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Sharmon - A Thank You To All - Dec 24, 2010 - Progress Group AU

To All,

Sharmon: “This message comes to you from a midwayer-messenger attached to the 1111 Progress Group.  It is directed at the thousands upon thousands of humans that are regularly 11:11 time prompted.  It is likewise directed at the tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of Celestials belonging to the Urantia Progress Contingent, largely unseen by you, feverishly at their tasks to better your, their world.

“The message at this time of year’s end is a ‘Thank You’ to all those who have done their best to make this a more spiritual planet.  The special congratulations from on High go to those of you who have trained yourselves to be in touch with us, those of you who have translated our messages into other languages, and those of you who have distributed our teachings through your networking and your web sites.

“As well, it is deemed to be appropriate that this same message of appreciation goes out to the Midwayers, Celestial Teachers, and Angels so greatly involved in this, the Correcting Time, as we approach the renewal of another year on this planet.

“This message of ‘Well Done’, and may the year 2011 be as successful, or even better than this year almost passed, is signed by Machiventa Melchizedek, as well as by your Creator Son Michael and Mother Nebadonia.

“I am Midwayer Messenger Sharmon who loves you, handing my best wishes for peace and prosperity to that of the Big Bosses of the local universe.  Adieu.”