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Sananda, The Damascus Scribe - Where the Needs & Talents Are - Jul 20, 2010 - Progress Group, AU

Illawarra District, Australia, July 20, 2010.
The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Where the Needs and Talents Are.”
Received by George Barnard.
The Scribe: “We understand the lateness of the hour and therefore should you wish to pause at any time, this is fine with us.  We, who have been around the time-space universes for eons of time, see you all as our class full of children that have arrived on your first day in school.  The majority of you will take instructions and be amenable to completing your tasks as given.  Only very few of you will intuitively sense what needs to be done, and will put pen to paper before being ordered to do so.
“Then, of course regrettably, there are those who will turn out to be the obstinate ones in the playground, the difficult-to-control in class, the troublemakers, but they are few and far between.  Overall, with rather few exceptions, all of you are given the needed talents, those basic credentials, those capacities, that allow you to complete the tasks of your choices in this life, and in the Morontia lives beyond this life.  Alas, in the end analysis, not all will make it to Paradise, because sadly some grow tired of fighting their own willfulness, whereas theoretically all could be successful.
“I explain to you the proportions in regard to the ‘children in our 11:11 classes.’  A few will intuitively function without guidance.  The majority will also follow suit after being soundly advised.  A few appear not to be able to be guided at all. I have given you this as an example to how it applies to the majority of individuals that are 11:11 prompted by us.  I say us, because all of us are one.  Those who make themselves available to make this dark world a better place are by and large those – yes, the greater number -- who are the healers.  They are healers of the mind.  They are healers of the body, but they are also healers in the sense that they may provide employment, parenting.  They may merely provide positive direction.
“They may teach. I am including all of them, the many, and all capable of some form of meditation can learn to do good deeds in response to our suggestions, because these we input according to where the needs and talents are, and none are overlooked.  The numbers of those who are capable of word-for-word repeating our lessons are not needed in such numbers.  Lesser still in numbers are those who will choose to distract all, who will badger all, but who will merely slow their own progress.  They are by far the lesser in numbers.  We ask you to take a close look at those who are prompted to do their meditation.
“We include the many who are visualizing their work in healing and we want to make you aware of the fact that many of us will always remain invisible to you.  Should you have a Secondary Midwayer working with you, there is a good chance that he or she will sooner or later show up and be seen by you.  The same may likely apply to a Primary Midwayer and on occasions you may very well get to see your Guardian Angels, or Destiny Guardians, whichever they may be classed as.  I choose to assist in many healing instances, one of my equals may be assisting, or one of hundreds of different types of celestial beings, that are capable of channeling the power of the Creator of all, may assist in a healing, not to overlook the Fragment of God that indwells you.
“Should you know that you are effective in your healings, do not be concerned about being unable to see your helpers during the exercise, for they may very well be many facets in time beyond your ability to perceive (them) . . . as am I.  I thank you for concentrating fully on my lesson.  I thank you for being available to me at this late hour.  I thank you both for being great friends, indeed of comprehending that we are all one.  I am the Damascus Scribe.  I wish you good evening.”
George: “We thank you greatly, dear Friend.”
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