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Unknown Teacher - Aligning The Will with Father - Aug 18, Oct 09, Nov 07 2010 - Progress Group, AU
(4 transcripts using the subject of Free Will from an unknown instructor)

Alabama, USA, August 18, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Tools”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “When a creature decides to walk under the guidance of his or her Creator, a synchronicity of events takes place.  When you align your will with your Father’s will you become an instrument that can be used for good – become a tool for creation.

“This is how the universe advances.  This is how God performs miracles, through His co-creator children.  Today you have seen a little piece of the great opus.  Today you understand a little better how coincidences and events are organized by an invisible hand so the Father’s will becomes a reality here and beyond.  Today you can see – even for just an instant – that mortals, despite their humble origin, can actively contribute and become creators just like their Celestial Father.

“Thus, doing the will of the Father becomes the supreme joy of the human soul.  This satisfaction, this happiness that you feel today, is just a little preview of the great accomplishments of eternity.  What a wonderful destiny will await those who decide to take what is theirs by right and enter the kingdom of their Father!”

© 11:11 Progress Group.

Urantia, October 9, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “More on Will.”

Received by Lytske.

Teacher: “Allow me to continue our previous lesson of incorporating God’s will with your will.  I say ‘allow’ to continue as this is very much a part of your aligning your will with God’s will, to allow this lesson to come through.  It is an allowing yourself to be used as a vehicle through which these words can see the light of day.

“Much pertains to the doing of God’s will, and this hinges on the willingness of the human to go in partnership with God.  There will never be any coercion on God’s part, as the human will, after life itself, represents the greatest gift in all creation.  It is this all important free will and the expression of it that color everything the human is and does.  Through excising this will he or she decides how this foundational life in mortal habiliments is lived.

“The mortal decides by the decision making process how he or she shall live, so neither God (nor the devil for that matter), can ever be blamed for anything that happens or is caused to happen.  It is by the law of cause and effect that you shall live.  It is by your own process of decision making that you will have a mediocre life, or a successful life -- a life that strives only for material things, which will die with the human at the end of mortal existence, or a life lived to the honor and glory of your Creator.

“Yes, I know that this subject have been expressed elsewhere, but still, this needs to be pointed out time and again, as so many humans forget or do not remember what the purpose of mortal life is actually about.  This is indeed the foundational life in which one stores up things in the ‘banks of heaven’ by living the golden rule of doing unto others as they themselves would like to be treated.

“This rule shall eventually become the shining and deciding factor for all humanity in times to come.  There would be no more wars or rumors of wars as humanity would finally grow up and leave the ‘sandbox of the cave times, with the need of always defending their own kin, behind.  Humanity would finally become truly human and embrace one another as children of one human family, where all are learning to recognize the Spark of God in each one they meet.

“Such is the meaning of evolution -- a progression from mortality to immortality.  This entails that through loving service to one another you begin to gather the fruits of the spirit ‘in the bank of eternal life’.  Put more explicitly , you are responsible for the growth of your eternal soul.

“There exists a great need for this information that the mortals themselves are completely in charge through this Gift of free will, how they shall comport themselves through life.  Each one is responsible for their connection to God.  God is always waiting for the mortal to take this most important step, to seek for His Spark within, which He has so freely bestowed upon all thinking human beings.  But so far, mortals are busier doing, rather then being.

“Think and realize which is more important in life, gathering things or gathering value and meanings in this foundational life.  This life can be very short, so use that wonderful gift of free will to your greatest advantage and seek contact and make the connection  with eternal Spark of God within.  It can be yours for all eternity.  It is all up to each individual, and is the responsibility of each human.

“Spread the word that the connection with God is the most important connection you will ever make.”

© 11:11 Progress Group.

Urantia, November 7, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Incorporating Will.”  (Part One and Two).

Received by Lytske.

Teacher: “It is my desire to explain to you the idea of incorporating your free will with the will of God.  In a sense this will represent new terrain for you to cover, and you have often wondered what this would be like -- the mystery of aligning your ways and will with God’s will’.  It is almost like putting one foot in front of the other, not knowing where the road ahead may lead.

“In a way, it is the same as you are doing now, letting my words form in your mind and your fingers transmit those words to the keyboard, and trusting at the same time that what you ‘hear’ is what is being spoken in your mind, and yet your mind is only the vehicle for your slowly increasing listening skills, as you incorporate what is ‘heard’ and entrust those words to your fingers to do the work.

“The incorporation, the inclusion of God’s will also entails that God is included in your mind, heart and soul, yea in the very thoughts and demeanor in which you live your life.

“This is the great mystery, and yet it is so simple, as the will of God incorporates/includes within it the golden rule of doing unto others as you yourself would like to be treated.  So in other words, the doing of God’s will entails loving and accepting the self, and there-from flows God’s love to all others.  This golden rule is incorporated in all religions.  Seek and it will be found, as this rule binds all God’s children together, not one mortal nor perfect being is excluded from this all-important rule.”

Teacher: “Mortals, simply explained, are the receptacles of God’s love.  This love is incorporated into your system at the very beginning, at conception.  It cannot be otherwise, for without this love energy you would simply not exist.  It is the love of God, which gives the spark of life at that most important, creative moment.  So you now know that right at the time of conception, God’s energetic love is suffused throughout your entire being, and therefore already inclusive, incorporated.

“This I desire for you to fully understand, so let it sink into the depths of your soul that at the beginning of any life the creative power of God is involved.  Yes, this has huge implications, for the creative act of intercourse is so very often thoughtlessly performed, without much thought of eventual consequences.  The reason why I explain this is: If children are not wanted or even desired, don’t have them, as this would be highly unfair and often disastrous to a potential soul, for even the tiny embryo already ‘knows’ whether or not it is wanted.

“In incorporating God’s will in your life and including it in your everyday living, consider the fact that God’s healing love energy flows through every cell of your being.  The tiniest molecule is involved in this circulation.  Therefore, it stands to reason that the more attention you give to including God and His will in your life by taking this inclusion seriously, the healthier you will become in spirit, mind and body, as this thought will overarch everything, and your speech and actions will become more God-like.

“Too many thoughts, words and actions are so incredibly mundane and devoid of any trace of upliftment in them that these thoughts, words and actions remain earth-bound with nothing to show for in the next step into life eternal.  Those living mundane lives, and whose hearts have never learned to ‘fly on the love-wings of God’s creative love-energy’, have not learned to soar above the humdrum of everyday stressful living.

“How much enhanced the souls of mortals are, after they wake up to the fact that God’s life-energy flows unceasingly through them, and so they come alive and learn that they can soar and revel in the love of God!  The inner peace and soul-growth from that moment on is unstoppable, as the humans finally yearn to more consciously include God in their lives.  And so the training of incorporating God’s will in the totality of being starts in earnest, which gives the soul the freedom it has been seeking.”

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