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One Without Name or Number a Trinitized Son of Attainment - Second Volume Urantia Book - Jan 08, 2011- Progress Group AU

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SRC; One Without Name or Number - Further Revelation - Jan 08, 2011 - Progress Group AU

Illawarra District, Australia, January 8, 2011.
One Without Name or Number.
Subject: “Further Revelation.

Received by George Barnard.

One Without Name or Number: “We apprise you of the fact that universe communication neither needs to be effected in real time, nor does it necessarily require the attention of an endless string of personalities between my position on Paradise and you, my receiver friend on Urantia.  Universe reflectivity is a process that allows messages to arrive instantaneously over trillions and trillions of miles.

“I am One Without Name, Without Number once involved in the production of the Urantia Papers, and I am delighted that you will take in my message via your ‘comrade at arms’ of many years, Midwayer Chief Bzutu.  You are presently hearing his voice, and yet my message to you will likely have been stored on a machine (at local universe headquarters) for already two days or more, waiting for you to meditate and take the time to receive.

“It should delight you that I, and many of my brothers, are engaged in the compilation of a further and greatly expanded text, which in time will become supplementary to that which you received in the previous century.  Of course you need to remember that our task is that of compiling data only, for since you are of an evolutionary world, you are responsible for your progress and revelationary material is only sparingly added where needed.

“Suffice to say, that much in the way of medicine, economics, science and spirituality will be added to these new papers, since this is in the arena where you have made progress in what is almost a century.  Suffice to say, also, that many of your clear thinking minds have made great contributions to the work in progress so far.  We recognize no earthly patents or certified ownership of any idea, and new information reaches us constantly.

“They are your Guardian Angels and Destiny Guardians who report on your thoughts that have value, and where appropriate the results of forward thinking are included in our compilations.  Rejoice, you who have thoughts of a better world, for you may well find that at some future time, at some distant date, your contribution may well be included in further papers.  Indeed, ample are the rewards for those who have the very best for all humanity in mind.  I am One Without Name, Without Number, who has great love for all on your troubled world.”

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