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Unknown Teacher - A Lesson on Light - Jan 16, 2011 - Progress Group AU
Urantia, January 16, 2011.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “A Lesson on Light.

Received by Lytske.

Teacher: “Greetings.  Since you purposefully opened yourself up to receive, I will be more than happy to oblige.  It is not every day that Teachers such as I get an invitation to speak, so I shall endeavor to converse with you, and clear up in your minds what is so threatening in your world at this moment in history -- the pending changes in the evolution of your planet, which have already been set in motion.

“These changes are a natural part of living on an evolutionary planet such as this, still busy evolving and stabilizing herself, which has not been easy due to the creatures living upon her – especially with all the drilling and the gashes inflicted upon her tender surface, which so far has only benefited few.

“Her riches are meant for each generation of the creatures who live and breathe upon her.  The planet itself is a living breathing being and she suffers much travail at present, so therefore my request to present to you a lesson on Light.

“You mortals need to understand that you do not own this planet, but are responsible for her welfare.  You are sojourning here only for a short while, and you will sooner or later be confronted with the choice of carrying on in eternity, which is what the Creator’s original, and only ascension plan for mortals calls for.  You will all be asked the same question, to be answered in all honesty and in full: ‘How did you conduct yourself during your sojourn in the flesh?’ and ‘Did you make a difference by bringing in Light, or did you add to the dark and confusion?’

“Hopefully, although slowly you all are realizing that you are offspring of the One Creator God, who holds all affairs in His hands, never mind what ‘little-mortal-creature scheme or plan’ exists in human minds, as all works which are not of the Light will eventually pass away, some of them sooner than expected.

“It is advised and really quite essential that one would seek the Light within, which exists in each thinking person.  There is much to be gained by this search as you are meant to, since your birth, become light-beings.  It has been so ordained by the universal Creator, and his plans will not be thwarted.

“However, besides the Gift of life He gave you, He also gave you the Gift of free will of choice.  So it is up to you to either spurn the Light by walking in unconscious darkness, or wake up to walk in the Light.  The Creator’s greatest Gift indwells you from on High as your everlasting Guide and Partner, to lead you into all Light to the heights of Glory, by enticing you to do God’s will and walk the path representing the most love and respect for others.”

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