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Samuel - Spiritual Embryos - Dec 13, 2010 - Progress Group, AU

Illawarra District, Australia, December 13, 2010.
Teacher Samuel.
Subject: “Spiritual Embryos.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “Teacher Aaron and I extend our greetings to all who will read this transcript of the 11:11 Progress Group transmissions.  It is the tradition as well as the insistence of this group that the channeling be short and to the point.  We, the Teachers, are frequently reminded that those who are progressive by nature are hardly interested in spending considerable amounts of time merely in socializing.  As well, much of the receivers’ contributions are translated -- a considerable task.  And yes, even do we take into consideration that the language we use can easily be translated into many languages, whilst retaining the simplest, original meanings.

“Much in the way of meaning can be lost when ideas are transferred from one person to another, also, and here we get to the point of this lesson.  On your world, for millennia after millennia, there have been those who by the choices in the lives they lived, and by the godly determination of their individual Thought Adjusters, became spiritually enlightened ones.  Inevitably these individuals have tried to inform their kin about how to reach such a wonderful elevated state.  However, spiritual enlightenment, often described as the Pearl of great Value, cannot be adequately explained, let alone be appreciated by another.

“In this fashion, followers of certain ideas as they are understood will then develop their personal religion and broadly belong to a group, but this is a mindal exercise, hardly something spiritual, and celestial eyes look upon these individuals and see that they are but spiritual embryos.  Those who frequent their churches but once each week, kneel down and bow their heads to their Creator, progress less than do those who will reject all religion, but dedicate their lives to feeding the poor and caring for the wounded.  The latter intuitively sense that life beyond the earthly sphere is not to be clearly understood, but that their love and empathy towards others will always be rewarded.  And indeed, this is a vital universal law.

“No amount of searching for facts about eternity will increase one’s spiritual progress, instead, one’s quieting of thoughts, one’s stilling of the mind in deep contemplation, will bring to the fore all that which is already stored in the Fragment of the Creator to be bestowed upon the personality in contemplation of the Source of all.  He or she to the eyes of Guardian Angels and Destiny Guardians becomes a brighter light.  Do meditate, my friends.  This is Aaron and Samuel saying au revoir.”

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