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The Voice; The Inner Voice - Working With Groups and Individuals - Nov 04, 2010 - Teleconference
 Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series
Teachers: Voices Within
T/R’S: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers
November 04, 2010

 Prayer: [Henry] Father, connect us to this circuit, this spiritual energy of love, of understanding an wisdom. Connect us all here. We ask for strength and guidance and courage as we go through our daily practices. Help us to be ever conscious within, caring, guiding, loving. We thank you for this opportunity.

 Voice Within: [Henry] This evening I would like to speak a little about the part and the whole. I am the Voice Within this t/r. I have helped guide him through tremendously difficult times, as a matter of fact he seems to make a habit of it. A lot of what I do within the mind is to help guide and nurture the individual, to help bring the individual into self consciousness. But this is only part of the spiritualized dynamic for each of you is not alone. Each of you are connected as a large family, sometimes not a very communicative family, sometimes a family made up of many, many different members.

 Nonetheless, a dynamic occurs between the individual and the group, becoming part of the group, beginning to live how you believe and want to live within a group. This tremendous dynamic evolved not only here with you humans, but it evolves all the way up to Paradise, being able to work as a team, as a group. This is the brotherhood and sisterhood concept, conscious individuals working together, helping each other to achieve a greater value, a greater quality of life, to live in peace and harmony and love, to be able to work together, accept the differences within each one yet see the greater value of the person.

 This dynamic of working out within the group and the team effort of a group relies on inner resources, relies on patience, relies on courage, it relies on wisdom, it relies on counsel, it relies on many aspects of communication using language symbols to communicate ideas. Within this dynamic alone there is [a] tremendous variable, tremendous leeway in understanding what someone else is actually saying, therefore does it become necessary to examine ones own inner life, to examine how one stays balanced and harmonized, how one works to maintain a status, a level of being within. The dynamic of a group reflects the dynamic of the individuals of the group but at one point, when the group is really working together, this dynamic creates an aspect that is greater than any of the individuals.

 So back to how I started as an aspect of the Father, I live within the human mind and I work with the individual. Michael on the other hand, is the spirit of gregarious nature, of people coming together, of being happy, of being focused and concentrated in their effort. This is the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Michael. Has not He said, "Where two or more are gathered in My presence, I am there also." So there needs to be a group to operate that circuit, at least to benefit from the dynamic. All spirit works for the same goal, to eventually bring everyone home. This is the goal of spirit. In the universe, the goal is to create these beings that can house the Thought Adjuster and the universe trains them all the way up to perfection and they too come home and enter Paradise.

 In that respect, humans are prized possessions in the universe. It matters not what kind of human that you are, where you come from, what is your genetic background; it matters not how you have been trained. This aspect of the Indwelling Spirit is what distinguishes man from animal. A thousand years from now that animal will still be the same animal but in one lifetime, a single lifetime as a human, you can change who you are and become something better, something eventually better in a single lifetime because you understand it, you feel it, you are drawn towards it. Everything in your life points to it. You think about it, you make decisions to act upon it.

 Yes, animals have many human characteristics. They think somewhat, they have knowledge, they can remember things. Many mammals exist in packs or groups, they have counsel, they have courage as have humans, but they  have no concept of God, they have no concept of changing their reality. The design of life is such that it creates somewhat of a grit that shapes humans, molds us. Life will definitely teach you what you need to know. There is a spirit behind all life and within all life.

 Begin to learn to trust this spirit, trust what it shows you no matter how difficult that may be. Learn to deal with what life and spirit bring to you and learn that there is never a dead end street in spirit. All side roads lead to the main highway, there are no false paths. It's like accessing the inside of an orange from the outside, there is no perfect place, all places access the inside.

 Thank you this evening and may you continue to grow in awareness and consciousness of life around you and the life as it unfolds within your mind and your thinking, good evening.

 Voice Within: [Mark] I greet you as well this evening, I am another ones Voice from within here to offer a few words in consideration of a contribution offered by a listener who made the observation that in their experience, certain types of spiritual communication felt good and other types of spiritual communication felt bad. I would seize upon this offering in demonstration of a universe principle which I will expand upon in an attempt to make it abundantly, simply clear.

 All of you have had life experiences which have brought you the opportunity to experience a sensation within upon having contact with spiritual presence, spiritual truths, spiritual realities. The sensation that is derived upon your experience is immediate and never errs about its acceptance or rejecting of any spiritual principle. You all have within you an internal guidance system, one that assures you by virtue of your inner feeling, your inner knowing, that something is either good for you and positive for you in your spiritual development or it fails to bring you a good feeling and leaves you with a troubled feeling, a doubtful feeling, a worried feeling.

 You must trust these sensations, they are your signposts, your guiding points. They will unerringly tell you that you are on the right path or you need to change the path of your experience. All genuine righteous spiritual experience has the similar trademarks of goodness, of truth, of beauty, of peace. If the experience you are encountering does not have any or all of these characteristics or traits, then your internal guidance system will not provide you with the feeling that all is well but rather alert you to these missing elements.

 This is how you define for yourselves the right road to take at any time, the right fork to choose before you in the path. One way will bring you a feeling of calm and peace and being in the presence of truth, goodness, and beauty, the other will lack conviction and be burdened with uncertainty, even fear and doubt. In this way, if you always go with what makes you feel good, with what makes you feel right and at peace, then you will not err because in choosing this path you are choosing the path which has aspects of truth, beauty, and goodness within it.

 Trust in your guidance system, trust in your own ability to discern. Look for the fruits of the spirit. When they are present, then spirit flourishes and is nourished and grows quite naturally of its own accord. When you encounter circumstances which may contain spiritual essence but do not contain truth, beauty, or goodness you will know that it does not feel right. Something is missing, something troubles you, something is worrisome. Simply choose what is always good, what is always righteous, what is true, and what is beautiful and you will always make the right choice, the highest choice, the best possible of any variety of choices.

 That is all I wish to add to this arena of understanding tonight. How basic and simple this aspect of your being is. You are constantly being asked to define and choose and then again to re-choose and redefine and it is using these tools of awareness and these personal experiences and encounters with good spirit, true spirit, beautiful spirit that enables you to choose easily and effectively.

 Thank you for joining this arena tonight and I would open up the floor for comments, questions, or observation to be offered here tonight.

 Comment: Michael told us long ago when sitting with a friend trying what decide what to do or understand something, and He said; you will never think your way out of this, go with your feeling. Your Voice supports this.

 Mark: If there are no further contributions we would draw this meeting to a close with our gratitude for all those involved. Thank you for the opportunity you provide and the effort that you donate to make it possible.