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Samuel - Universe Credits & Forgiveness - Dec 22, 2010 - Progress Group, AU

Illawarra District, Australia, December 22, 2010.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Teachers Samuel and Aaron.
Subject: “Universe Credits and Forgiveness.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “Your Teachers, of course, can always play cards whilst you take care of the mundane.  They are here with you now, and meanwhile we have had an interesting discussion about some of the strange ideas you humans have in your heads about your lengthy future lives in the immediate hereafter.  I take it that this is what the discussion will be all about.  Over to your Teachers Samuel and Aaron right now.”

Samuel: “We are both here, Samuel and Aaron, and with us a considerable number of friends and associates, relatives and students, some of which are investing their time in studying human receptivity on your planet.  Our discussion has focussed on your ideas of the hereafter, and in particular did we discuss the jolly idea of (gold) Universe Credits and (platinum) Melchizedek Bars whilst your currency of today finds its way ever closer to resemble Monopoly money.

“Here in time space, here on Mansonia, beyond planet 606 of the local system, there is a currency and there are savings accounts, however they do not consist of Universe Credits or Melchizedek Bars.  Your savings account is represented by the way you shine for all to see.  Your currency is represented by the way you live and cooperate, by what you learn, and by what you manage to teach that is of value.

Aaron: “This is Aaron.  Only initially upon arrival is any credit extended to those who are entirely unknowing of what Mansonia living is all about.  Logically, all of good-will reaching these higher spheres will slot themselves into their places with great ease.  They contribute, they learn, and in time they become great teachers.  Those who on earth have lived selfish or violent lives can for long times be almost endlessly disoriented.  They will often not progress, and it is in this sense Machiventa told you that they grow tired, that they diminish in realness, and eventually choose not to survive.

“Often, those who have lived a less-than-godly life will survey the task ahead and decide it is all too much to catch up on the wrongs they have done.  And so here, Samuel and I advise you that for you it is the ultimate in forgiveness to pray that those who have done you wrong, and have done wrong towards many others, will have the heart and energy to pay back their great debts, and belatedly serve the great Master Creator of all.  ‘Forgive them, since they know not what they have done.’”

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