, certainly you would recognize the error in that type of message, but, yes, you are receiving. Continue your work with faith and with trust that you are and will succeed. This process does become easier with practice. (Thank you) My sincere pleasure!

Are there any other takers tonight?

Bob D.: A thought that was hitting my mind was about what to do when you are having trouble with trust and faith. What kind of techniques (Comments about using tools)…. A thought that came back was, instead of trying to know God, sometimes you need to let go of the trying to feel that presence, and get out of your skeptical mind, get out of the grind, if you’re getting beaten down in your mind, would be to… instead of looking for God the person, would be to look for the qualities associated with God and people; such as truth, beauty, goodness and love. As you start to look around and recognize beauty, recognize love, being manifested in someone being truthful, being good, that it brings you back to a level of assurance and faith in life.

I also think of a lesson we got a long time ago about love that said that when you actually witness love, like when you are sitting there watching your child or doing something and feel the love inside of you, to recognize that at that moment, you are actually experiencing God. That love is not something not disconnected from God. As you feel it, you are in the midst of experiencing God. That can bring you back to the reality that there are noble ideals worth striving for.

Virginia: That reminds me of the verse in First John that says: "we love because He first loved us." If God was not love we would not be able to recognize love or be loved.

Birdy: Minerva is screaming in my head: "tell everybody your spiritual name is Melinda. Go tell them!". She says this over and over.

Group conversation:

TRing and what each TR sees, hears, or feels.

The trust that is put forth in the TR process.

Talk about everyone being a TR.

The teachers are always so encouraging, up lifting, so kind, and so loving.

Trying to step beyond the rational understanding and accepting the spiritual side.

Accepting that which you can’t put a scientific finger on.

Looking for the real and direct answers before accepting anything beyond that.

Accepting things out of the ordinary.

Connections between one another.

New concepts brought forth in the UB.

Appreciation of who you are, individually.

Willing to be wrong to be right.

How much can one accept as real, what rings true for the individual.

Don’t be afraid to doubt, to question.

[Ed note: There was much joy, humor, and laughter this evening. There was a lot of cross-talking and real feelings and concerns for each other. We were able to express our feelings of faith, doubt and understandings that we have experienced in our lives, and how the TeaM has effected us. This was a good time for all as we could express our love for the Father and to each other.]

Klarixiska(Virginia): As you build your foundation, throw away the bricks that you know would crumble. Take those only that will make your soul paradise-ward. Take only those bricks that will stand the time. Take only those bricks that are really only for you. God does not ask us to do more than live up to the light that we have been given. When you have done that, more light will arrive. Go in peace. Amen.