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Ophelius-Fair Equitable & Just -Jan 16, 2011 - Progress Group AU
Michigan, US of A, January 16, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Fair, Equitable, and Just.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today's message is a continuation on the theme of equity and justice.  Many of you have your own ideas about what is true, what is fair, and how the Creator will mete out mercy and justice.  Many of you find seeming contradictions in your text with other beliefs systems, and or channeled messages.  What of the fate of the unborn, those taken at an early age, the death bed confessions, the oaths of religious convictions and their rights and rituals as passage to Paradise?  How is mercy and justice determined?

“Let me repeat what other Teachers have already said about your text, that it is a very basic and much simplified overview of the mechanics of spiritual realities.  How can I explain to the human mind, and with the limitations of human language, what it is like to have twelve senses when you can only relate to five?  How can I explain how time functions in the spiritual realms where night and day are naught and make an adequate comparison to your linear thinking?

“Humans like to label everything, define it as fact, and put it in their Wikipedia.  Spiritual realities cannot be cataloged that way.  You are at the starting gates of eternity and your capacity for understanding these things is very limited.  We, your Teachers, who reside in upper Mansion Worlds, are a snails pace ahead of you in the time line of paradise finality, yet we have tremendous capacity and knowledge of the realms that could never be translated with any true sense of reality to the human mind.

It does not matter what you believe about spiritual realities while on the worlds of time and space.  What is important, is that you know that you are the beloved child of the Creator; that He abides in you, guides you, and calls you to perfection – so you may have the gift of eternal life.  In order for you to receive mercy, you must show mercy -- to receive love, you must show love to your brothers and sisters.  Judge not, and be not judged.

“Use your time on the earth to learn these attributes of divinity and show forth the fruits of the spirit.  By doing so, you are a reflection of the Creator’s image and an instrument of His Will.  Truth is relative to your capacity for understanding and your unique experience as an individual.  Even Finaliters that have received the paradise embrace are learning and discovering new fantastic realities and levels of divinity about the Creator that are nigh infinite, and this will ever inspire them to discover more and more of His sublime perfection throughout eternity.

“Stay focused on the mechanics of eternal survival my friends, for there is all the time in eternity to learn the truths of creation -- for all shall be revealed and you will know and understand that the ways of God are fair, equitable, and just -- perfect.

“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.